Landgraab — Winter 01

- Oceanside Sims, Update


“Diamonds and Pearls”

Warnings: rich sim problems, baby wanting, secret societies, vomit, frozen sims, and the return of Corleone II.

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Sunday, Day 14
“The Negotiator”

LandgraabW01 001

LandgraabW01 002

There are many things that Vivian Landgraab prides herself on: her luxurious home…

LandgraabW01 004

LandgraabW01 006

LandgraabW01 012

LandgraabW01 013

her bright and beautiful children…

LandgraabW01 014

and her career as banker and town treasurer of the great city of Oceanside.

LandgraabW01 023

She’s even proud of her lovable, goof-ball of a husband Malcolm, Oceanside’s premier politician.

LandgraabW01 015

Viv doesn’t mind cleaning, in fact it’s one of her favorite things to do but she would love extra help around the house. With a stressful career managing money, three kids, and keeping their mansion looking decent after their many soirees, Vivian is ready to hire a live-in Nanny.

LandgraabW01 026

LandgraabW01 027

LandgraabW01 028

The children rarely sleep in their cribs anymore. Malcolm believes in letting them freely roam about and nap wherever they see fit. His philosophy is that the less rules they are given helps the children be more independent and think for themselves. Vivian hates seeing her children flopped out in the middle of the floor however. She worries that they will grow up wanting to sleep in dog houses like those Biltmore ruffians.

LandgraabW01 032

LandgraabW01 033

The hardest by far is potty training the lot of them. Vivian’s best friend, Matisse Troubadour, has already potty trained her child. So have the Goodacres. She cannot have her children trail behind everyone else. The Landgraabs are supposed to be the first and best at everything they do!

LandgraabW01 038

LandgraabW01 037

With Malcolm home today Vivian is able to stop by her businesses and check on things. Both the bank and the Country Club are a breeze to run, but of course she couldn’t be there all of the time. Maybe it’s time to hire employees there as well.

LandgraabW01 044

LandgraabW01 046

Malcolm spends most of his time strategizing his rise to the top of the political ladder. Even though he has no opposition, Malcolm plays chess to keep his mind sharp in case of a debate. He also likes to pretend the cool chess pieces are real kings and knights. Vivian looks the other way when he yells out, “Off with their head!” during a game.

LandgraabW01 049

Viv sneaks in a quick nap before officially starting her busy day…

LandgraabW01 052

however she rarely has enough time to herself. Luckily the children will grow up soon and need less attention. Vivian has already put her foot down to Malcolm — no more children!

LandgraabW01 053

LandgraabW01 057

LandgraabW01 055

As Malcolm practices on the piano — a skill his wife insists he learns — his thoughts turn to the Top Hat Social Club he earned a membership in. Although he thinks it’s really cute for the ladies to wear the Blue Hats, running around town in a top hat is not at all what he was hoping for. He’s read about the secret societies that existed back in SimCity — how they covertly ran everything behind the scenes having a ball as they did it — and feels this club could do the same.

LandgraabW01 064

No matter how busy he is Malcolm always has time for his little ones. Even though he’s not a Family Sim he would love to fill his manor with lots of children. What’s the point of having all of this space if it’s not filled to the brim with love! And now that he’s converted to Peteranism his thoughts have been filled with the Watcher’s first commandment: Go Forth and Multiply! Every time he mentions it however, Vivian has shut him down. She’s too busy she says. Three kids are enough.

LandgraabW01 066

LandgraabW01 071

After spending time with the orphans he knows what will truly make him happy is to expand their family — whether related by blood or adopted.

LandgraabW01 075

LandgraabW01 077

Malcolm remains silent during breakfast, not at all being his jovial self, lost in his thoughts. Vivian can tell there’s something on his mind but doesn’t want to ask. She has her own agenda, and Malcolm’s wants always seem to steamroll their way through whatever she wanted.

LandgraabW01 080

Now was not the time to broach the subject of hiring a nanny.

LandgraabW01 088

Right now she had to hurry off to the bank.


