Landgraab — Spring 02

- Oceanside Sims, Update

“A Sim of The People”

Warnings: naked pixels, death, excessive cleaning, accidental platinum status, drugs, drinking, new villains, fart jokes, and a spoiled brat.

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Thursday, Day 18

“The Tax-Lady Cometh”

Before we begin, let’s have a moment of silence for beloved pet Corleone II aka Snowflake

(I will remember you…)

Heaven: Snowflake, why did you have to go!


Weep not for the memories… *Tear*

Fuck this. No more birds!

In other parts of the Landgraab Mansion…

Mayoral hopeful Malcolm Landgraab X and his very pregnant wife, Treasurer Vivian Landgraab, get busy on the sunroom couch…

in front of their first-born!

Gwyneth Landgraab: *shakes* Cannot unsee!

Gwyneth’s little brother, Malcolm Moneywell Landgraab, rocks out to the stereo…

and Mini Malcolm’s twin, a potty-trained Tabitha Landgraab, sits upon her throne of plastic.

After cleaning up our dearly departed Snowflake…

the Landgraab’s nanny, Heaven Gallo, begins her busy day with a hearty mac and cheese breakfast.

After all of this time Viv and Malcolm are still going strong. For these two it was love at first sight and over the past year they have grown their beautiful family from two to five with another one on the way. Malcolm’s success in the political arena and Viv’s success in finance have paved the way to the Landgraabs becoming the wealthiest and most respected sims in Oceanside. An honor Vivian does not take lightly.

Vivian: Oh good, she slept through the whole thing!

Uh, nope. No she did not…

Heaven loves living at the Landgraabs. She has her own “apartment” on the top floor with more than enough room to house her Snowflake Day memorabilia, Vivian and Malcolm are super sweet to her, and the kids are a riot.

It makes the fact that she has to spy on them even harder for her. Her abrupt exit from the Garden Club Mafia left her boss, Rocky Kotsomiti, seeing red. The only way she could stay alive was to agree to spy on the Landgraabs and feed Rocky info that he could possibly use against them in the future. She hated it but she had no other choice.

Vivian begins a marathon cleaning session while Malcolm sleeps. Vivian likes exactly two things: making money and cleaning her mansion. She excels at both.

Vivian disposes of those nasty roaches that have been troubling her. Thank goodness for scientist Achilles Brook and his can of super-duper death spray. They really need to hire an exterminator on the island, pronto.

Vivian: Yes! More dirty things to clean!

Vivian: *sings* clean, clean, cleaning the toilet, yeah!


Heaven isn’t as obsessive to clean as Vivian but she likes to help out — even though it is NOT in her job description. She’ll do anything to keep the Boss Lady happy!

Vivian sprints through the house going from one dirty room to the next.

Heaven: OhmyWatcher is she RUNNING through the house? Is it that serious?

Not sure how safe it is to be running around during your third trimester!

Heaven can barely keep up with Super Vivian! Maybe I should stick with taking care of the kidlets and leave the cleaning to the master, thinks Heaven.

Dawn brings a shooting star? Meteor? Spaceship?

Viv whips up her go-to breakfast meal fruit parfait. Even though Malcolm has gained a few extra pounds Viv doesn’t mind. She does however want to make sure he’s eating healthy foods and not a lot of junk.

Gwyneth: Dada, wake uuuuup!

Malcolm: *SNORES*

Heaven finally cleans up that leaf pile that’s been bugging the crap out of me since Fall!

Newsie Frankie Cloak stops by to deliver the paper…

and is taunted by Heaven through the window.

Heaven: Hi Loser! Look who’s living in the mansion now! You’re totes jelly! What’s that jelly taste like?!


Malcolm makes it downstairs with barely enough time to eat before work. Scarfing down his breakfast…

Malcolm changes at the table and heads out the door.

Big-bellied Vivian retires to her room for a much needed nap. She’ll be so glad when she pushes this baby through. Having four babies is way too many in her opinion, but it got her the nanny she so desperately wanted so she’s not complaining. After this, no more kids, Vivian firmly tells herself. No matter what Malcolm wants!

Heaven resumes tidying up. No need to bug the kidlets right now while they’re occupied with their own activities.

As she heads out to recycle the newspaper…

Heaven notices a handsome, blonde, mustached man walking by.

Heaven ditches the trash and runs over to meet the new postal carrier, Bailey Hower.

Gwyneth continues her quest for perfection.

Bailey’s first day of work is going great. He never knew there was a lady as pretty as Heaven Gallo on his route!

Bailey: This is the Mayor’s house, right? Are you his wife?

Heaven: *laughs* NO! Are you kidding me? Nah, I just take care of EVERYTHING ELSE in this house. They would be lost without me. I’m clearly an asset.

Uh huh…

To no one’s surprise but her own, Cindy Lou Killeen woke up in front of the Landgraab’s dryer not knowing how she even got into the house.

Cindy Lou: Oh no, it’s still happening! While I’m here I might as well do my laundry…

Even though Heaven would like to spend all day looking into Bailey’s dreamy gray eyes she knows he has work to do.

Heaven: It was really nice meeting you, Bailey. See ya tomorrow!

Bailey: She’s so cute! 😊

Heaven: He’s so cute! 😊

As Bailey finally delivers the mail…

Heaven turns in for some shut-eye…

leaving the babies to fend for themselves.

Vivian wakes up from her nap and prepares to head down to the bank. Today is Oceanside’s first Tax Day! Viv’s job today isΒ  to collect taxes, pay out refunds, and give loans to any sims that need it.

First she cashes the remainder of the Monday tax payments…

then heads downstairs for second breakfast.

Since Malcolm has learned a bunch of new moves from his lessons at Diego’s Dance Academy he decides to join in on the impromptu dance party!

And a new Music & Dance hobbyist is created!

Just thinking of all of the money coming her way has Vivian excited. Soon Port Oceanside, the new Business District architect Fitz Biltmore is working on, will be ready and she’ll have even more simoleons pouring in!

Seamstress Dawn Lambswool drops by to peruse the Landgraab’s paper.

Dawn: Who is Beckett Graham spilling the tea on today?

With the start of the new year, Vivian decides it’s time to give up her beloved Country Club. It’s been painful to watch her friends carry on with their social clubs and bachelorette parties without her. And now with Malcolm and his ridiculous not-so-secret society planning on having their meetings there, Viv would rather stay as far away from the place as possible. Vivian sells it back to the community.

Wait, what?!

*Accidentally fulfills Vivian’s LTW of earning Β§100,00*

*Viv’s new LTW is to Own 5 Top Level Businesses BTW*

With that, Vivian heads down to the Oceanside Bank & Loan.

Vivian opens for the day…

and the customers start pouring in…

as well as the bank’s teller Amaryllis Robbins. Vivian wants to make sure Amaryllis is ready for the flood of customers they are about to have.

Vivian: This is our busiest day of the year!

Vivian chats with her first customer of the day, fellow Garden Club member Tiara Hough. Tiara, a new resident, wants financial advice on how she can buy out her condo from her landlord so she doesn’t have to pay rent.

