Mason-Troubadour — Winter 01

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“Gray Is The New Black”

Warnings: sharp nails, failed make-overs, aspiration failure, vandalism, bad poetry, job slackery, and off-key singing.

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Sunday, Day 14
“Nine Inch Nails”

MasonTroubadour 002

MasonTroubadour 006

MasonTroubadour 015

MasonTroubadour 024

After putting her three girls to bed make-over maven Brodie Mason finds herself bored and restless. She’s ready to make a change — a drastic one.

MasonTroubadour 027

The budding cosmetologist walks into her salon knowing just what she needs…

MasonTroubadour 028

another make-over! Is this the cool, edgy, tough girl look you were going for, Brodie?

MasonTroubadour 029

Brodie: *laughs hysterically* Oh My Watcher! I look like Stinky the Skunk! HAAAAAAA!!!!!!!

MasonTroubadour 036

After laughing at herself for a good hour or so Brodie embraces her new rocker chic look. Brodie wants to be on the cutting edge of hair and make-up in Oceanside. One day, hopefully soon, she will earn her gold badge in Cosmetology and open her own salon.

MasonTroubadour 040

What better way to advertise her skills then to be her own walking billboard?

MasonTroubadour 064

MasonTroubadour 070

MasonTroubadour 073

Even though she’s the last one to bed, Brodie is the first to rise. Fried bananas, another native Oceanside treat, is on the menu for breakfast today.

MasonTroubadour 078

MasonTroubadour 079

MasonTroubadour 080

Aria Mason-Troubadour, Brodie’s eldest child, hangs out by her dad’s bed looking for attention.

MasonTroubadour 081

Kendrick Troubadour, Oceanside’s musician, coffee shop owner, and Brodie’s baby daddy, finally gets out of bed. It’s about time, too…

MasonTroubadour 085

MasonTroubadour 086

because Brodie needs to head down to the Oceanside Post Office, where she’s the Post Master, and open for the day.

MasonTroubadour 089

MasonTroubadour 092

Brodie used to love being a postal carrier. Walking around the town, getting fresh air, and talking to all of the residents was a lot of fun. She even liked wearing the dorky uniform. Now that she’s stuck in the Post Office facilitating the mail instead of delivering it she’s lost all of her passion for the job. Brodie gets bored easily and she’s so over working a government job. She wants to work for herself – or become a rock star – whichever comes first.

MasonTroubadour 097

First to arrive to the Post Office are Garden Clubbers Marilla Robbins and Heaven Gallo. The Post Office is the only place where the NPCs can collect their mail since politician Landgraab banned Postal Carriers from visiting the caves on the other side of the island.  The threat of being eaten by wild hyenas has everyone on high alert.

MasonTroubadour 101

Brodie spends most of her time at the Post Office day dreaming and writing lyrics for what she hopes will become an album with her honey, Kendrick.

MasonTroubadour 105

Garden Club Underboss Bruce Jelleff stops by looking for his mail and his minions.

MasonTroubadour 107

MasonTroubadour 108

Brodie hasn’t had enough time to figure out the cash register yet…

MasonTroubadour 113

much to the annoyance of Marilla.

MasonTroubadour 116

MasonTroubadour 117

MasonTroubadour 118

MasonTroubadour 119

This is what her life has become – sorting mail and selling postcards. Being Post Master is a joke, thinks Brodie.

MasonTroubadour 120

She closes shop for the day…

MasonTroubadour 128

and tries to quickly ring up the remaining customers.

MasonTroubadour 129

Heaven: You see that, girly? You’re getting a STAR MINUS! Hurry up, I’m going to miss the season finale of Pleasantview!! How will I know if Lilith defeats Angela!?
Hold your horses, Heaven. Brodie’s going as fast as she can.

MasonTroubadour 130

Heaven *pouts and grumbles*: I hate that Angela.

MasonTroubadour 141

MasonTroubadour 144

MasonTroubadour 145

As Brodie leaves the Post Office she vows to never return. Lars can take over as Post Master. She doesn’t want to do it anymore. She’s had enough…

MasonTroubadour 146

Back at the house, Kendrick prepares for the day.

MasonTroubadour 152

He eats leftover omelets…

MasonTroubadour 155

and studies up on the mechanics of piano tuning before work.

