Founders Field

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“Founders Field Forever”

Built on the very spot where the Oceanside 14 first emerged from their spaceship after fleeing the Supernatural Wars, Founders Field Commemorative Park is the ideal place for holidays and meet and greets.

Two palm trees and festive banners set an inviting entrance to the park.

Founders Field is located on a street bearing its name. The Lambswool’s Nectary is in front of it; to the right is the Oceanside Police Station and Primp Salon; behind it is The Wayward Home orphanage and to the left is the new residence of Yasmin Onnen and Noelee Andrews.

Each Founder added their own items to make Founders Field. Sadie Biltmore, who at the time the park was built was the lone fire fighter, provided the fireworks and bonfire materials.

Seamstress Dawn Lambswool sewed a fine tent for the more outdoorsy sims who want to spend the night in the wild.

Here, a lovely plaque commissioned by Politician Malcolm Landgraab X graces the footpath letting sims know the significance of the park.

The bandstand is available for music festivals or can be cleared out and set up for weddings or other special occasions. Farmer Becca Goodacre created the lighting around the bandstand with left-over canning jars. Architect Fitz Biltmore designed and built the bandstand.

The park is enjoyable by children of all ages thanks to the toys provided by Educator Selena Firestone. Hubby Connor Firestone the Mechanic, supplied the tire for the swing.

Hoping to instill her love of art on the other residents, Artist Matisse Troubadour set up an easel and paint supplies.

Doctor Minka Yomoshoto turned a tree stump into a chess table. The Lambswool’s nectary supplied the barrel chairs.

Farmer Owen Goodacre planted lemon trees around the pond ready to be picked for fresh lemonade.

The pond is a great spot for fishing or feeding the ducks.

It wouldn’t be a bandstand without instruments for a band! Musician Kendrick Troubadour supplied the drum, guitar, violin, and microphone. Perfect for a quartet. Dancer Diego Bossanova laid down the “dance floor.”

The picnic area complete with grills was provided by Chef George Lambswool. He even included a table ready to showcase his mouth-watering pies (take that Paragon Barrett!)

Another little campfire for roasting marshmallows is close by.

This tree stump commemorates the first tree cut down which was used to make the Founders’ Condos. Banker Vivian Landgraab paid for the important monument.

Top Down View


  • OK, so I didn’t actually build the park in the same location as the first Meet & Greet. That plot of land is now Goodacre’s Grocery Store — but it sounded good, OK!
  • I became a little obsessed with Stardew Valley for a bit, and I really liked the “every season has a festival/holiday/whatever” thing, so I have added that to my hood. Spring will have Founders Day; Summer will have Heart-Fart Day (which I’m thinking of turning into a singles get-together); Fall will have Spooky Day (now that there’s Child-age kids they can dress up in costumes and stuff); and Winter will have Snowflake Day (which I’m not too sure what will happen there ’cause I don’t think Santa can come to community lots…). Instead of trying to have holidays during the whole season for every household I thought everything will be done at the park and I’ll decorate it accordingly. Holiday posts will come before each rotation starts.


Thanks for reading!!! ^.^



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