Vivian: I have just the thing for you!

Vivian: A piggy bank! Keep your savings in it until you’re ready to buy your condo!

Tiara: That’s not exactly what I had in mind…

With all of her customers seemingly doing just fine…

Amaryllis: I hate this job… *fake smile*

Vivian runs upstairs and painfully writes tax refund checks for the families that earned them.

Vivian: *gulp* I hate giving away my money.

*I messed up and gave Matisse Minka’s refund amount so I had to give her another check to make-up the difference.*

She then returns to conning sims out of their simoleons I mean helping them to invest their earnings.

Tiara: *in a tense tone* Kent…

Kent: *in an even more tense tone* Tiara…

Amaryllis is glad to see a friendly face at the bank. Working here sucks — there’s no excitement! — but Rocky likes the idea of her being there, especially around so many simoleons. She just hopes he doesn’t ask her to rob the bank! Well, at least that would be exciting…

Tiara on the other hand would just like to be rung up as quickly as possible.

Vivian’s next victim is her BFF’s honey, pottery shop owner Kent Healey.

Vivian: Kent, you should really start putting away money for your kids’ future. Buying Oceanside bonds now will guarantee your babies won’t end up in that damp cave on the other side of the island when they’re older.

Kent is a little skeptical but he likes getting advice from Oceanside’s financial guru. Maybe he and Matisse should start saving up for their children. One day there might be a university for them to attend.

Amaryllis finally finishes the transaction.

Vivian loves being at the bank but the weight of her pregnancy is seriously draining her. Luckily she has a coffee bush outside that she can nibble on throughout the day.

Even with that little boost of energy Vivian is still beat. Time to close up and head home.


Back home…

Cindy Lou shyly dances in the laundry room while she waits for her delicates to dry.

A familiar face lurks on the front lawn…

Calista: *sniffs the air* Ah, the cursed first born will soon transition… then the prophecy will come to fruition. *Cackles*

Suddenly a chill runs down Cindy Lou’s spine. She feels a cold presence coming from somewhere. She knows it’s her psychic ability trying to tell her something. If only she could control this! Cindy Lou grabs a cocktail hoping to stifle this feeling of overwhelming dread.

Cindy Lou heads upstairs and is instinctively drawn to Gwyneth.

Gwyneth is a very bright girl but her behavior at the day care towards some of the students is troubling. CL hoped to speak to the Landgraabs about it so something could be done before she ages up.

Nanny Heaven finally awakens from her beauty sleep and heads to the shower.

After all of that hard campaigning Malcolm is elected to the City Council! Now he just has to figure out which sims he should appoint to it.

Malcolm: Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Maybe now you can ditch that dorky suit.

Cindy Lou stops by Heaven’s apartment and gives Gwyneth a bottle.

Malcolm: Honey? I’m here for my promotion woohoo!

Oh Malcolm…

Heaven and Cindy Lou meet for the first time. Cindy Lou tells her about the book she is writing and Heaven is jazzed. Heaven loves anything centered around wizards. Heaven even gives her some plot ideas.

Malcolm takes a cold shower since Vivian is nowhere to be found.

After his shower Malcolm rehearses his speech for the City Council. He’s already figured out he will appoint his running mate Angie Killeen as well as his wife to be on it. But who else?

Tabitha and Gwyneth bond over art.

Playtime is cut short when Heaven scoops up Tabitha for her bath.

Heaven gives Tabitha a bath in the master bathroom so she can eavesdrop on Malcolm’s speech. She’s got to have some dirt to give to Rocky!

Malcolm: *reciting speech*…and I’m not too sure we should focus our efforts on a recycling plant. Dumping our trash into the ocean has been working just fine for us. Why change now? *mumbles* No, I shouldn’t say “Why change now.” That sounds dumb.

Oh, that’s the part that sounds dumb… πŸ™„

Vivian waddles her way home.

Vivian: *thinks* These tummy tightners that Dawn Lambswool made for me work so well. I don’t look like I’m pregnant at all!

*And that’s how I’m explaining the no pregnant morph on her outfit. Genius, I know*

Gwyneth: Wait til Mommy sees my perfect llama drawing! πŸ˜„

Not learning anything new except how asinine Malcolm’s politics are, Heaven finishes Tabitha’s bath…

and lays her down for the night.

Vivian grabs dinner…

and Heaven grabs her next stinky victim.

Malcolm: *debating* …why no, the city’s funds were not used in building my mansion. How dare you sir!

Heaven: *ears perk up*

Viv cuts Heaven’s eavesdropping short when she shoos her away in order to use the loo.

Heaven: Ugh, just when he was getting to the good stuff!

Heaven: Night, night little monster…

While Malcolm finishes his speech…

Vivian heads to bed.

Heaven has one more stinky kid to deal with.

This time she bathes Little Malcolm in his own bathroom.

It’s getting late, so Malcolm kicks out Cindy Lou…

and heads down to his chess table. Malcolm has found that chess helps him clear his head and focus. Surprisingly there is a lot going on in that melon of his.

Friday, Day 19

“The Throwaway Children”

Unable to get to sleep, Heaven makes a single serving of shrimp gumbo. Heaven knows Vivian’s baby is due really soon and she’s scared shitless. Is she supposed to aid in the delivery? Should she be boiling water and grabbing towels or something?

She eventually decides it would be best to hide out in her apartment and watch TV.

Malcolm: I can’t believe I’m losing!

Me neither since you’re playing yourself. πŸ™„

After earning a membership into the Science Club…

Malcolm joins his lovely wife.

Still feeling restless, Heaven takes out the present Vivian and Malcolm gave her when she moved in. Malcolm thought it would be hilarious for the chick that dresses up as Mrs. Claus to make toys in her spare time. Heaven’s not too sure how she will ever be able to make something out of a block of cement, but she’ll give it a try!

Heaven decides a royal family of brick dolls is more then fitting for this lot.

Heaven: I think I nailed the look of superiority!

Sure thing, baby…

Meanwhile, one floor below…

Vivian: Sul-sul!

It’s birthin’ time!

Vivian *WAILS*

Malcolm: Great Plumbob, Woman! I’m trying to sleep!

Here comes the first one…


Outside Gwyneth begins to worry that Bitsy’s llama drawing is better than hers. That. Cannot. Happen.

Malcolm: Don’t worry son. I’ll save you from the sounds of the wailing woman.


Per usual Malcolm does nothing to help Vivian during childbirth.

*male chauvinistic besties*

Heaven completes “the Queen” just in time to assist with delivery #2.

Heaven has no idea what she is supposed to do so she silently holds Twin #1 hoping the mangled cries of pain end soon.

Bitsy’s little achievement is quickly outshined by…

Twin #2 entering the world safe and sound.

Vivian: Woot! I’m glad that’s over! Take good care of them, Heaven!

Heaven: *in a small voice* Is.. she.. really going to just leave them…

Yep, Viv gives no fucks about those babies.