MasonTroubadour 156

Aria gives Jack Skellingbear a big hug…

MasonTroubadour 159

then crawls upstairs for her breakfast.

MasonTroubadour 161

Poem(?) wakes up screamy and stinky…

MasonTroubadour 162

while identical twin Piper(?) is calm and clean.
*question mark because I’m not quite sure which is which. It doesn’t really matter anyways*

MasonTroubadour 164

Eep! I hope Brodie comes home soon!

MasonTroubadour 166

MasonTroubadour 167

Even though Kendrick isn’t fond of children he’s turning out to be a great dad. His three girls mean the world to him. It’s those other kids he can’t stand.

MasonTroubadour 168

MasonTroubadour 169

MasonTroubadour 170

MasonTroubadour 171

Fearful that Brodie will not return in time, Kendrick calls his sister to babysit while he goes to work.

MasonTroubadour 176

MasonTroubadour 175

MasonTroubadour 177

Matisse Troubadour arrives with her SO Kent Healey just in the nick of time.

MasonTroubadour 179

Luckily Brodie returns home before Kendrick leaves. Now Matisse and Kent do not have to watch the little ones, but at least Brodie will have some help around the house.

MasonTroubadour 182

Boy, does she need the help.

MasonTroubadour 185

Brodie complains to her sister-in-law how much she hates her job — it just isn’t fun anymore. Matisse can totally sympathize. Her job in law wasn’t what she thought it would be either. Being fired was a blessing in disguise.

MasonTroubadour 197

After a few hours of listening to Brodie devise ways of becoming a super rich super star…

MasonTroubadour 207

Kent and Matisse head for the hot tub…

MasonTroubadour 206

while Brodie takes a much needed nap.

MasonTroubadour 208

MasonTroubadour 210

MasonTroubadour 217

MasonTroubadour 218

Matisse and Kent handle their aunt and uncle duties like pros. Kent loves being around the twins. He can’t believe that his baby girl, Skye, will transition to toddler this Winter. Where has the time gone?

MasonTroubadour 223

Social Worker Felicity Wayward stops by to read the Mason-Troubadour clan’s paper — and maybe spy on them a little. She has to make sure the kids in Oceanside are treated well even if that means peeking into windows.

MasonTroubadour 225

Matisse sets Poem down in the strangle dangle…

MasonTroubadour 228

and changes Aria’s diaper.

MasonTroubadour 229

After setting Piper down on the not-so-comfy floor, Kent heads to the upper deck for a drink.

MasonTroubadour 230

Next door lives Kent’s rival and former bestie, Rocky Kotsomiti. Rocky threatened Kent’s daughter’s life and Kent is not having any of it. War is coming, and Rocky Kotsomiti better be prepared.

MasonTroubadour 232

MasonTroubadour 234

MasonTroubadour 238

While the twins are enjoying their baby gyms…

MasonTroubadour 244

their mom is jolted awake by a scary dream.

MasonTroubadour 258

MasonTroubadour 259

MasonTroubadour 263

Done with battling demons in her sleep, Brodie wakes up in time for Kendrick’s return.

MasonTroubadour 265

MasonTroubadour 266

MasonTroubadour 267

MasonTroubadour 268

MasonTroubadour 272

Kendrick gives Brodie a break and takes care of the twins’ dirty diapers. Because, you know, Brodie has to watch the season finale of Pleasantview.

MasonTroubadour 276

Now that the babies are in bed it’s jam time!

MasonTroubadour 280

MasonTroubadour 283

As Brodie starts dinner…

MasonTroubadour 288

Matisse and Kent join the jam. Kendrick thinks the four of them, with Brodie on vocals, would make a killer band!

MasonTroubadour 292

MasonTroubadour 293


They could be 20% cooler.

MasonTroubadour 296

Brodie finally wrestles the guests away for a yummy pork chop dinner.

MasonTroubadour 299

Aria finds her own.

MasonTroubadour 301

Kent, like every other guy in Oceanside, can’t deny the hotness that is Brodie Mason.

MasonTroubadour 305

As the night winds down Kent and Matisse hop back in the hot tub…

MasonTroubadour 308

and Brodie joins Kendrick on the deck.

MasonTroubadour 001

They know they have at least one fan! Little Aria sways and dances to Mommy and Daddy’s music.