LandgraabW01 091

LandgraabW01 092

Vivian arrives at Oceanside Bank & Loan feeling a bit anxious. The end of the first year is coming up which means all of the residents will have to pay their yearly property taxes. She will need another teller to take care of all of the sims that will be stopping by to pay and/or ask for loans. But who, other than herself, would she be able to trust with the town’s money?

LandgraabW01 097

Vivian immediately thinks of her fellow Garden Club members. They always look so well-put-together and classy. Exactly the image she needed to portray in her establishment.

LandgraabW01 099

She settles on Marilla Robbins, the newest member of the G.C. Vivian thinks Marilla’s sweet face and easy temperament will make the residents feel at ease handing over their hard-earned simoleons.

LandgraabW01 105

The first customer of the day is the dashing baker Paragon Barrett. Vivian has yet to visit Baked for a sugary treat — she has to keep an eye on her figure — but has heard it’s doing very well.

LandgraabW01 106

LandgraabW01 109

Marilla arrives and is quickly assigned the job of teller. She better scoot behind the teller door — the bank is hopping with customers.

LandgraabW01 112

As the first customer is ready to go Vivian notices Marilla just standing around not doing anything…

LandgraabW01 117

and chews her out!
Vivian *in a condescending tone*: You are a teller. You take sims’ money and give sims money. Think we can manage that, hmm?

LandgraabW01 119

Marilla *grits teeth*: Uppity bitch…

LandgraabW01 123

To say Marilla has had no training what-so-ever is an understatement. Vivian believes in tough love and hopes that by throwing Marilla to the wolves she’ll return leading the pack.

LandgraabW01 124

*Looks overwhelmed*

LandgraabW01 125

*Doesn’t care*

LandgraabW01 126

While Marilla learns the register Viv tries to convince scientist Achilles Brook to invest in platinum bars.

LandgraabW01 127

LandgraabW01 128

Marilla’s line steadily increases but she’s no closer to getting the hang of the register.

LandgraabW01 132

Yasmin: *desperately tries to find another line to wait in*

Ever since Natural Scientist Yasmin Onnen had special cuddles in the hot tub with Marilla, she has been avoiding her like the plague. What will she do now that Marilla works at the only bank in Oceanside?

LandgraabW01 134

LandgraabW01 145

The customers are pretty ticked-off with the long wait…

LandgraabW01 155

but Marilla finally earns her Bronze Register Badge!

LandgraabW01 160

Banking hours are soon over and Viv closes for the day.

LandgraabW01 163

As Marilla rings up her last customer Vivian beams proudly at her first employee. Marilla kept her cool under pressure and didn’t lose her any stars. Viv pats herself on the back for being such an excellent manager.

LandgraabW01 167 LandgraabW01 168

Before heading home Viv makes a stop at the Oceanside Country Club.

LandgraabW01 170

LandgraabW01 169

Even though Vivian loves her Country Club and the ponies, she’s seriously considering giving it back to the community. It’s a lot of upkeep and Viv really doesn’t have the time or desire to do it justice. And having to sit by and watch her friends have their own little social club without her is really starting to break her heart.

LandgraabW01 172

But right now she’s still in charge and she needs an employee.

LandgraabW01 180

Vivian hires the only unemployed member of the Garden Club, Heaven Gallo. Heaven may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but she can at least serve a cocktail.

LandgraabW01 182

Pottery artisan Kent Healey…

LandgraabW01 183

and Achilles stop by the stables to ride the ponies.

LandgraabW01 187

Marilla joins Viv for a quick dinner and to gossip about her latest conquest.

Marilla: …so then we totes did it in the hot tub while her girlfriend was asleep in the other room! What a wild night!

LandgraabW01 189

Even though Vivian does not approve of cheating on any level she likes that Marilla sees what she wants and takes it.

LandgraabW01 196

After dinner Vivian heads to the second floor to check on employee Heaven.

LandgraabW01 198

Heaven: Weee, I’m riding a horsey!

What’s with these employees not wanting to do their jobs!?

LandgraabW01 201

With that Viv has had it! She very politely and elegantly tells everyone to GTFO.

