The Oceanside Town Hall

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The Oceanside Town Hall is located at 42 Church Street directly next door to Our Gray Lady of Plumbobs Peteran Church. Once the site for the future cemetery, City Councilman Malcolm Landgraab thought building a Town Hall on this site would be more uplifting instead of having a constant reminder of the residents’ mortality.

The building built by architect Fitz Biltmore reflects the Craftsman architectural style which is his favorite.

Oceanside’s flag waves proudly on the front lawn.

When you enter the building a large cherry wood reception desk greets you. Here you can sign in the guestbook and wait for the receptionist to announce your presence. Behind the desk is a photo of the original fourteen founders of Oceanside.

Room 103: The Meeting Room

Directly to your right is the entrance to the Meeting Room.

The Meeting Room is where all of the Town Hall Meetings take place.

There is a podium where citizens can air their grievances…

ample seating for the peanut gallery…

and vaulted seating where the City Council can look down their noses at you.

Portraits of the City Council members frame the wall. Top left to right: Architect Fitz Biltmore, Day Care Provider Angie Killeen, Garden Club Founder Rocky Kotsomiti, and Social Worker Felicity Wayward. Bottom left to right: Educator Selena Firestone, Physician Minka Yomoshoto, Law Enforcement Officer Sadie Biltmore, and Treasurer Vivian Landgraab.

Room 101: The Employment Office

The door to the left of the entry leads to the Employment Office.

Here sims can apply for various jobs in the neighborhood.

Of course there’s a desk with the correct paperwork to fill out for tax purposes provided by Vivian Landgraab.

Room 102: Identification Office

The Identification Room is where the residents fill out their paperwork and take their photo for their ID cards. Since Oceanside has grown exponentially over the past year a proper tally of residents is needed. Every sim must register and have a proper photo ID starting at age Teen.

At the rear of the first floor are the vending machines…

and restroom.

A small corridor leads to the the stairwell.

Room 201: The Mayor’s Office

At the top of the second floor lies the Mayor’s Office.

Malcolm wanted a sophisticated and studious look to his public office.

Room 202: The City Council Office

Although Malcolm has several City Council Members only two have dedicated desk spaces in the Town Hall.

Angie Killeen’s, Malcolm’s running mate, desk sits on this side of the room. She basically does all of the work while Malcolm basks in the glory.

The other occupant is Social Worker Felicity Wayward. Malcolm banned the cat posters she wanted to hang up but she snuck in her cat calendar!

3rd Floor

The third floor is too small to house anything of importance. The City Council decided to add a chess table for entertainment.

Top Floor Clock Tower

The pièce de résistance is the lighted Clock Tower on the top floor. (There’s nothing else to do up here except look at the giant clock)

Overhead View

1st Floor (shown from the side because the tree was in the way): Entrance, Employment Room, Identification Room, Stairway Corridor, Bathroom, Meeting Room.

2nd Floor: Mayor’s Office, Hallway, City Council Office.

3rd Floor

4th Floor Clock Tower.

Thank you for reading!! ^.^


  • Malcolm unlocked the City Hall when he reached level 5 City Councilman, but I cannot build it until the Business District is opened. I wanted a building where the sims could find employment and complain to the Mayor so I compromised with a Town Hall.
  • This was originally going to be Malcolm’s Secret Society the Llama Brotherhood’s clubhouse but I thought it best not to put it next to a church! They will receive their own clubhouse when the Business District unlocks.
  • The sims can’t sit at the desks on the stage area. I have no idea why. I left it that way though because I liked the way it looks. 😊
  • I realized afterwards that I was supposed to use the Politics podium instead of the Law one. I’ll probably change it sometime in the future.







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