MasonTroubadour 008

Then she helps out by playing on her toy xylophone!


MasonTroubadour 010

MasonTroubadour 019

MasonTroubadour 011

MasonTroubadour 018

The Troubadour-Healeys leave for the night…

MasonTroubadour 014

while Kendrick, Brodie, and Aria rock until the dawn.

Monday, Day 15
“The Flu”

MasonTroubadour 021

MasonTroubadour 020

MasonTroubadour 024

If you really want to make money Kendrick you should probably perform in front of a larger crowd.

MasonTroubadour 029

Both Brodie and Kendrick call their jam session to an end.

MasonTroubadour 032

MasonTroubadour 031

MasonTroubadour 037

Brodie tends to the babies…

MasonTroubadour 038

and Kendrick angrily reminisces about the fight he lost to ex Minka (which he still hasn’t told Brodie about…).

MasonTroubadour 039

Kendrick sneaks in a few winks of sleep before he has to leave for work.

MasonTroubadour 041

MasonTroubadour 040

Noelee shows up with the carpool, but Brodie ignores it. It costs more to have babysitter Angie watch the kids than what she makes as Post Master. Besides, she has plenty of vacation time.

MasonTroubadour 043

MasonTroubadour 045

A tired Aria moseys on to her nap pad.

MasonTroubadour 047

MasonTroubadour 050

Outside sworn enemy Minka Yomoshoto saunters down the street. Luckily she didn’t steal a newspaper or kick a trash can like some people!

MasonTroubadour 053

Mailman Lars Shadow had to do double duty today since his boss didn’t show up. He doesn’t really mind, though. Being friends with Brodie, Lars gets that “Post Master” is not her dream profession. He’d happily take that over for her if it meant a nice cushy home with a weather-proof roof — a far cry from what he currently has.

MasonTroubadour 056

MasonTroubadour 058

MasonTroubadour 061

MasonTroubadour 063

MasonTroubadour 064

Better hustle, Mister!

MasonTroubadour 065

MasonTroubadour 067

Brodie sends the Monday morning taxes to treasurer Vivian Landgraab

MasonTroubadour 070

and takes a nap.

MasonTroubadour 071

MasonTroubadour 072

Cindy Lou Killeen, nanny and teacher at the Killeen Kinder Care stops by the lot…

MasonTroubadour 074

and invites her ass in to watch Fairies!, Castles!, Dragons! What the hell, CL? This is the second time you just waltzed into somesims house uninvited!

MasonTroubadour 076

After visiting the Orphanage, Cindy Lou is more determined than ever before to adopt a child. Maybe breaking and entering is her way of observing a family and learning what to do — and not to do — when raising a happy, healthy child?

MasonTroubadour 079

MasonTroubadour 081

As the sun sets into the ocean…

MasonTroubadour 085

MasonTroubadour 086

WHAT THE HELL, PARAGON BARRETT!!!???? Why are you kicking their trash?
Paragon: Maybe I’m still pissed that Brodie never went out with me!
She got knocked up by Kendrick! Was she supposed to woohoo you while carrying someone else’s child? She’s not Minka Yomoshoto!


MasonTroubadour 088

MasonTroubadour 089

She’s sleeping! She’ll eat as soon as she wakes up, sheesh!

MasonTroubadour 092

MasonTroubadour 097

MasonTroubadour 100

MasonTroubadour 104

MasonTroubadour 105

Oh, no! Kendrick Troubadour is Patient Zero of the first flu epidemic in Oceanside! Is it a coincidence that Dr. Minka stops by the house and Kendrick spontaneously catches the flu? I think not!

MasonTroubadour 109

Since he’s already sick, Kendrick cleans up the knocked-over trash can. Thanks Cindy Lou for not stopping Paragon or picking up the can! Just keep standing there doing nothing…

MasonTroubadour 112

Cindy Lou: It all happened so fast. I didn’t know what he was doing until it was over!
Kendrick doesn’t buy anything you’re selling, lady.

MasonTroubadour 115

Brodie doesn’t know how to make comfort soup, but she hopes risotto will help Kendrick feel better.

MasonTroubadour 116

MasonTroubadour 117

Kendrick opts out, however, deciding to go straight to bed and rest.