LandgraabW01 202


LandgraabW01 204

Meanwhile… Malcolm is left alone with the children.

LandgraabW01 212

LandgraabW01 089

The eldest child and heir to the Landgraab empire, Gwyneth Landgraab, worries that her red bird drawing won’t live up to her mother’s high standards.

LandgraabW01 220

Tabitha Landgraab inherited her father’s messy gene.

LandgraabW01 234

Malcolm M. Landgraab finally wakes in time for lunch.

LandgraabW01 230

With all of Vivian’s focus primarily on her businesses the town’s stock market is falling.

LandgraabW01 242

LandgraabW01 252

As the night begins Malcolm invites over his fellow Social Celebrities, architect Fitz Biltmore and farmer Owen Goodacre, to discuss creating a secret society.

LandgraabW01 265

Fitz originally founded the Top Hat Society as a male counterpart for Minka Yomoshoto’s Blue Hat Society. But shy little Fitz never could get his social group off of the ground. Malcolm convinces Fitz to hand the gavel over to him. He’ll arrange all of the activities and take over the day-to-day responsibilities. Fitz will still be the founder but Malcolm will be the Vice President so to speak.

LandgraabW01 264

A relieved Fitz gladly agrees. He also agrees to the name change: The Royal Knights of the Llama Brotherhood. Fitz will also construct their lair — I mean lodge — for their secret meetings.

LandgraabW01 269

Malcolm lets his bestie Owen in on the conversation with Fitz and he loves the idea. Owen is relieved that he doesn’t have to walk around wearing a dumb top hat. He agrees to come up with a fun secret handshake for them to use.

LandgraabW01 275

LandgraabW01 284

LandgraabW01 285

Afterwards the guys eat and play pool.

LandgraabW01 287

But when the guys leave the room Owen breaks down and cries. He loves his family but he worries that with five little kiddos running around the farm he won’t have much time for hanging with the homies.

LandgraabW01 289

Satisfied with how his meeting went, Malcolm hops into the hot tub to relax.

LandgraabW01 290

LandgraabW01 297

Seeing that Malcolm is in a good mood Vivian joins him in the hot tub. Now is her chance to butter him up and mention hiring a Nanny.

LandgraabW01 308

Malcolm, however, has his own request.

Malcolm: I know you don’t want to have any more kids but we could adopt! I met the cutest little girl at the orphanage.

Vivian is shocked. She would never bring a non-Landgraab child into her home! But if she didn’t give in she might never get her Nanny…

LandgraabW01 303

Vivian: Malcolm, what if we try for another baby? But if I get pregnant again we’re going to need to hire a Nanny full-time.

LandgraabW01 306

Malcolm: DEAL!

LandgraabW01 307

Owen: Don’t mind me. Just getting a little jelly. I’m not watching you two woohoo at all…


LandgraabW01 309

They didn’t conceive but they each got what they wanted: a promise of a baby for Malcolm and a promise of a Nanny for Vivian. Everyone wins.

LandgraabW01 322

While Malcolm giggles like a school girl with Owen…

LandgraabW01 327

Viv relishes in the fact that she won’t have to deal with pooping toddlers soon. First thing in the morning she’ll make a list of perspective Nannies to interview.

LandgraabW01 323

LandgraabW01 003

After the guests leave a little stink monster interrupts Malcolm’s piano practice.

LandgraabW01 005

Malcolm absolutely agrees with Vivian — they need a Nanny to deal with this crap!

LandgraabW01 012

Bitsy goofs off a bit before bed.

LandgraabW01 013

There’s no rest for Mommy.

LandgraabW01 015 LandgraabW01 016 LandgraabW01 017

Malcolm finishes his piano practice and turns in for the night.

Monday, Day 15
“The Motivator”

LandgraabW01 027

LandgraabW01 030 LandgraabW01 033 LandgraabW01 028

LandgraabW01 032

Vivian serves a nutritious fruit parfait to begin the day.

LandgraabW01 034

LandgraabW01 035

Currently a Lobbyist Malcolm hopes the new skills he learned earns a promotion.