All of the screaming and pain didn’t deter Heaven. Seeing how strong Vivian was plopping out two kids makes her want to be a mom someday too.

After a quick change into Vivian-approved attire, let’s meet the twins!

The second born twin is a boy named Declan Landgraab. Declan is all daddy — with his brown hair, tan skin, and dark blue eyes.

Heaven brings Declan to his new domain, the room he now shares with his brother.

And the first-born twin is a girl named Veronica Landgraab. Veronica has her father’s tan skin and dark blue eyes, but shares her mother’s raven locks.

Veronica is placed in Gwyneth’s old crib. Soon Gwyn will transition to a child and will receive her own room away from her sisters. For now she will continue to sleep on the floor.

At dawn, Heaven slinks into bed. What an exhausting night!

For once all is quiet in the Landgraab household.

Vivian washes away all of that pregnancy stank. Finally she can concentrate on her career and her social standing. Every day she thanks the Watcher for Heaven. How would she ever be able to care for five kids without her?

After her shower Viv resumes her clean-a-thon.

While recycling the paper Vivian notices that the weeds have gotten out of hand.

Vivian: *thinks* I better call the gardener to take care of this.

Better hurry, Malcolm can barely make it to his car!

Vivian promptly rings Rocky…

who doesn’t answer the phone.

Luckily Rocky Kotsomiti, Landscape Architect (he hates to be called a gardener) and Garden Club founder, happens to walk by. πŸ˜™

Vivian: Hey Rocky, how much would you charge to do the landscaping? The weeds are taking over!

Rocky: Why for you Vivian, it would only be Β§10 per hour!

Vivian: *gasp* Really?!


Little Malcolm’s favorite thing to do is to chew on the feet his sisters’ dolls. Pretty soon they won’t have any left!

Gossiping with Rocky, Vivian explains that she just gave birth to twins this morning and that this was indeed the last pregnancy for her.

Vivian: It’s strictly soda in the woohoo for me for now on! If only it worked all of the time…

Rocky: You know, I have a soda woohoo formula that has a no pregnancy guarantee when used correctly. I call it BubCon — bubble contraceptive. Let me get you a sample…

Vivian: Ooooh!

Ho don’t do it.

After giving Vivian a sample of his narcotic contraceptive, Rocky begins tidying up the yard.

Inside, Heaven is awake and serving shrimp gumbo for the family. Cooking is also not in her job description but Heaven figures the more she does for the Landgraabs the longer they’ll let her stay. Eventually they’ll notice that she spends zero time with the kidlets and she really doesn’t want to go back to the caves on the other side of the island.

Outside Heaven spots the dreamy Mr. Hower collecting the bills. She also sees that snake Rocky Kotsomiti trimming the hedges.

Heaven: *Sigh* I really want to go and chat up Bailey but I definitely don’t want to see Rocky…

Her heart overrules her mind. She bites the bullet and heads outside to greet Bailey… in her long johns.

Bailey doesn’t seem to mind. They show off her dangerous curves!

Bailey: Maybe one day you’ll show me what you got in that trunk!

Rocky: *scowls*

Heaven thinks Bailey is a riot. They get along so well! Maybe they could spend some more time together when he wasn’t on the clock.

Seeing as how the “local park” is brand new Malcolm sees this as beautifying Founders Field even more. He votes Yes!

These rich sims can’t stop making money, can they?

Heaven let’s Bailey get back to work and returns to her meal. She hopes the Boss Lady isn’t angry at her for leaving to flirt with the postman.

Instead of — oh, I don’t know — spending time with her new babies, Vivian busts out the RC dune buggy and gives it whirl.

Declan: M-Mommy? Is that you?

Heaven has been dreading this moment since she saw Rocky through the window. She knew he would be waiting around to have a “talk” with her. While the Boss Lady was occupied she bites the bullet and heads down to the beach to give him an update.

Heaven: Vivian seems to be afraid of Old Lady Calista. She totally believes that she put some kind of curse on the oldest kidlet. She also thinks she’s the reason there were so many fires at her house.

Rocky: Hmmm, you don’t say… I can work with that…

Heaven: And Malcolm is looking for somesim adventurous enough to go and explore the nearby islands. That Science Guy seems desperate for something over there. Malcolm thinks it must be worth a lot of simoleons if he wants it so bad.

Rocky: Very good Heaven, keep up the good work. I knew I was right placing you in the Landgraab estate.

Heaven: But… I came here on my own… I mean — you are so right! So SMART of you, Boss!

Pretty woman, walking down the street…

Vivian can’t ignore the stinky little bugger any longer.

Vivian: Hiya handsome! You look just like your Daddy, yes you do!

Speaking of Daddy…

Councilman Landgraab rushes to catch up with glamorous new resident Rowena De Hommel.

Malcolm is truly intrigued with the glowing golden goddess. From her shimmering hair right down to her glittery shoes, Malcolm thinks she looks like a real life bar of gold.

More importantly, Malcolm wonders what is her job? He gets that Beckett became the Business Reviewer, Brodie was the Postal Carrier, Rocky started the Garden Club, and the hobbyists do the hobbies, but what does Rowena do?

But then again, it doesn’t really matter, thinks Malcolm. None of them looks like Rowena De Hommel!

Heaven changes…

then feeds a hungry little Veronica. This isn’t so bad, thinks Heaven. I could totally do this!

In the laundry room Rocky mulls over the info from Heaven. He thinks he has a way to use it to his advantage…

A smug Rowena thinks, I already have Malcolm eating out of the palm of my hand. She could see it in his eyes — she’s found another mark.

Rowena: I got my mind on my money and my money on my mind.

Malcolm may have eyes for Rowena but she currently has all eyes on Rocky.

After confiding in Rocky how she plans on stealing simoleons from Malcolm, Rocky lets Rowena in on his plan to terrorize the Mrs.

Rocky: How well do you know the fortune teller…

Tonight’s the night! Malcolm calls his Secret Society bros — architect Fitz Biltmore, and farmer Owen Goodacre — and plans a trip for the trio to go out on the town. Tonight The Royal Knights of the Llama Brotherhood make their debut!

Calista: Have a good time! *cackles*

Malcolm: Thank you friendly, homeless lady!

The Oceanside Country Club is the temporary clubhouse for the Brotherhood until the business district opens. Fitz offered to build a clubhouse on the mainland but Malcolm thought it best to build it far away from the wives’ prying eyes.

The boys arrive in their Brotherhood finery. Instead of wonky blue hats like the ladies, Malcolm insisted on dapper suits with their llama coat of arms.

With the Country Club being a public place the Brotherhood can’t limit the sims that will stop by. However that’s OK. Malcolm wants all of the residents to see them in their finery and beg to be a part of the club — even the creepy blackmailers!

The boys head upstairs to the Polo Lounge…

and straight to the bar…

where they meet Oceanside’s new mixologist, Phillipe Pickwick.

Malcolm and Owen practice their “Hey Girl” and “How Ya Doin'” faces to the empty room.

Fitz makes his way to the bar to order a drink.