MasonTroubadour 124

Brodie has a good time hanging out with Cindy Lou — even if she is a bit of a prep. Brodie would love to give her a make-over…

MasonTroubadour 004

After some convincing, Brodie manages to get Cindy Lou into her chair.

MasonTroubadour 006

CL is not a fan of the punky two-toned hair but she thinks Brodie has a lot of style. Maybe a nice blowout will update her look!

MasonTroubadour 010

First, Brodie has to get rid of those pesky dead ends…

MasonTroubadour 013

Brodie: *gasp* Oh shit!

MasonTroubadour 014

Cindy Lou: What do you mean, ‘Oh shit’???

MasonTroubadour 019

Cindy Lou breaks down crying at the sight of her botched haircut.
Cindy Lou: But my wife likes my long, flowing locks! What will I do now? She’s going to divorce me!!

MasonTroubadour 025

Brodie promises to fix it for her. CL won’t have her long, flowing locks but she will look stylish.

MasonTroubadour 026

MasonTroubadour 030

Brodie did it! Even though she didn’t mean to cut all of Cindy Lou’s hair off, the new, shorter cut suits her much better than the fresh off the farm long braid she’s been sporting.

MasonTroubadour 035

Cindy Lou is extremely pleased with how her do turned out. She will definitely return when it’s time for a trim!

MasonTroubadour 036

MasonTroubadour 037

MasonTroubadour 039

Tuesday, Day 16

MasonTroubadour 065

MasonTroubadour 046

MasonTroubadour 054

MasonTroubadour 059

Kendrick wakes up coughing uncontrollably. Poor baby, you need to rest until that nasty flu is gone.

MasonTroubadour 063

MasonTroubadour 064

MasonTroubadour 065

MasonTroubadour 068

MasonTroubadour 066

Noelee arrives to take Brodie to work again, and again, Brodie ignores her incessant honking. Kendrick is too sick to watch the kids alone. She has to stay home and look after them! *wink*

MasonTroubadour 070

*Best Friends with Poem*

MasonTroubadour 074

Bored of his book Kendrick begins fantasizing about paper girl Frankie Cloak!

MasonTroubadour 076

Today is the twins’ transition and he really wants to help out with the party, but every time he stands up he starts coughing up a lung. Being sick blows!

MasonTroubadour 079

*She’s just way too cute!*

MasonTroubadour 083

Brodie sets up a table with the twin cheesecakes — you know what that means…

MasonTroubadour 082

MasonTroubadour 084

It’s Party Time! Brodie invites the usual friends and family and all of the town’s toddlers — including the orphans.

MasonTroubadour 088

MasonTroubadour 089

MasonTroubadour 090

On the menu for the birthday guests? Birthday pancakes!

MasonTroubadour 094

The toddler population is out of control. I think this might be the last party where we invite all of them.

MasonTroubadour 095

Good, ’cause he wasn’t going anyway!

MasonTroubadour 096


MasonTroubadour 097

MasonTroubadour 100

The toddlers begin making their way inside to dance to the hard rock playing on the stereo. Heath Biltmore and Jude Corduroy are the first to secure their spots on the dance floor.

MasonTroubadour 099

Elise Welchington is doing that levitating-shy-dancing thing again.


MasonTroubadour 103

It’s the invasion of the ankle bitters!

MasonTroubadour 106

Kendrick makes his way to the counter for breakfast but all of his hacking is discouraging anyone else from joining him!

MasonTroubadour 113

So it’s back to his bed. He’s so upset he doesn’t get to be a part of the party.

MasonTroubadour 115

Because of the traffic jam the toddlers were causing, I decided to teleport out most of them. The ones left are the children of the adult guests only (which is still a lot of kids — I’m looking at you Biltmores!).

MasonTroubadour 112

Now they can get to the food!

MasonTroubadour 116

MasonTroubadour 118

Henry Lambswool drags Jack Skellingbear out to play while Cyan Troubadour-Bossanova rocks out behind him.

MasonTroubadour 120

It’s a mad house!

MasonTroubadour 121

Brodie: Kendrick, go back to bed! I can handle aging up the girls.
Kendrick: I’m starting to feel better. I want to do it.
Stubborn sims!

MasonTroubadour 122

Sure enough, as soon as he grabs Poem to take her to the cake…

MasonTroubadour 123

Yay!!! You did it!!

MasonTroubadour 130

Brodie grabs Piper and they make their way to the cakes.

