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Warnings: flashbacks, bubbles, hairy bad boys, aggressive dogs, cosplay, and pastels.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: Kotsomiti [NP]

(Still) Sunday, Day 14
“You Belong To The City”

KotsomitiW01 291

KotsomitiW01 288

As Rocky Kotsomiti cleaned up his new luxury condo after hosting NPC-palooza, he took a moment to reflect on just how far he had come from the dark cave on the other side of the island.


Like most of the native-born residents Rocky lost almost all of his memories when the founders’ space ship crashed on Oceanside island. Science expert Achilles Brook guessed that the crash triggered some kind of memory-erasing beam that not only affected the founders but also extended out to the area where the NPCs were living.

KotsomitiVintage 0162

Sometimes Rocky can piece together fragments of his childhood. Especially strong were memories of his friendship with Kent Healey and how hard it was to survive alone in the wild jungle without parents to guide and provide for them.

KotsomitiVintage 002

They grew up together, raised each other, and looked out for one another.

After the ship crashed everything changed.

KotsomitiVintage 0132

As an adult Rocky knew he had to find a way to make money in the new economy set up by the Oceanside 14. Using his knowledge of the island’s indigenous plants and Kent’s knowledge of soap and dye they created a powerful narcotic known simply as “bubbles”.


Rocky created the “Garden Club” as a front for their illegal bubble juice trade and distributed their drugs to a select few. Soon he was accepted into Oceanside’s society, even becoming friends with high ranking citizens. The simoleons started pouring in. Rocky would soon have the respect he thought he deserved.

Troubadour 170

All of that changed when Kent fell in love with one of the founders, Matisse Troubadour. Kent never wanted a lot of simoleons. He just wanted a place where he could create his pottery and be happy. With Matisse and his newborn daughter Skye, he could have everything he always wanted without doing anything illegal.

KotsomitiW01 150

When Kent told him he wanted out of the business Rocky was extremely upset. Rocky thought he and his friend could build an empire together — be the kings! But Kent didn’t want all of the things Rocky wanted. Rocky felt this was the ultimate betrayal. Kent Healey became Undesirable #1 in Rocky’s book — a traitor to the Kotsomiti family. Nothing would ever be the same again.


KotsomitiW01 295

Rocky had the remaining Garden Clubbers over for a meet. He needed reports on how business was faring after losing his star dealer Kent.

KotsomitiW01 308

Tiara Hough was a recruit of Bruce’s and is the highest earner of the group. Currently a hostess at The Crimson Crab, Tiara has access to a lot more clients than the usual walk-bys the others are doing.

KotsomitiW01 299

Rocky’s main objective is to move more product. He needs Tiara to meet more sims and get more of the society ladies hooked on bubbles.

KotsomitiW01 302

Tiara thinks the real future of the business is to mass produce. That way they could give out free samples, get sims hooked on the stuff, and then they’ll beg for more at double the price! Profit!

KotsomitiW01 305

Rocky doesn’t like Tiara very much because she’s mouthy. She’s always coming up with “ideas” to make the business “better”. What does she know? Rocky is the brains of this organization, least she forgets.
Rocky: Mass production? Are you insane? You need to shut your yap and do what I tell you!
Rocky still has a problem with pushy broads.

KotsomitiW01 315

A recruit of Tiara’s, Heaven Gallo’s focus is the kid market. Although she has some “issues” she needs to work on, kids love her. She could probably have all of the founders’ kids hooked on bubbles single-handedly. Those toddlers will be children very soon…
Heaven: This dumb bird won’t talk. TAAAALLLLKKKKK! What is it, stupid or something?


KotsomitiW01 320

Heaven doesn’t have a good update either. She’s slowly making friends with the founders but she’s nowhere near ready to push the bubble juice on anyone. Plus the kids, her target customers, are too young to use the stuff. Secretly Heaven doesn’t want any part of this but she needs the simoleons in order to feed her Snowflake Day memorabilia addiction.

KotsomitiW01 324

Rocky is clearly not impressed with either of his Enforcers. Time to talk to his Underboss to find out what is going on.

KotsomitiW01 331

Bruce Jelleff was recruited solely on his flowing, beautifully-styled mane. Since the departure of Kent Bruce has become the Underboss — the leader of the Enforcers. Is he worthy of the promotion? That remains to be seen.

KotsomitiW01 334

Bruce: *gasp* I have a great idea to get more customers. We could give out FREE SAMPLES. Then, when they’re dying for more, we could charge double! Double the bubble!
Tiara: I just said that…

KotsomitiW01 336

Rocky: That’s a great idea! No wonder you’re my right hand man!
Tiara: THE HELL!?