Fitz: Hello, can I have a sparkling apple cider, please?

Owen: *thinks* Why are we hanging out with this non-drinking dud!?

Owen: *whispers* Hey Buddy, slip a little alcohol in that when Red isn’t looking, yeah?

Phillipe: You got it Mr. Goodacre.

So wrong…

Owen: This is going to be fun-ny!

Restaurateur George Lambswool joins the party…

as Malcolm starts a poker game.

Fitz: This sparkling cider sure has a kick to it.

Owen: *whistles to himself*

Musician Kendrick Troubadour drops by and grabs a seat at the poker table. Malcolm really hopes Kendrick can join the Brotherhood. It’s always a good time when he’s around.

Fitz: My fwace fweels f-f-fwunny…

See, this is why Fitz doesn’t drink! 😠

Phillipe: Geez, I hope he doesn’t die. This is my first day!

Owen joins Malcolm and Kendrick.

Just as Fitz is about to sit down, doctor Minka Yomoshoto — ex-flame and current hater of Kendrick — bursts in full of anti-Kendrick rage and commandeers the last chair.

Kendrick: Ack! What is she doing here?

Minka and the boys put on their best poker faces…

while Fitz is left out in the cold from his own organization.

New Firefighter Daisy Dalpozzo seems to have her eye on Mr. Fitz.

Kendrick: You’re going down Yomoshoto.

Minka: Wanna bet?

At least they’re not tearing each other apart *bright side*.

*I would put a link but there are too many times when they’ve torn each other apart*

Kendrick and Minka actually look like they’re having a good time. Maybe all they needed was someplace else to direct their anger instead of each other.

Malcolm smiles to himself. He and Vivian have been discussing what they should do to curb all of the fighting that has been going on lately. Vivian wants to punish the fighters with jail time while Malcolm favors the idea of therapy for the troublemakers. But here are two of the main offenders bonding over a game of poker. He knew his way was the right way!

Mr. Fitz is looking damn fine to Daisy! She doesn’t know if it’s all of the fuzzy llamas she drank but she simply can’t control herself…

She runs up and plants a big wet one on him!

Fitz, in his drunken stupor, doesn’t know what to say or do.

Fitz: Th-thank you?

Daisy: Oh, yeah!

Owen has a newfound respect for Fitz Biltmore.

Owen: He just made out with a chick that wasn’t his wife! What a stud!

Fitz: *quietly* I’m a stud!

Don’t feel like you’re special, Fitz. Daisy seems to have a thing for Kendrick too.

Rocky slips in quietly to eavesdrop on the boys.

One sim takes note…

Kent joins the game.

Kendrick leaves and Fitz is finally able to play a hand. I guess he just had to cheat on his wife to earn his seat at the table.

Malcolm: *teases* You better start carrying around a can of soda in case she jumps your bones again!

Fitz: *in giddy voice* I don’t even know her! I just met her at Founders Day!

Rocky loves hearing all of the juicy gossip. He has a significant amount of blackmail material in just the short amount of time he’s been in the room.

Outside a sinister new character appears…

No sim knows what he wants or why he’s on the street corner, but it looks like he’s up to no good…

He’s the *sings theme song* Unsavory Charlatan!

Unsavory Charlatan: Well, well, well, what do we have here?

*Visitor Controller finally does it’s thing*

Unsavory Charlatan: Wait… I just got here… Curses! Foiled Again!!!

Back inside the game is still going strong.

Fitz had the best night of his life. Who knew having friends could be so rewarding!

Before he leaves Malcolm shows Fitz the new secret handshake Owen came up with.

That’s entirely too complicated…

*Secret Society Besties*


Back home…

Gwyneth is free-ranging…

Twins 2.0 are sleeping…

Heaven is chiseling…

Mini Malcolm is clashing with his rug…

Bitsy’s dancing…

Viv is snoring…

Cindy Lou is breaking into the house…

and Rocky and Rowena are getting busy.

Heaven: To commemorate Veronica’s and Declan’s birth!

You’re getting so good at these! *snickers*

Rowena knows she has a job to do — swindle as many simoleons from these suckers as she can — but she can’t stay away from Rocky. She knows she shouldn’t get too attached to any sim but it may be too late.


Heaven joins Cindy Lou for a game of pool. Heaven really likes CL. She doesn’t mind her hanging around all of the time one bit.

After woohoo Rocky struts into the house wearing only his skimpy swimsuit.

Heaven: *thinks* Eyes straight ahead, Gallo. Do not look at the hairy man. Repeat — do not look at the hairy man!

I don’t know if the world is ready for Child!Gwyneth…

Gwyneth: I HEARD THAT! 😑

As Rowena walks by…

Heaven: *lowers voice* I don’t know what Rowena sees in Rocky. She seems like a decent sim. Why would she want to get mixed up in his crap?

Cindy Lou: I know, right? He gives me the creeps. We tried to set him up with Minka and instead he kept watching Angie and me. Perv.

Heaven tries to have a woman to woman talk with her. Maybe she didn’t really know that Rocky Kotsomiti was the biggest bubble juice dealer on the island?

Heaven: Do you know the kind of sim you’re dating? Do you know what he really does around here?

Rowena: *innocently* Oh, of COURSE I do! He’s the premier landscape architect in Oceanside. He’s welcome to prune my hedges any time, darling, if you know what I mean!

Heaven: Ew!

Heaven has lost all faith in Rowena. She can have him.

Rowena: You wouldn’t happen to know, darling, where that lovely fortune teller is hiding out, hmmm?

Little does Heaven know that Rocky was listening in on her conversation with Rowena.

Rocky doesn’t like that Heaven was going to spill the beans to Rowena about him. Rowena already knows about his business, of course, but Heaven doesn’t know that. Who else is she running her mouth off to? Maybe he needs a spy for his spy…

Heaven knows it’s getting late, but she really hoped she could spend some time with Bailey today. Nervous, she calls to see if he’d like to come over and hang out for a while.

He accepts!

Before Bailey arrives Heaven says goodnight to all of the guests.

Rocky makes a mental note of the postman coming over for a “late delivery.”

Heaven rushes outside to greet the handsome Mr. Bailey. She hopes there aren’t other girls on his route that he flirts with as much as her.

A very inquisitive Bailey asks Heaven who the good-looking guy was that was leaving when he arrived.

Bailey: Is he your boyfriend?

Heaven: Ew! You think he’s attractive? Yuck!

Heaven: Let me tell you about Rocky Kotsomiti…

Heaven: He started a “business” with his best friend…

Heaven: Then threatened toΒ hurt his loved ones because he left “the business.” He’s a monster.

Bailey: Leaping Llamas!

Heaven invites Bailey inside and prepares a nice home-cooked meal for him. She remembers how bad it was living in the caves… Roasting roaches over an open fire… *shudders*

Bailey: *thinks* Wow, their TV actually works! This is the life!

The spaghetti and meatballs smell so good. Bailey can’t wait to dig in.

Bailey really likes Heaven. He hopes they can be even better friends…

and so does she.