MasonTroubadour 131

MasonTroubadour 136

MasonTroubadour 143

MasonTroubadour 148

MasonTroubadour 152

MasonTroubadour 157

Now it’s Piper’s turn.

MasonTroubadour 162

MasonTroubadour 170

MasonTroubadour 172

MasonTroubadour 173

Poem, your cute baldness makes me smile.

MasonTroubadour 175

Sweet little Eve Goodacre, why do you even try.

MasonTroubadour 177

MasonTroubadour 180

They bring the twins into the salon and Brodie gives them both matching, cutting edge hairstyles…

MasonTroubadour 183

MasonTroubadour 185

and matching outfits that co-ordinate with big sis Aria.
*I have got to find more rocker toddler outfits*

MasonTroubadour 184


MasonTroubadour 186

Henry and Ezra Biltmore become friendly.

MasonTroubadour 189

Pffft. Who cares.

MasonTroubadour 191

Oh, wait…

MasonTroubadour 197

Oh, no…

MasonTroubadour 202

Brodie’s been feeling low this whole season and this just takes the cake. She really wanted to give her girls a fun party, but she failed.

MasonTroubadour 206

In flies The Imaginary Therapist™ to save the day.

MasonTroubadour 193

*I don’t think she really cares right now but thanks*

MasonTroubadour 208

Aria: Somebody broke Mommy.

MasonTroubadour 221

MasonTroubadour 229

After a *ahem* thorough examination the Therapist uses his hypno thingy on Brodie…
*I wish someone would extract that thing. It’s so cool*

MasonTroubadour 243

and she’s back to normal.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming…

MasonTroubadour 227

Twin #1, Piper Mason-Troubadour, is a 10-9-6-6-3 irresistible (Brodie), night owl (Kendrick) of an Aries. Her main interests are sports and school but science is her jam. Her naturally curly hair has been cut in an asymmetrical style by her talented mother.

MasonTroubadour 228

Twin #2, Poem Mason-Troubadour is a flirty (Kendrick), meat-loving (Brodie), 7-3-8-3-10 Pisces. She loves travel and tinkering. Her naturally curly hair is also cut in the same asymmetrical style as her sister — but Poem was lucky enough to get her mom’s freckles.

MasonTroubadour 210

A cured Kendrick cleans up the trash…

MasonTroubadour 248

and the spoiled pancakes.

MasonTroubadour 255

Unaware of the melt-down she just had, Kendrick leaves Brodie and the girls to visit his business…

MasonTroubadour 258

The Troubadour Cafe!

MasonTroubadour 264

As the customers start to arrive, Kendrick tries to get in some studying before having to help anyone.

MasonTroubadour 267

But then architect Fitz Biltmore shows up looking confused. Probably because what he wants is INSIDE THE STORE!!!

MasonTroubadour 273

Kendrick: What flavor of coffee are you looking for, Fitz?
Fitz: I think we should switch to decaf. The wife is too wired already! *snickers*

MasonTroubadour 274

MasonTroubadour 275

Felicity joins the shoppers. I knew living with eight toddlers would call for something stronger than hot chocolate.

MasonTroubadour 277

MasonTroubadour 278

MasonTroubadour 279

Seamstress Dawn Lambswool is looking for a dark roast that will keep her up all night sewing so she can earn that elusive gold badge.

MasonTroubadour 282

Dawn thinks Kendrick is so cute. She would buy anything he recommends.

MasonTroubadour 285

Kendrick helps Cindy Lou…

MasonTroubadour 289

and Felicity find something especially for them.

MasonTroubadour 293

MasonTroubadour 297

The ladies are still not buying so Kendrick assess their desires.

MasonTroubadour 298

MasonTroubadour 301

I think Felicity might be here just to see your pretty face, Kendrick.

MasonTroubadour 304

MasonTroubadour 306

Before he could get to Cindy Lou, Kendrick has to ring up his other customers.

MasonTroubadour 307

MasonTroubadour 308

I don’t think she likes to be kept waiting.

MasonTroubadour 311

MasonTroubadour 313

MasonTroubadour 316

MasonTroubadour 319

After completing her purchase Dawn makes her way to the stage to belt out a song.
Dawn: *off key* Ex’s and the oh, oh, oh’s they haunt me. Like gho-oh-oh-sts they want me to make them ah-ah-ah-ll. They won’t. Let. Go!
Oh dear.