LandgraabW01 037

~Snazzy tie~

LandgraabW01 040

Malcolm missed out on breakfast because he was running late. Too bad, thought Vivian, she wanted to go over the budget to remodel the gym and turn it into the Nanny’s room. Doesn’t matter, she’ll just use some of the city’s funds.

LandgraabW01 041

LandgraabW01 042

Gwyneth can’t stay away from the art table. We might have a little Picasso on our hands.

LandgraabW01 050 LandgraabW01 051

Little Malcolm scribbles and chews his way to a creativity skill point.

LandgraabW01 052

LandgraabW01 055

After tending to the girls…

LandgraabW01 059

Vivian is down for the count.

LandgraabW01 060

And so is Malcolm.

LandgraabW01 067

Way to go, Malcolm!!


LandgraabW01 068

Malcolm: I still get woohoo for promotions, right? *Big Smile*

Ugh, yes you horny toad!

LandgraabW01 074

A quick shower rids Malcolm of all of that sleazy Lobbyist smell. He’s a Campaign Manager now!

LandgraabW01 077

Now fully focused on the market Vivian earns back almost all of the money she lost yesterday.

LandgraabW01 082

Doctor Minka Yomoshoto makes a special appearance to remind us how much she hates Brodie Mason.

*Like we could forget*

LandgraabW01 092

LandgraabW01 100

While Malcolm practices his speech Vivian grabs dinner and listens in. She always has good advice for Malcolm on what the people need to hear.

Malcolm: …and if I am elected I will pass a bill to ban the use of soda in the woohoo. It is a dangerous and ineffective method of birth control and can lead to horrible flatulence.


LandgraabW01 108

LandgraabW01 105 LandgraabW01 110

Gwyneth is finally potty trained!

LandgraabW01 113

Vivian celebrates by… cleaning the shower.

*Neat sims are weird*

LandgraabW01 114

LandgraabW01 119

Gwyneth: It’s an honor to finally be potty trained. Soon you too, dear brother, will join the no diaper club!

LandgraabW01 129

After leaving the kids to find their own beds for the night, Viv and Malcolm celebrate.

LandgraabW01 132


LandgraabW01 134

Tuesday, Day 16
“The Nanny”

LandgraabW01 001

LandgraabW01 002

Gwyneth: …must… be… perfect… for Mommy…

LandgraabW01 010

LandgraabW01 013

LandgraabW01 017 LandgraabW01 016

LandgraabW01 019

Malcolm wakes up in a great mood. He got a promotion, he got promotion woohoo, he might have another baby on the way, and it’s his day off. Score!

LandgraabW01 025

Malcolm starts the day trying to potty train Mini Malcolm.

LandgraabW01 029

Mini Malcolm, however, is having a tough time.

LandgraabW01 031

Good girl, Gwynie!

LandgraabW01 044

Oh, Malcolm!

LandgraabW01 047

Although it may be sunny, it’s cold in Oceanside in the Winter. Poor mailman Lars Shadow should invest in pants and a long sleeved shirt before doing his rounds.

LandgraabW01 050

Before Vivian can finish her fruit parfait breakfast…

LandgraabW01 052

LandgraabW01 053

Vivian: Whoosh, that was a close one…

LandgraabW01 055

Vivian: *upchucks two more times*

Goodness gracious! Poor Viv!

LandgraabW01 057

Being an old pro at this now Vivian knows she’s preggo. She doesn’t have to call her two-faced, sometimey best friend Dr. Minka to confirm it…

LandgraabW01 058

instead she calls all of the non-residents over to interview for the desperately needed Nanny position.

LandgraabW01 064

Vivian worries that she won’t be able to find a decent caregiver out of this motley crew. She barely knows most of these sims. Now she’s not so sure about letting strangers into her expensive and luxurious home.

LandgraabW01 069

As she grabs a salad to calm her nerves…

LandgraabW01 091

two potential Nannies, Lars and Music and Dancer Edwina Goddard, head for sexy times in the hot tub.