As Bailey tries to sneak in a few loads of laundry…

Heaven steams up the hot tub… in her wetsuit.

Heaven: I can’t show him all of my lady-parts yet. Gotta keep ’em covered!

Heaven: *modesty is sexy*

You’re adorable.

Saturday, Day 20

“12 Angry Sims”

Malcolm makes it in well past midnight.

Malcolm: *stressfully plays with logic ball* I hope Viv won’t be too mad that I’m home so late…

With his clothes on the final rinse cycle, Bailey joins his lady love in the hot tub.

Malcolm sneaks in hoping not to wake Vivian…

not knowing she stayed up waiting for him…

Malcolm heads to Heaven’s apartment after hearing the twins shrieking from the stairs.

He wonders where everysim is?

He grabs Veronica to change and feed her…

and Vivian grabs Declan.

This is the first time Malcolm has had a chance to hold his new daughter. He loves babies. He wishes he could have more and more.

Malcolm: *thinks* Maybe we could try for one more? I’m sure I could convince her…

In another wing of the house there is a different conversation going on…

Vivian: *thinks* Where is that Nanny? Why am I changing the baby? Malcolm better not ask me for another child, I swear to the Watcher!!

Gee, thanks…

Even though Vivian doesn’t share Malcolm’s enthusiasm for a house full of babies, she understands what he sees in them. These tiny little beings are a part of both of them and that’s amazing.

Malcolm slinks into the bed and realizes that Vivian is up! She knew he was out late the whole time…

*Tony, I’m scared…*

Heaven and Bailey are getting along swimmingly.

*See what I did there. No? OK*

After playing with Declan for a while Viv is not as angry as she was before. She really can’t be mad that Malcolm stayed out late with his friends. It just goes to show that she needs to start her own group that she can go out and do things with. Then she can snub Minka by not inviting her to be in it!

It’s way past Heaven’s bedtime…

so she gives Bailey a friendly goodnight hug and heads to bed.

Vivian: Heaven won’t mind if I tidy up her kitchen will she?…

You do you Vivian.

The house is never clean enough for Vivian.

Vivian: Yes! Dirty dishes!

Malcolm snores his way to more science enthusiasm.

Vivian takes a break from cleaning to make herself breakfast. She loves this time of morning. It’s so peaceful and calm.

To make up for his late night, Malcolm has a surprise for his wife.

Vivian is tired and achey from her non-stop cleaning. They desperately need a masseuse on this island, she thinks.

Malcolm sends a check to Rocky for his landscaping work…

then grabs Vivian to take her to her surprise! Vivian wonders how much this “surprise” is going to cost her.

Vivian: What in the world is this?

It’s the new Oceanside Town Hall! With Malcolm now a City Councilman he needed a place for the City Council to meet and where the residents could have town hall discussions. Vivian has wanted something like this for a long time and now it was finally here.

*Lot tour will be posted soon*

The newly appointed City Council members arrive in the Meeting Room for the first ever Town Hall Meeting.

Minka congratulates Day Care Provider Angie Killeen on her new post as Deputy Mayor-to-be. Angie is nervous that she won’t be able to handle all of the responsibility.

Rocky, who was asked to join the City Council because he is in charge of the Garden Club and therefore in charge of the Garden Club fine for untidy lawns, decides to skip the meeting altogether for a chess match.

Vivian takes a seat waiting for the meeting to start when the impossibly good-looking GC member Bruce Jelleff enters the room. Now that Bruce is a resident, Vivian hopes she can work more closely with him… Maybe he can help her out at the bank…

Calista Beeching, not a resident nor a City Council member, shows up to hear the Landgraabs’ plan for her island.

Malcolm excitedly tries to get the crowd’s attention and call the meeting to order.

Malcolm: Thank you all for coming out today. This won’t take very long…

Malcolm: We have raised a large amount of simoleons from collecting taxes. I plan to use those simoleons to fund an expedition to the nearby islands, where the natives used to live, in search of resources and artifacts.

Calista: *growls* YOU PLAN TO DO WHAT!

Everysim is surprised when Calista walks through the meeting door. Most of the City Council have never seen her before and wonder who she is. The ones who do know of Calista wonder what she’s up to.

Maybe the sim they should really be asking is Rocky Kotsomiti.

Rocky: Check.

Vivian is caught off guard when the homeless fortune teller walks into the building. She definitely thinks that Calista Beeching is the reason all of her daughters suffer from Killer Flies Syndrome and why her condo caught on fire numerous times. She’s not superstitious but she knows there is something not right about that woman.

Malcolm *continues*: The Oceanside Cat Burglar is still at large. However we plan on defeating the evil foe with the help of our competent law enforcement team.

Malcolm: …and in closing I would like to thank my wife in the pearl necklace whom, without her, none of this would be possible. Thank you.

After the speech, a proud Vivian starts to mingle with the crowd. First she tries to congratulate Angie on her position as Malcolm’s running mate.

Angie however isn’t a fan of Vivian Landgraab, especially since she’s been so mean to her BFF Minka.

As Malcolm fields questions from the floor…

Malcolm: Yes, the Primary school will have a music program…

Minka nervously looks to her former bestie in the hope of getting some kind of acknowledgement. Since losing her babies to Social Services some of Minka’s friends have begun to treat her poorly — including Vivian.

Vivian, in First Lady mode, doesn’t want to appear like she’s ungracious or mean in public. She congratulates Minka on her seat on the City Council and wishes her the best of luck.

Minka seems really moved by her words.

Vivian slowly makes her way through the crowd to Calista. Even though she would rather not speak to her, she has to keep up appearances.

Vivian: Well, hello. It’s so nice to see a non-resident interested in our little community’s inner workings.

Calista: Did you just call me a “non-resident?” I’ll have you know, dearie, that I have been on this island long before the likes of you came along. If anysim’s a “non-resident” it would be you!

Vivian: Please ma’am, I mean no disrespect. Have a nice day.

Vivian scuttles away from Calista as fast as possible.

Luckily Selena Firestone, asked to join the City Council because she’s the town educator, graciously takes Vivian’s praise.

Vivian’s torment, however, is not over.

Calista: Hey, Fancy Lady. Come here, I wanna tell you something… *FARTS*

Vivian: Great Plumbob, Woman! What is wrong with you?!

Calista: *Cackles maniacally*

Calista: Mr. Mayor, I think we have a gas leak over here!

Vivian: No, no! It wasn’t me!

Vivian is mortified.

Bruce can’t take the humiliation.

Vivian begins to violently poke Calista…

when she catches herself and instead tells her it would be best for her to leave.

Calista: I will see you around… Dearie…

Always looking for prospective parents for her wards, Social Worker Felicity Wayward introduces herself to Bruce…

and Kent.

Which of whom she tries the same fart joke on.

Easy-going Kent thinks it’s hilarious.

Some of the animals start to get restless and grab snacks at the vending machines.

Vivian doesn’t understand what is wrong with these sims. This was supposed to be Malcolm’s shining moment of triumph and here they are not listening, leaving the room, and making fart jokes. It’s like she’s dealing with toddlers!