KotsomitiW01 338

KotsomitiW01 341

Scarface might be a finicky pup but if you close your eyes ocean water and pee feel the same.

KotsomitiW01 351

As the night falls the Garden Club move their meeting to the hot tub.
Tiara: You know Boss, free bubble samples was my idea.
Rocky: Stop being such a drama queen, Tiara!

KotsomitiW01 358

The poor ladies have no say in how Rocky runs his business and are left watching the boys work out a game plan while they are forced to remain silent.

KotsomitiW01 363

Rocky tells the group that they need to be on the look-out for one more Enforcer. Rocky doesn’t like odd numbers.

KotsomitiW01 369

KotsomitiW01 370

Rocky bids his workers goodnight…

KotsomitiW01 381

and heads to bed.

KotsomitiW01 382

Corleone: Free Bird!!!!!!!

Monday, Day 15
“In The Air Tonight”

KotsomitiW01 005

KotsomitiW01 014

KotsomitiW01 017

KotsomitiW01 016

After spending quite a bit of time discussing business with Rowena De Hommel yesterday, Rocky hopes to become closer with the cat burglar. Maybe their businesses can merge — among other things…

KotsomitiW01 019

While harvesting the psychotropic plants needed to make bubble juice Rocky quickly earned himself a gold gardening badge. Seeing as he needs a legitimate business to launder his simoleons through Rocky started his own gardening business. Today is his first day!

KotsomitiW01 027

But first Rocky changes into his new baller status wardrobe and jewelry.

KotsomitiW01 029

KotsomitiW01 036

KotsomitiW01 034

After a fruit parfait breakfast…

KotsomitiW01 042

Rocky tucks all of those lovely locks away under a big straw hat…

KotsomitiW01 050

and heads to work.

KotsomitiW01 051

Scarface patrols the beach while Rocky is away…

KotsomitiW01 057

and chases away Heaven in her Mrs. Claus cosplay.
Scarface: Why bother if she doesn’t even put on the hat!
That’s what I’m saying!

KotsomitiW01 059

KotsomitiW01 060

Rocky is too selfish to worry about the charity walk. He’s going to rest his precious ankle.

KotsomitiW01 061


KotsomitiW01 065

KotsomitiW01 067

Rocky and his swollen ankle are done for the day.

KotsomitiW01 072

KotsomitiW01 073

KotsomitiW01 075

Cadet Sadie Biltmore walks by admiring the pink stucco house. Luckily she doesn’t notice the bubble blower on the roof.

KotsomitiW01 083

KotsomitiW01 086

Monday is tax day — and we all know that the quickest way for a mobster to get caught is by not paying his taxes. Rocky makes sure he pays Treasurer Vivian Landgraab his 10%.

KotsomitiW01 090

Now that all of the grime from the work day has been washed away and the taxes paid Rocky can enjoy the remainder of his night. Rocky invites Rowena over in the hope of continuing their discussion of a business partnership.

KotsomitiW01 091

KotsomitiW01 094

Yeah… Rocky Kotsomiti doesn’t take no for an answer.

KotsomitiW01 096

Once Rowena is magically teleported over Rocky gets down to business.

KotsomitiW01 106

Rocky: The cops are looking for you, Rowena. They have your photo on a wanted poster and a cell set up in that Police Station of theirs just for you. Tiara scoped it out.

KotsomitiW01 111

Rocky: They’ve even invented a burglar alarm that will go off and call the cops as soon as you set foot into one of the homes!

KotsomitiW01 115

Rowena: Dahling, handcuffs do not go with this outfit! What am I going to do?
Rocky: I’ve got some ideas. Why don’t we discuss them in the hot tub?
I see what you’re trying to do there Rocky Kotsomiti!

KotsomitiW01 116

As the couple walks away Kent stops by. He was hoping to catch Rocky to see if they could discuss their issues like grown sims.

KotsomitiW01 117

Scarface, however, doesn’t even let him get near the front door.

KotsomitiW01 121

KotsomitiW01 122

Rocky is happy to see Rowena still wears her native markings under her skin-tight suit.

KotsomitiW01 140

Rocky tells Rowena that there may be a way to get around the burglar alarms. He will have his crew work on it. Rowena says she will give him an answer to whether she will join his organization after her burglar alarm problem is solved.

KotsomitiW01 148

With that Rocky leaves to make spaghetti dinner for himself and Rowena.

KotsomitiW01 153

Well, she definitely isn’t going to join your organization from your cooking!

KotsomitiW01 155

KotsomitiW01 156

That dog honestly hates everyone.