MasonTroubadour 326

It’s just coffee lady. Why the stink face?

MasonTroubadour 328

MasonTroubadour 330

Politician Malcolm Landgraab, X can’t seem to find the organic green tea.

MasonTroubadour 335

Felicity: *gasp* There he is. The one that saved us from the evils of SimCity. *squee*
Felicity seems to have a slight crush on Malcolm.

MasonTroubadour 337

MasonTroubadour 340

When the crowd starts to turn on Dawn…
Felicity: Booo! You suck!!!

MasonTroubadour 353

Kendrick accompanies her on the guitar.

MasonTroubadour 356

MasonTroubadour 355

Cindy Lou: It was good until Kendrick ran up there!
I get the feeling that Cindy Lou doesn’t like Kendrick very much…

MasonTroubadour 357

As Kendrick closes shop…

MasonTroubadour 360

CL hops on stage to recite her “poetry”.
Cindy Lou: I would like to give a child a home. One that they could call their very own.

MasonTroubadour 364

Cindy Lou: All of my life I live for the day. That a baby’s smiling face will take my sadness away.

MasonTroubadour 369

Cindy Lou: *bows*


MasonTroubadour 372

MasonTroubadour 376

After everyone leaves Kendrick restocks. His mind wanders to how furious he still is at Minka. He doesn’t understand why he ever went out with that girl.

MasonTroubadour 378

Back at the house…

MasonTroubadour 379

MasonTroubadour 382

Passed out twin in aisle one. Clean-up.

MasonTroubadour 384

MasonTroubadour 385

MasonTroubadour 387

MasonTroubadour 389

With Poem sleep…

MasonTroubadour 390

Piper down for the count…

MasonTroubadour 391

and Aria testing out the twins’ birthday present…

MasonTroubadour 388

Brodie returns to the deck to practice some of the new songs she wrote.

MasonTroubadour 393

MasonTroubadour 397

MasonTroubadour 400

Drained, Brodie calls it a night.

MasonTroubadour 405

MasonTroubadour 408

MasonTroubadour 410

MasonTroubadour 412

50 points to Poem for escaping jail.

MasonTroubadour 420

I think Poem is trying to take away Aria’s crown for cutest toddler of the house…

MasonTroubadour 425

MasonTroubadour 428

Poem finds her true passion while playing with the Sego Blocks.

MasonTroubadour 005

Piper busts a move while Jacke Skellingbear scowls.

MasonTroubadour 007

Kendrick finally returns home exhausted and smelly. What a long day!

Wednesday, Day 17
“The Make-Over That Changed Everything”

MasonTroubadour 014

Good morning, Sunshine!

MasonTroubadour 022

MasonTroubadour 032

Piper completes her first drawing and does a happy dance.

MasonTroubadour 035

MasonTroubadour 036

MasonTroubadour 041

MasonTroubadour 039

MasonTroubadour 042

Clean freak Brodie disinfects the condo after Kendrick’s flu episode.

MasonTroubadour 045

MasonTroubadour 047

MasonTroubadour 049

Brodie, it’s time for work, sweetheart.
Brodie: Oh, this place is such a mess, I have to clean it up. It’s a nightmare!
You’re not fooling anyone, Missy.

MasonTroubadour 052

Kent stops by to talk to Brodie. He’s been seriously considering getting a tattoo for a while now. Maybe this time he won’t chicken out.

MasonTroubadour 060

MasonTroubadour 061

MasonTroubadour 059

Brodie assures Kent that it will only hurt a little bit. Stop being a baby!

MasonTroubadour 069

The tattoos came out fine but Brodie got a little carried away when she tried to put rocker glam make-up on Kent. He didn’t appreciate it one bit.

MasonTroubadour 074

Lars calls to make sure Brodie’s OK since she’s missed so many days of work.
Brodie: Dude, I’m so done with the Post Office. I’m meant for so much more. After I use up my vacation days I’m audi. You should apply. You’ve done a great job. I’ll give you a glowing recommendation.

MasonTroubadour 075

*Best Friends*

MasonTroubadour 078

Hey now, Kent. Don’t get comfortable. You’re not the lead singer.