With that, Malcolm concludes the Town Hall Meeting.

*Felicity and Angie tickle each other and giggle*

Malcolm: That concludes the… *looks over at Felicity and Angie* meeting…

Malcolm: What in the hell…

Frustrated, Vivian joins in on the munching of fatty fillers.

Malcolm introduces himself to the new driver, Eric Dean. It’s always nice to see what the non-residents think of his new policies.

Eric, however, isn’t too interest in politics.

Fitz and his wife, officer Sadie Biltmore, snuggle in the back of the room.

Malcolm then turns his attention on Felicity to her utter delight. He hopes the meeting was a success and wants her opinion.

Sadie and Kent say hello. She still believes he is in some way involved in the bubble juice trade in Oceanside, so she keeps a watchful eye on him.

The newly married Minka and her baby daddy stare at each other silently. Fitz can’t help but think that things might have turned out so differently for them both…

Eric makes his way upstairs to the real reason why he came to the Town Hall… to meet his new boss. Not only is Eric a driver for the community, he also works transportation for the GCM.

Rocky: I have a job for you…

Minka corners Vivian in the hallway and expresses how she admired the way she handled the rude homeless lady.

Vivian wasn’t going to invite Minka to Gwyn’s birthday party but after speaking with Malcolm — who told Viv how Minka and Kendrick didn’t fight at the Country Club — and seeing her now, she changes her mind.

Minka happily agrees to come. I’m finally getting my friend back, she thinks.

With that, Vivian closes the Town Hall.

Rocky gives Eric his job, but Eric doesn’t like what he has to do.

However, no sim says no to Rocky Kotsomiti…

Thankful to be free of the bureaucratic nonsense, Selena kisses the ground as makes her escape!


Back at the house…

It’s nap time.

After a quick nap Heaven is raring to go.

After a quick change, Declan is fed…

and placed in the bouncer.

Then it’s Veronica’s turn.

After taking care of the kidlets all day Heaven needs a break. The little ones are a breeze to watch but it reminds her that her own love life is non-existent. She would love to have a house full of kids of her own.

Edwina Goddard: Siri, is that rain?


Malcolm and Vivian arrive back at the house and head straight to the hot tub to celebrate the Town Hall’s opening…

while Heaven takes a minute to cry in the bath tub.

Vivian is so proud of Malcolm. He built the Town Hall and had his first City Council meeting. Even though it didn’t go as planned, it was still a big day.

Vivian: I believe I still owe you a promotion woohoo, Councilman Landgraab.

Armed with Rocky’s BubCon, Vivian gets to it.

*Phone rings*

Heaven: Ew, no.

Good girl!

After hanging up on Rowena, Heaven works up enough courage to call Bailey and ask him on a date.

He accepts!

Heaven takes her date to the ~swankiest~ restaurant in Oceanside, The Crimson Crab.

Heaven joins Bailey in the photo booth…

Not to do that, silly! They took actual photos! Heaven blushes at the one where Bailey tried to kiss her on the cheek.

Bruce: Reflection, reflection on this glass. Am I the one with the finest ass?

Bailey and Heaven: 😳

What the… HE KICKED OVER THE PIER! I didn’t know they could do that?

Back inside…

Bailey: Excuse me, Miss. My hot date and I would like to be seated!

Tiara laughingly congratulates Heaven on her “hot date.” Heaven and Tiara are still “friends” but Heaven isn’t too sure she can trust her since she’s still living the thug life.

Before sitting down Bailey has a quick conversation with Kendrick.

Bailey: So you’re saying to use soda in the woohoo every time you woohoo?

Kendrick: Yep, it works every time. Except for when it didn’t… Good luck!

Somesim is being a bit presumptuous…

Heaven is super nervous for her first date with Bailey. She wonders if he’s just as scared as she is.

Daisy stops by to take a solo photo in the booth. Kendrick creepily watches…

Bruce, Heaven’s old boss in the GCM, takes their order. She doesn’t like being around so many members of the mob at one time now that she’s out. Why did she pick this place? She felt so uncomfortable.

What is with these sims and their bad behaviors? I’ve never seen so much pranking in my life!

The date so far is pretty awkward. Bailey tries to make one of his off-color jokes that Heaven usually likes so much but it doesn’t go over very well. He wonders what he did wrong?

Heaven immediately stops talking when Bruce arrives with the food.

Bruce: Eat up, Love. This is made especially for you. *blows kiss*

Heaven stares straight ahead, not touching her food. What did Bruce mean by that? Did he put something in her comfort soup?

Bailey is very confused at Heaven’s change in attitude.

Not wanting to raise suspicion, Heaven tries to play it off.

Heaven: Your food looks yummy! Can I steal a bite?

Bailey: Sure!

It was nice to see her smile again, thinks Bailey.

Heaven musters up enough courage to tell Bailey her other deepest, darkest secret.

Heaven: *nervously* I like to dress up in Mrs. Claus cosplay in the Winter. I know some of the sims around here make fun of me, but I really enjoy it. I makes me happy…

Bailey: Well, maybe I could make a Santa Claus costume to compliment yours. We could hand out presents together to the kids on Snowflake Day!

Daisy takes another, very glamorous, photo in the booth.

Daisy: I’m giving this one to Mr. Fitz!

After dinner Heaven gossips with Bailey about her employer.

Heaven: Mr. Landgraab is great and all…

Heaven: but, ya know, he was fired on his first day! Who gets FIRED on their FIRST DAY?!


Heaven notices that Bailey is still carrying around a ton of mail in his messenger bag. Surely his back must be screaming! Gently she massages the kinks out.

Bailey is eternally grateful!

All too soon it’s time for Heaven to get going, but before she leaves she nervously tries to flirt with Bailey.

Bailey: Mercy, I do believe I’m getting the vapors!

Bailey and Heaven: *double crush*

Bailey heads back inside to take some ~sexy~ photos of his own…

before sharing a good night kiss with his lady love.

Heaven: Yes, taxi service? Can you come pick me up? I just had the best date EVER!

As she waits for her taxi Heaven stares at the stars. Could this night have been any better? Heaven was in, well, heaven.


Malcolm is always looking towards the future. Soon he would be a Judge, which means he needs to brush up on the law and how to resolve conflicts. Now was as good a time as any to start studying.

It’s difficult to study, however, when you have promotion woohoo on the brain.

Rocky pretends to read the paper while he scopes the house.

Bitsy finds one of Heaven’s “special” toys she made for the children…

Tabitha: It’s just a brick with a face painted on it… 😞

I know. Get used to adults disappointing you, kid.

Gwynie likes spending time with her Daddy while he’s working. One day she hopes to grow up and be as smart as him.

*Aim higher, Gwyn*

Vivian: *is woken up by screaming, stinky babies* WHERE IS THAT NANNY?!

Sunday, Day 21

“The Cursed Children”

Even with woohoo on the brain Malcolm scores a Couples Counseling skill.

With the Nanny nowhere in sight, Vivian alone has to care for her brood.