LandgraabW01 074

Inside Princess Gwyneth conducts her own interview.

Gwyneth: Hey, Blondie, pick me up!

LandgraabW01 078

Heaven: *In baby voice* Hey little one, have you seen that movie, Concussion?

Wait, what?

LandgraabW01 079

Heaven: BAM! Right through the ceiling!


LandgraabW01 082

Heaven: Shake, shake, shake! I’m going to shake you till you puke!!

Gwyneth: *laughs hysterically*


LandgraabW01 084

Gwyneth: *groggily* Will you be my Mommy?

Heaven: Nope!

LandgraabW01 092

The Oceanside Cat Burglar, Rowena De Hommel, starts a game of pool hoping to swindle some poor sucker out of their simoleons.

LandgraabW01 093

Poor Garden Clubber Tiara Hough must have been out in the cold too long! Vivian won’t want to hire someone who’s not smart enough not to freeze to death!

Tiara: Wait, I thought this was an interview to work in the bank. I don’t want to be a Nanny!

LandgraabW01 097

Heaven: Here you go, little one. You can splash around in the toilet water. It will be awesome!

Please don’t hire her…

LandgraabW01 098 LandgraabW01 099

LandgraabW01 102

Vivian begins the interviews with newsie Frankie Cloak.

Vivian: What would you do if one child tried to take a bottle away from another child?

LandgraabW01 106

Frankie: I would put them in jail for stealing. That’s the right answer, isn’t it?


LandgraabW01 113

Moving on… Viv turns her attention to business reviewer Beckett Graham.

Vivian: What kind of relationship do you think should occur between caregivers and the children they watch?

LandgraabW01 114

Beckett: I think a caregiver should be friends with the children they watch but still find a way to discipline them when the time comes.

Wait, that… sounded like… an intelligent answer!

LandgraabW01 118 LandgraabW01 120

I guess the hot tub wasn’t hot enough!

LandgraabW01 128

Vivian corners Heaven at the bar — shocking — and has a decent conversation with her. Heaven stresses educational play as a great way for children to learn which impresses Vivian… and Lars.

LandgraabW01 132

Frankie: W-why is the scary blue lady staring at me?

LandgraabW01 135

Vivian begins to interview Rowena when she’s interrupted.

Rowena: Dahrling, children are boring. They just lay there and cry. Someone should just age them up to adults. It’s ridiculous, dahrling, ridiculous.

LandgraabW01 137

While Viv interviews all of the NPCs Malcolm has been practicing his inaugural address in the kitchen mirror.

LandgraabW01 140

Vivian and Tiara get along great but Tiara makes it known that she’s happy working at the Crimson Crab.

LandgraabW01 145

Next up is Edwina.

Vivian: I just found out that I’m having another baby. Would you be able to take care of four children at one time.

LandgraabW01 147

Edwina: *thinks* Why is she talking to me about babies? I only came here to woohoo with Lars in the hot tub.

LandgraabW01 149

With his new promotion Malcolm changes his attire. Gone are the jeans and the blazer that no longer fits his current robust shape. A button sleeve shirt and plain trousers make him look like “a man of the people.”

LandgraabW01 156

LandgraabW01 157

LandgraabW01 161

Damn you Vivian! You had one job!

LandgraabW01 163

Beckett takes his stellar moves to the dance floor.

LandgraabW01 166 LandgraabW01 165

The crowd loves him.

LandgraabW01 169

Malcolm: Let’s get this party started!

*Starts banging out Twinkle Twinkle Little Star*

LandgraabW01 174

Both Beckett and Vivian giggle at Malcolm’s crude piano playing. Since when did Vivian start liking Beckett?

LandgraabW01 182

Kent Healey!! WTF did the Landgraabs ever do to you?

LandgraabW01 183

Kent: Anywhere the Garden Club Mafia goes I will be there bringing the pain!

Oh, OK *rolls eyes*

LandgraabW01 184

Vivian: Good job babe. Yeah! *gigglesnort*

LandgraabW01 186

Lars: When will it end!!

LandgraabW01 187

Rowena: Hisssssss!

