The Wayward Home For Forgotten Children

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Established Winter, Year One.
Head Proprietress Felicity Wayward, Social Worker.

WaywardW01 133

Located at 53 Moneywell Blvd., adjacent to Founders’ Field, the Wayward Home For Forgotten Children is Oceanside’s first orphanage. The eight orphaned toddlers and their guardian Felicity Wayward were rescued from the Supernatural Wars and brought to the island during the Second Pilgrimage.


WaywardW01 003

WaywardW01 005

WaywardW01 006

WaywardW01 007

WaywardW01 008

Felicity’s government appointed mini-van, used to drop off the adopted children to their new home.

WaywardW01 012

WaywardW01 014

WaywardW01 015

WaywardW01 016

WaywardW01 018

First Floor Interior

Living Room

WaywardW01 019

Working closely with architect Fitz Biltmore, Felicity wanted to make sure the orphanage is a bright and cheery home for the children — not an institution.

WaywardW01 020

WaywardW01 021

WaywardW01 022

WaywardW01 023

Kitchen & Dining Room

WaywardW01 025

WaywardW01 026

WaywardW01 027

WaywardW01 028

Felicity’s Bedroom

WaywardW01 029

Felicity has a love of flowers and cat art — though she would never own a cat; she’s highly allergic!

WaywardW01 030

WaywardW01 031

WaywardW01 032


WaywardW01 033

The bathroom connects from the living room to Felicity’s bedroom.

WaywardW01 034

WaywardW01 037

Second Floor Interior


WaywardW01 041

These plain walls will soon be decorated with the children’s artwork.

Wanting the children to truly enjoy their new home, Fitz commissioned murals from local artist Matisse Troubadour for each of the themed bedrooms. Each room contains toddler beds so the little ones are able to put themselves to sleep each night.

Fairies!, Castles!, Dragons! Room

WaywardW01 038

WaywardW01 039

WaywardW01 040

Oceania Room

WaywardW01 044

WaywardW01 042

WaywardW01 043

Astronauts and Shooting Stars Room

WaywardW01 045

WaywardW01 046

Top Down View


First Floor

WaywardW01 1001

Second Floor

Credits: House and floor plan is basically Remi’s remodel of the Family Farmhouse. The cute Maxis Match toddler beds are by Michelle at MTS.



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