Malcolm scarfs down a pre-dawn snack of Heaven’s leftover spaghetti.

Vivian doesn’t mind that Heaven has a social life, but it would be nice to know when she wasn’t going to be around. What the heck was she doing out in the middle of the night? This was the time Vivian needed her the most — especially with two newborns!

I see who the overachiever is in the family.

When Heaven arrives home they will need to have a little discussion and set down some rules, thinks Vivian. They need to figure out when is Heaven’s “personal time” and when is she on the clock. Then Viv couldn’t be mad at her if she was gone during the appropriate time.

Nice try Malcolm, but you still do not have as many skills as Bitsy!

As Vivian mentally prepares for her lecture to Heaven…

Heaven arrives home still on cloud nine from her date with Bailey.

Now that she’s back Vivian is a little hesitant to confront her. Vivian likes being the boss and in control but being mean and angry probably won’t work in this situation. What if Heaven doesn’t like her rules and wants to leave? Heaven is desperately needed in the household and the children adore her. Viv doesn’t want to make a bad situation worse…

Viv decides to mull things over while she cleans before confronting Heaven.

Heaven returns and heads straight to the kidlets while singing a happy tune.

Bailey could be “the one,” thinks Heaven. He’s the funniest guy she’s ever met, he didn’t balk at her nerdiness, and he’s a cutie-patooty. What more could she ask for?

Vivian is impressed to see a Couples Counseling book left out on Malcolm’s desk. He’s really taking his job as Leader of the New World seriously!

With this new feeling of hope in her heart, Heaven is looking at her job as Nanny as more of a learning experience. All of this hard work will prepare her for when she has her own bundles of babies.

As Heaven patiently waits for Vivian to finish cleaning the tub, she chuckles to herself. Boy, does she like to clean!

Vivian is impressed that Heaven is taking care of the kids instead of going to sleep after such a long night out. Maybe I overreacted, thinks Vivian. Heaven clearly has a good work ethic.

Bailey strolls up with a present for his lady love.

*Two moons!*

Bailey leaves Heaven a token of his adoration, a single long-stem rose.

Toilets are fine but potty chairs are where you draw the line?!

Killer Flies attack another Landgraab child. News at 11.

Cleaning always clears away Vivian’s foul mood. She decides to let Heaven’s late night slip. But if it happens again there will definitely be a conversation to be had.

Vivian: Let’s get rid of those pesky flies, Rory*

*Vivian’s nickname for Veronica.

As Vivian changes and feeds Veronica, Heaven lays Tabitha down for a nap.

Heaven: Drink up, babykin!

Gwyneth enjoys her last morning sleeping in the room with her sisters. Today she becomes a Child.

With all of the kidlets down for the count, Heaven finally gets to rest.

Bailey’s rose has a place of honor on Heaven’s dining table. She loves it so much!

Vivian is starving again after cleaning and taking care of the children. Didn’t she just eat?

My goodness! Vivian needs to make a grocery store run before Gwyneth’s party.

Oh, Malcolm!

Vivian takes a walk to Goodacre’s Grocery Store.

Vivian: Hey Owen! *thinks* He better hurry his ass and ring me up. I’M STARVING!

Since Oceanside Today has become such a huge hit since Beckett took it over, there was a need for more reporters to cover more businesses. Meet Rowley Ontario, the paper’s new business reviewer.

After purchasing her groceries Vivian introduces herself to the new reporter.

Vivian: …and I want to put a huge announcement in the paper for the birth of the twins. It needs to be a full-page story!

Rowley: Anything for you Mrs. Landgraab!

She says her good-byes and heads home.


Back home, a screaming Bitsy wakes the house…

and it’s Daddy to the rescue.

Malcolm dresses Tabitha for the party.

Bitsy’s twin is up and ready to go as well.

However he doesn’t wait for Daddy. He’s a self-rescuing Prince.

Vivian returns home with party planning on her mind. She doesn’t care how much it costs just as long as her little princess is happy.

Malcolm dresses Mini Malcolm and gives him a big squeeze. They grow up so fast. Can’t they stay toddlers for a little longer, he muses.

Malcolm grabs his little Princess. Today Gwyneth Landgraab will be the first of the Oceanside-born offspring to enter Childhood. This is one of the proudest days of his life.

Malcolm: Sorry Amaryllis, but Vivian is busy. Hey, you were recommended to me by your fellow Garden Club Member, Owen Goodacre? Yes, he said you might be interested in a change of careers? I might have just the thing for you. Don’t tell my wife, of course…

Vivian and Malcolm get to have a quick, little breakfast together…

and then it’s party time!

All of the toddler friends arrive to see the Queen of Killeen Kinder Care age up.

Vivian sets up the buffet…

and the adult guests arrive.

There was no need to buy a cake from the bakery, Heaven had a couple of them stored away in her pocket! πŸ˜†

A still famished Vivian grabs a plate from the buffet. She can’t believe how much her appetite has increased. The only change in her routine is that she started using the BubCon that Rocky gave her. Is that why she’s so hungry all of the time…

The kidlets start pouring in to dance at the stereo. Poor Gavin Biltmore has merged with the coffee table.

It’s the pretty new adoptee Butterfly Killeen!

Vivian was kind enough to invite the postman to the party. She saw how Heaven was flirting with him the other day, hopefully this will put a smile on her face.

Malcolm grabs his wee one. It’s time for her walk to the cake.

Bianca Lambswool heads upstairs to play with the dollhouse with the twins.

Bailey sneaks past everysim to look for Heaven. He’s not much for kids birthday parties. Heaven is the only sim on his mind.

When he opens her bedroom door he finds Heaven wearing only a smile! Obviously, she thinks it’s time to move their relationship to the next level.

Bailey: Leaping llamas!

Elise Killeen is doing her special dance moves again. Cyan Troubadour-Bossanova seems really impressed!

It’s cake time! *squee*




I guess Bailey forgot the conversation he had with Kendrick about the SODA IN THE WOOHOO EVERY TIME YOU WOOHOO!!!!

Because of Heaven’s *surprise!* baby-making session, I missed Gwyneth blowing out the candles!

*growing up wiggle*


*fanfare* *throws confetti*

Oh, no!

Little Miss Perfect did NOT have a perfect transition. Somesim is going to hear about this…

Gwyneth: *evil death stare*

Everysim: What the hell is wrong with her?

Owen: Vivian, come get yer girl. She ain’t right…




Kent and his lady, artist Matisse Troubadour, are oblivious to the scene Princess Gwyneth is making.

With her aging up Gwyneth takes a new trait: Perfectionist.

Cyan and Elise have a successful huggle.

Cyan: That floaty thing you did was really cool.

Elise: Thanks!

Minka does not approve of hot tub woohoo at a child’s birthday party! Malcolm wonders when are they going to come up for air.

Sadie and Vivian start a game of pool. Sadie’s daughter Kenna Biltmore wants to join in on the fun.

Gwyneth: This party is so lame. I need some excitement!

Excitement like… this?