LandgraabW01 189

LandgraabW01 191

Heaven: I’m leaving just in the nick of time!

LandgraabW01 193

LandgraabW01 196

As she cleans up Vivian goes over the many interviews she had with the NPCs. After much deliberation only one candidate seems to be the man for the job…

LandgraabW01 198

LandgraabW01 203

Heaven Gallo! This blonde haired, green eyed beauty is a Family/Pleasure 4-4-4-7-6 Aquarius. Super interested in Politics and the Paranormal, she also enjoys spending time outside observing nature. Her dream man is a bad cook that walks around only wearing a hat and chonies. And she hopes when she grows old she will have at least six little grand kids tugging at her coattails. Heaven is an unstable, conservative, nurturing, childish, kleptomaniac. The perfect choice don’t you think?

LandgraabW01 210

Heaven excitedly blends her stuff with Vivian’s existing furniture in the attic bedroom.

LandgraabW01 211

She finally has a place to display her Snowflake Day memorabilia!

LandgraabW01 212 LandgraabW01 213

Of course Viv still needs a place to workout so Heaven’s new room is not all that private, but it’s better than living in the NPC cave!

LandgraabW01 214

LandgraabW01 208

She even brought a friend — Hey! Isn’t that Corleone II??

LandgraabW01 209

Heaven: Her name is Snowflake now.

Rocky is going to kill you if he ever finds out you stole his bird!

LandgraabW01 217

LandgraabW01 216

The NPCs might not approve of Malcolm’s piano skills but he at least has one fan 🙂

LandgraabW01 219

With Heaven here, thought Vivian, she could finally relax and take care of herself. Everything was coming together.

LandgraabW01 222

Heaven: UGH! THIS IS SO GROSS! Can’t we train them on the toilet like the cats?

No, it doesn’t work like that in this game.

LandgraabW01 223

Malcolm gains another fan!

LandgraabW01 224

She’s always watching…

LandgraabW01 226

To no one’s surprise, Cindy Lou Killeen barges in and uses the Landgraab’s stuff.

LandgraabW01 227

With the children in the care of the new Nanny, Vivian turns in for the night.

LandgraabW01 229

LandgraabW01 232

Heaven eats…

LandgraabW01 233


LandgraabW01 239


LandgraabW01 244

and takes care of the munchkins. Maybe I was wrong about her…

LandgraabW01 248

Heaven: That’s right kid, push it out. Really push this time!

Oh dear.

LandgraabW01 253

Heaven: Way to go Kiddlet! Wooooooo!!!!

LandgraabW01 255

She’s definitely wacky, but at least she cares.

Wednesday, Day 17
“The Lady of Leisure”

LandgraabW01 004


LandgraabW01 010

As Lord and Lady Landgraab sleep tight…

LandgraabW01 011

Heaven is working hard.

LandgraabW01 013

LandgraabW01 014


LandgraabW01 015

*Pop #1*

LandgraabW01 016

Although she didn’t want to have another child, Vivian seems quite happy to be pregnant again.

Vivian: I wonder what my push present is going to be! I could really use more diamonds!

LandgraabW01 017

LandgraabW01 021

Heaven takes a shower in her swanky new bathroom. Boy will Tiara and Marilla be jealous when they see her new digs!

LandgraabW01 026

LandgraabW01 022

Viv tidies up the dining room…

LandgraabW01 023

LandgraabW01 028

then heads outside to battle the roaches. Should you be spraying that stuff in your condition, Missy?

LandgraabW01 032

LandgraabW01 036

Vivian is the second sim to catch the dreaded Roach Flu!

LandgraabW01 039

LandgraabW01 040

LandgraabW01 042 LandgraabW01 043 LandgraabW01 044

Feeling lousy Vivian heads straight to bed to rest.

LandgraabW01 050

 Heaven rises early.

Heaven: I’m ready to sculpt some minds!

LandgraabW01 052

LandgraabW01 054

I know, darling. It’s a thankless job.

LandgraabW01 056

After listening to Vivian hack up a lung this whole morning, Heaven makes her version of comfort soup.