KotsomitiW01 162

Even though dinner was unsatisfying…

KotsomitiW01 173

KotsomitiW01 178

The night was not all lost. Rocky the bubble juice Kingpin, and Rowena the Cat Burglar become friends.

KotsomitiW01 179

KotsomitiW01 181

KotsomitiW01 183

Tuesday, Day 16
“I Want To Know What Love Is”

KotsomitiW01 002

KotsomitiW01 004

KotsomitiW01 006

We know what “best friends” leads to…

KotsomitiW01 008

KotsomitiW01 010

KotsomitiW01 013

KotsomitiW01 017

KotsomitiW01 031

While Rocky’s at work Wolfenstein stops by to play with Scarface.

KotsomitiW01 035

KotsomitiW01 037

Woot! Rocky’s doing well in his faux career.

KotsomitiW01 039

After work Rocky calls Bruce for an update.

KotsomitiW01 048

Once Bruce arrives he informs Rocky that they found a new Enforcer. Rocky wants to meet her ASAP. He tells Bruce to call her over and do a faux Garden Club entry inspection to see how she does.

KotsomitiW01 053

KotsomitiW01 054

The new Enforcer arrives with Heaven, since she is the one who vouches for her. Heaven will have to work on her fashion sense, but that can be easily fixed.

KotsomitiW01 055

Marilla Robbins is a Popularity Leo who dreams of becoming a Visionary. She’s obsessed with the paranormal and the environment.

KotsomitiW01 056

While the Garden Clubbers are doing their thing…

KotsomitiW01 058

Rocky calls Rowena.

KotsomitiW01 062

KotsomitiW01 061

KotsomitiW01 063

Awww, Bruce has the cutest swim trunks, ha ha!

KotsomitiW01 066

KotsomitiW01 067

*I still find it hilarious that they swim out to the boat to evaluate it* XD

KotsomitiW01 070

Rocky greets Rowena with a hug.

KotsomitiW01 073

Rocky doesn’t have an answer yet on how Rowena can get past the burglar alarms, but he does have charisma. Rocky charms the pants off of Rowena.

KotsomitiW01 080

KotsomitiW01 081

SCARFACE!!!! No piddles during the inspection!

KotsomitiW01 084

Rocky is determined to have Rowena join his crew… by any means necessary.

KotsomitiW01 087

Heaven: He’s so gross, I can’t believe she actually kissed him!
Now, now Heaven. Just be thankful he didn’t make the moves on you.

KotsomitiW01 093

KotsomitiW01 094

Rocky better not hear you talk about his flamingos! He might wack you!

KotsomitiW01 101

Bruce has nothing to worry about. Rocky could care less about him right now…

KotsomitiW01 109

KotsomitiW01 113

KotsomitiW01 132

KotsomitiW01 144

KotsomitiW01 146

HA! Jokes…

KotsomitiW01 152

Rocky bids goodnight to his lady.

KotsomitiW01 155

KotsomitiW01 159

Wednesday, Day 17
“Bad To The Bone”

KotsomitiW01 001

KotsomitiW01 002

Of course Rocky dreams of a boom box ^.^

KotsomitiW01 011

Scarface was super stinky and Rocky doesn’t have enough room in his tiny bathroom to wash him — so in goes the water wiggler!

KotsomitiW01 012

KotsomitiW01 013

Rocky: Today’s going to be a good day. I can feel it!
*famous last words*

KotsomitiW01 014

KotsomitiW01 017

Along with being an asshole, Scarface decided he was too good for his food dish. Nooooo. He wants to eat garbage instead. Then he’s all upset because he can’t get to the garbage. You know what, puppy? You can just STARVE then!

KotsomitiW01 023

KotsomitiW01 024

You see!!!!???

KotsomitiW01 027

KotsomitiW01 028

KotsomitiW01 029

KotsomitiW01 030

KotsomitiW01 031

Of course Rocky is going to slide tackle! He’s in it to win it! No matter the cost.

KotsomitiW01 032


KotsomitiW01 034

KotsomitiW01 035

KotsomitiW01 038

Mrs. Kris Kringle was hanging around when Rocky arrived.
Rocky: What. In the hell. Are you wearing!?

KotsomitiW01 040

Heaven: How else am I supposed to lure the kiddies? Get off my jock!

KotsomitiW01 044

Rocky calls the members of the “legitimate” Garden Club so they can have one of their “meetings”. He has to keep up appearances, you know.

KotsomitiW01 042

Heaven: Hey there, Corleone. You shouldn’t be cooped up in this place. Noooo. Birds should be free.
Ho, don’t do it….