Minka tried her best not to fight with Kendrick but as soon as he poked her chest, her anger got the best of her.

Elise and her new best buddy Cyan are so upset to see the grown-ups fighting!

Heaven sneaks downstairs to join the party and grab a piece of cake.

Heaven: Wow, I am so hungry all of a sudden!


Mechanic Connor Firestone sits down with a glass of red nectar. It’s one of those days, eh?

Nico Firestone: Gwynie!

Gwyneth: Out of my way, losers. I’m a Child now!

Journalist Beckett Graham can’t wait to add this to his column.

Beckett: Headlines, “Violent Brawl At Landgraab Child Birthday Party!” This stuff just writes itself!

Malcolm can’t believe it. They were doing just fine a few days ago. Why would they do this here, at his daughter’s birthday party? Did neither one of them have any self-respect? Maybe Vivian was right, they should be locked away in jail!

Sadie: I have a nice, cold cell were they can fight to the death for all I care. Just say the word.

Thanks for your concern, Officer Biltmore.

Vivian can’t believe this is happening all over again. She’s pissed. But instead of taking out her anger on Minka and Kendrick, she takes it out on the bathroom floor — scrubbing it until it shines.

Gwyneth joins in on the spectating. You can see which side SHE’S on!

Gwyneth: You’re going down Uncle Kendrick!

A goofy Heaven dances along with the toddlers while Angie gives parental advice to George.

Heaven: *slips and almost falls*

Oh, Heaven.

Fitz and Sadie make out to the sounds of punches landing on flesh… sexy…

Gwyn is way too interested in this fight. Somesim needs to keep her away from the ruckus.

Elise and buddy Holly Goodacre keep each other safe from the badly behaving adults.

Bailey grabs a plate and marvels at Beckett Graham’s wondrous mustache.

As Vivian makes another plate for herself, she vows to never speak to Minka Yomoshoto again — unless absolutely necessary. She gave her another chance and this is what happens. Vivian is deeply disappointed.

As Matisse cringes and fears for her brother’s safety, Vivian tries to persuade Beckett to run a story other than the current brawl at her daughter’s party.

Vivian: I have a scoop for you. Malcolm and I had a rough first date…

Vivian: he burned the dinner he made for me! It was awful!

Beckett: *feigns shock*

*bad gossip besties*

Sorry Vivian, you threw Malcolm under the bus for nothing. Your story is not as juicy as Minka and Kendrick’s fight.

Butterfly and Aiden Biltmore huggle.

Heaven liberates Veronica of her dirty, fly-ridden diaper.

Sadie: Swish swish bish.

Another huggle! This time Kenna and Holly.Β πŸ˜„

Good lord, it does only seem like yesterday.

*Fist fights last for entirely too long. They can go on for hours (sim time). It’s ridiculous.*


As Minka is down on her bottom, ego and body bruised, she looks up to see Vivian scowling at her.

Vivian: *in a quiet but angry tone* Look at you. You should be ashamed of yourself. My daughter is crying in the corner! Get out. You are not welcomed here.

As Minka leaves, she passes Gwyneth using the outdoor shower. She wants to apologize but can’t find the words. Embarrassed, she silently leaves, feeling awful.

Malcolm is torn. He still believes that therapy is the best solution to the fist fight problem but something needs to be done sooner rather than later. He thought grown sims would be able to hammer out their problems but now he’s not too sure.

Vivian grabs Bitsy…

and puts her down for the night.

Vivian can’t believe it’s come to this — banishing her own friend from her home. How did Minka let her life get so disruptive? She had everything going for her and she farted it all away, for what? Some guy? Some sim that she thinks did her wrong? It was too much for Viv to think about today. She’ll think about it tomorrow.

Malcolm huggles his beautiful, grown-up little girl. Seeing her like this brings a tear to his eye. Where has all of the time gone?

With Gwyn’s transition comes changes to the Landgraab mansion. The sunroom, Vivian’s beloved tea room, is shortened to accommodate Malcolm’s office and Gwyn’s room on the first floor.

Don’t worry, Malcolm slept through the whole remodel. πŸ˜†

Now the only entrance to Malcolm’s office is through the sunroom.

The office is slightly smaller in scale but the feeling of grandeur remains.

Malcolm even found a place for the plant Owen gave him!

Which leaves the back of this wing of the house for…

Gwyneth’s big girl room! Vivian wanted a mixture of fairy tale princess and Champs Les Sims. She believes she achieved it.

Gwyneth’s vintage clown doll moves into her new room. *goody*

The use of bird toile coincides with Gwyn’s OTH, nature.

The castle bookcase is Vivian’s greatest find.

Being a child means joining in on all of the fads of the day. Right now Voidcritters are the hottest thing. Gwyn displays some of her favorites on the wall.

Gwyneth’s love for beauty, dance, and reigning are reflected by the posters on her wall.

Gwyneth has her own desk space to do her homework or write in her diary.

A Landgraab room wouldn’t be complete without a chandelier!

The adjacent hallway and bathroom are now covered in the same bird toile as Gwyneth’s room. A closet is near the double sinks converting the area into a dressing room.

*new layout of the sunroom wing*

An impatient Gwyneth rushes in to see her new digs.

Gwyneth: I guess it’s acceptable.

Gwyneth: *SNORES*

We’ve got thirty-two days of childhood for this ~lovely~ little girl, people. Thirty. Two. Days…

For Heaven today was the most perfect day. She had her very first woohoo with the cutest guy on the island! She can’t stop thinking about how awesome Bailey Hower is.

Heaven: *in a sing-songy voice* I’m a lucky girl, little mama. Yes I am!

Before bed, Heaven hangs the photo booth picture on her wall. She wants Bailey Hower’s face to be the first one she sees every day.


  • I had to switch to new camera mods to prevent my game from crashing so please excuse some of the photos looking wonky. I had a bit of a learning curve trying to get the camera angles right.
  • I also messed with the rotation so the Landgraabs would go first. I wanted the sims that received tax refunds to have them before I started playing their round.
  • THAT DAMN BIRD DIED AS SOON AS I LOADED THE LOT… AGAIN! I have the Caged Pets Fix… maybe it has to load last? *Sigh*
  • I just want to say, again, that Calista the matchmaker and now Eric the driver are not the actual NPC sims but clones of them made in CAS. It will corrupt your hood if you add the NPC driver to a family (the jury is out on the Matchmaker but I would not recommend it). In SimPE I added the words (NPC) to the actual NPCs so I would know which one is a playable and which is game generated. The Eric clone currently lives at the Traveling Cart with Calista.
  • In order to get “The Brotherhood” to do the secret handshake and wear the secret society garb, I made them Secret Society members by shift+clicking on each of them with testing cheats enabled. I even gave them nifty llama rings!
  • I took out my harder skills mod because it interfered with hobby skill. But now the toddlers are skilling like out of control. Tabitha ended up with a level 5 Creativity skill. Eeks.
  • Vivian is sitting on Reputable Resident. So close to earning her Blue Hat Society membership.


Thank you for reading!! ^.^
































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