MasonTroubadour 085

MasonTroubadour 088

Even though she technically hasn’t quit yet, Brodie feels a weight lifted off of her shoulder. She’s free! Now to just concentrate on her cosmetology badges and her music.

MasonTroubadour 096

Paragon stops by again. He’s hoping Brodie could clean-up his flesh-colored beard/peach fuzz thing he has going on there. *Any excuse to be alone in a room with her.*

MasonTroubadour 099

MasonTroubadour 100

Troubadour Twin Cuteness Powers — Activate!

MasonTroubadour 102

Brodie can barely see his facial hair but hey, the customer is always right. Paragon’s kind of cute anyways…

MasonTroubadour 105

MasonTroubadour 110

He doesn’t look any different but he’s happy and that’s all that matters.

MasonTroubadour 114

MasonTroubadour 117

Brodie prepares lunch for her customers/friends. Chile con carne!

MasonTroubadour 119

Cindy Lou: Looks like I arrived just in time!

MasonTroubadour 120

Paragon: *singing off-key* IIIIII’m gonna swing from the chandelieeer, from the chandelieeeeeeer! IIIII’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exiiiiist, like it doesn’t exiiiiiist!
Why lord, why?

MasonTroubadour 127

Cindy Lou: Hello little foxy-woxy. Do you want to be my baby?
Please confer to your wife first before you bring home wild foxes!

MasonTroubadour 131

Soon Cindy Lou is distracted by another fox, Vivian Landgraab.
Note: Cindy Lou autonomously greeted her and then Viv was a guest — as if a real resident greeted her! What is Cindy Lou’s deal??!!

MasonTroubadour 134

Cindy Lou: I really admire everything you’ve done to help Oceanside become the great community that it is. We would be nothing without you.
Vivian: *gasp* You really think so. That’s so nice of you!
Sucking up to Queen Landgraab. Probably the best idea you have ever had.

MasonTroubadour 132

Brodie and Kent enjoy a meaty lunch as the sun sets.

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MasonTroubadour 145

Brodie’s dead tired but needs to stay awake for a little longer. Vivian Landgraab dropping by gave Brodie a great idea. If she can do a good make-over on Viv she might fast track Brodie getting her own salon!

MasonTroubadour 149

While the boys get cozy in the hot tub…

MasonTroubadour 159

Brodie tricks Viv into her salon chair.
Vivian: *skeptical* I like my hair long. I want to keep it. LONG!
Brodie: But your a politician’s wife and a mother of three. You should look polished and elegant. Don’t worry, you will still have length. Just not all of it… *sighs* Just trust me…

MasonTroubadour 160

Vivian reluctantly gives in and lets Brodie work her pink cloud of magic on her.

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MasonTroubadour 165

MasonTroubadour 164

Vivian gasps when she sees her reflection. It’s everything Brodie promised and more. It’s elegant, polished and very First Lady. All she needs is a pantsuit and a baby to kiss. Who is she kidding. Vivian Landgraab would never wear a pantsuit.

MasonTroubadour 169

Vivian tells Brodie that she will definitely be back for shampoos and blowouts. Brodie explains that she will have to find a place to move her salon equipment out of the condo. With the girls getting older they need this space for an extra bedroom. Vivian tells Brodie that the land next to police station is vacant and she will gladly give her the money to build her own salon there!


MasonTroubadour 174

Brodie is so happy she’s almost in tears.
Brodie: This is it, baby girl. Things are finally coming together!

MasonTroubadour 176


MasonTroubadour 043

Notes: Sorry for the wait in between updates. I made a post here explaining that it was just too hot to do an update. It’s still hot but not as bad.

Cindy Lou is a little glitch monster. Not only does she just walk into people’s homes uninvited but she makes stuff not work properly! The whole time she was there Brodie could not use her make-over chair. I had to exit and re-enter the lot, let No Sim Loaded do it’s thing, and then I could give make-overs. I apparently had the older version of the mod but I downloaded the newer one that fixes stuff every hour but that was after I played through Winter.

Credits: Brodie’s new hairstyle is a recolor I did of Remi’s gradient recolor of a Peggy hair. I only did the one black/gray color but you can have it if you want ^.^

Dawn’s song is Ex’s and Oh’s by Elle King. Paragon’s song is Chandelier by Sia.

Thank you for reading!! ^.^


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