KotsomitiW01 051

Rocky meets the other GC’ers at the Oceanside Country Club — the only place to go to do anything, really, on the island.

KotsomitiW01 052

KotsomitiW01 054

Vivian, one of the non-criminal members, catches a ride with Rocky. She loves a man that knows how to dress and knows how to spend his money!

KotsomitiW01 055

Farmer and grocery store owner Owen Goodacre has some… *ahem* feelings… for Tiara.

KotsomitiW01 058

Rocky is pleased with Marilla’s make-over. Tiara and Heaven did a good job making her look as though she fits in with the Oceanside founders.

KotsomitiW01 061

Rocky grabs a bite to eat from the buffet table.

KotsomitiW01 065

While Marilla introduces herself to everyone.

KotsomitiW01 068

Vivian: Exactly how many simoleons have we collected for the City Beautification Fund?
That would be a big, fat §0!

KotsomitiW01 070

Heaven: Hey there cowboy, I got something you can ride!
Ms. Gallo!! What has come over you?

KotsomitiW01 081

As Rocky starts a card game he realizes gambling is great business opportunity. With so much money flying in and out of a casino it would be easy to launder his bubble juice profits without anyone noticing.

KotsomitiW01 087

Marilla: Did you hear? There’s some old lady giving out gold lamps to the residents! I think there’s some kind of crazy dark magic going on with those. If you get one, don’t touch it!

KotsomitiW01 088

KotsomitiW01 089

KotsomitiW01 095

KotsomitiW01 096

Vivian suggests that the next Garden Club meeting be held at her house. They could do a lovely tea instead of… this.

KotsomitiW01 100

Heaven: Hi Cowboy Cutie! ^.^

KotsomitiW01 105

Not ready to go home yet, Rocky plays a few bars on the piano in the reception room. He really wants to have one in his bachelor pad.

KotsomitiW01 116

KotsomitiW01 119

Back at home…

KotsomitiW01 125

She took his damn bird.

KotsomitiW01 126

Well, Rocky wanted a piano. Hopefully a synthesizer will do.

KotsomitiW01 134

KotsomitiW01 137

As Rocky pulls into the driveway, Kent walks over. They haven’t seen each other in a while and definitely haven’t spoken at all.
Kent: Hey man, got a minute to talk?

KotsomitiW01 139

Rocky unleashes his anger on Kent.
Rocky: You wanna talk? Let’s talk. Let’s talk about you being a wimp and trying to worm your way out of the business. Do you think you can leave me? After everything I did for you? Now you wanna come here talking about, “Can we talk?” I got nothing to say to you, man!

KotsomitiW01 145

Rocky: You’re dead to me, man!

KotsomitiW01 146

Kent: I got my lady and my kid, man. I can’t do this no more. I needed to get out, and you should too. It’s not safe dealing bubbles no more!

KotsomitiW01 151

Rocky: Hey, don’t worry about me! You need to worry about your lady and your kid. Something might happen to them when you’re not looking…

KotsomitiW01 148

Kent: Are you threatening my kid? What the hell’s the matter with you? You don’t know who you’re messing with, Rocky? You better watch your back!

KotsomitiW01 154

Rocky: And you better watch your front!

KotsomitiW01 155

KotsomitiW01 156

KotsomitiW01 157

Kent: Is this how you want to play? Game on.

KotsomitiW01 161

Kent: You want a war? You got yourself a war…

KotsomitiW01 162

After Kent leaves Rocky heads upstairs to work out his aggression on the weight machine.

KotsomitiW01 165

This isn’t what he wanted. He never wanted to be at war with Kent. He just wanted his friend back. But being the Kingpin means you can’t have friends. You can’t have significant others. You can’t trust no one — no one but yourself.

Rocky Kotsomiti is all about the simoleons, the power, and the respect. That’s all that mattered…

Notes: Lot tour posts of Rocky’s Miami Vice-esque home can be found here on my tumblr.

OMG if Rocky marries Rowena it would be like Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman becomes Michelle Pfeiffer’s Elvira in Scarface… Inception….

Fun fact: when I first started Rocky’s round his first action was to booty call Brodie! I let him do it to see what would happen. She came over and then refused all of his advances. I didn’t save or take pictures or anything. It was hilarious!

Credits: I’m now using Simlogical’s Lot Rights for the rent instead of sending checks. Each day §100 are withdrawn from the renter’s bank account and sent to the condo owner. It seems to be working so far! I’m still sending checks for the taxes.

Luckily I found this mod for finicky dogs. Hopefully Scarface won’t be a dickhead after this and eat his perfectly good food! Man, if there was an animal shelter in Oceanside I would have put him in it!

Thanks for reading! ^.^


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