Heaven: *whispers* The secret ingredient is nectar.

That ALWAYS seems to be the secret ingredient!

LandgraabW01 059

Malcolm resumes his piano practice… in his chonies. Malcolm, there’s another person living in your house now. You can’t walk around half naked anymore!

LandgraabW01 060

LandgraabW01 062 LandgraabW01 063 LandgraabW01 064

Good job, Gwynie!

LandgraabW01 065 LandgraabW01 066

The Landgraabs are skillin’ up this mug.

LandgraabW01 061

LandgraabW01 068

Malcolm has been so busy working on his speeches and learning the piano that he forgot his most important rule: greet all passersby. The only way to get voters is to show them what kind of sim you are.

LandgraabW01 075

Then Malcolm’s other best buddy, Kendrick Troubadour, walks by and is greeted with a joke about all of the sims turning blue from the cold weather.

LandgraabW01 077

More potty training for Little Tabitha…

LandgraabW01 081

then a nice, healthy lunch with for Vivian.

LandgraabW01 090

LandgraabW01 094

Viv is starting to feel better thanks to Heaven’s comfort soup.

LandgraabW01 095

Heaven, however, is starting to feel a bit stressed out. She’s never had to look after so many sims before. Maybe being a Nanny wasn’t as fun as she thought it would be.

LandgraabW01 096 LandgraabW01 099

Heaven does yoga hoping to clear her mind and focus.

LandgraabW01 102

Bitsy joins Kendrick on the dance floor! Too cute!

LandgraabW01 103

Achilles has an ulterior motive for stopping by the politician’s home. He hopes to convince Malcolm to explore the nearby islands. Achilles believes there are ancient civilizations there that they can trade with. It would be very beneficial for Achilles’ science lab and for Oceanside in general. Malcolm will take it under advisement.

LandgraabW01 106

Vivian continues resting to make sure the Roach Flu is completely out of her system.

LandgraabW01 113

Achilles takes it upon himself to kill the roaches for good. It’s a good thing he happens to carry extra-strength roach killer around all of the time.

LandgraabW01 119

LandgraabW01 120 LandgraabW01 121

Way to go Mini Malcolm!!!

LandgraabW01 122 LandgraabW01 124

Malcolm returns to his chess board, plotting the future of Oceanside. Should he find an Adventurer to explore these islands that Achilles spoke of?

LandgraabW01 125 LandgraabW01 126 LandgraabW01 127

See Viv, you could do this job in your sleep!

LandgraabW01 129

Excited to have fully potty trained one young’un, Heaven brings Tabitha to the potty hoping to score again.

LandgraabW01 134


All three Landgraab kids are potty trained!

LandgraabW01 135

LandgraabW01 137

LandgraabW01 140

LandgraabW01 142

A super tired Nanny gives Malcolm his bath…

LandgraabW01 143

Then calls it a night.

LandgraabW01 144 LandgraabW01 145

I’m not sure Malcolm is a match for Achilles’ superior intellect.

LandgraabW01 147 LandgraabW01 149

Vivian has another bowl of delicious comfort soup.

Vivian: *thinks* Heaven should really sell this. It hits the spot!

LandgraabW01 151

LandgraabW01 154

LandgraabW01 158

LandgraabW01 164

Malcolm: Thanks for the game, Achilles. Oh, one other thing… *FARTS*

LandgraabW01 163

Kendrick: *Dies laughing*

Me: *Groans*

My game consists of woohoo, farts, and poop. Yep.

LandgraabW01 167

Malcolm sends the boys home…

LandgraabW01 170

and snuggles with wifey.

LandgraabW01 171

Notes: Sorry for the looong wait between updates. Just been busy. 🙂

I really hoped that Tiara would end up being the Nanny but since Heaven walked right in, grabbed a child, and started taking care of her I figured she really wanted the job! Beckett and Bruce were out of the running because Vivian kept heart-farting over them (who knew?).

Heaven of course quit her job at the Country Club in order to be the Nanny.

Thanks for reading!!! ^.^


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