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“Smiles, everyone! Smiles!”

Tour Guide: Hello Vacationers! I am former Simcopter Pilot Brock Gilmore. I crash-landed on Volcano Island many moons ago and have since been welcomed into the tribe. I have learned almost everything there is to know about Volcano Island so the Chief has appointed me Tour Guide to you Mainlanders. So let’s get started, shall we? First, let’s learn about the history of Volcano Island.

Volcano Island is home to the Enpeecee Tribe who were once a large and dominate nation on the continent that is now called Oceanside. Their past was filled with great prosperity, however their success was eclipsed by violence.

To appease Kilawea the Volcano God they offered human sacrifices each year hoping that the many volcanoes that make up their island would not erupt causing mass death and destruction.

Year after year hundreds of Enpeecees would be slaughtered — usually the less intelligent and most unattractive of the tribe — as an offering to Kilawea. After many years of this practice only the smartest, most attractive sims were left. Soon it became difficult to find sims worthy of the sacrifice to Kilawea. This made Kilawea very angry… After the sacrifices stopped a series of devastating eruptions killed dozens of Enpeecees.

Those that survived were subject to Chief Jumbok IV The Mad and his reign of terror. In order to appease Kilawea the Chief ordered the sacrifice of every child-age child in the island. Many children were forced to their deaths before one brave soul stole the children away and brought them to the mainland where they lived in drafty caves separated from their families.

It was a sad time, but at least they had each other and the memories of their ancestors and their way of life. That is, until the Founders’ ship crashed many years later and sent an electromagnetic pulse throughout the land. Those who were within a 50 mile radius of the blast lost their memories entirely — including the Founders. With no memories and no sense of their old way of life the Lost Children of the Enpeecees, who called themselves simply NPCs, began to assimilate to the lives of the Founders — wearing their style of clothes and even taking names that sounded like theirs.

Back on Volcano Island a young warrior, Moerani Kahukiwa, refused to give up his children and battled the Mad Chief. Once defeated the warrior sealed the Chief inside his completed tomb never to be seen from again. After the death of the Mad Chief the violent volcanoes stopped erupting and the remaining Enpeecees were free from tyranny. Moerani Kahukiwa was named Chief and now rules over the handful of Enpeecees still living on Volcano Island.

Volcano Island is just a 75 minute ferry ride away from the mainland. Covered in fog and shadow, most sims that crash land into the island are never to be heard from again. Newcomers are welcome as long as they do not try to take the secrets of the Enpeecees with them. Volcano Island is sectioned off into three areas: The Village, Valley of The Chiefs, and the Uncharted Territory.

Village Lodging

The members of the Enpeecee tribe all live in a central area in the Village.

The Royal Hut of Chief Kahukiwa

Prince Amanaki, Queen Tauakina, Chief Moerani, and Princess Atamari

Chief Moerani’s grand palace is large enough to house his wife and his two grown children. If the Chief likes you well enough he might insist you stay at his hut during your visit.

The Throne area is situated between the two wings of the palace. Here is where the beloved Chief rules over his subjects.

The Chief and his Queen live in separate quarters from their children.

Prince Amanaki’s and Princess Atamari’s wing.

The Men’s Hut

Tukete Talani, Timoti Anuata, Kea Tehea, and Tahana Hinatea

It is the Enpeecee custom for single males to share a hut together until they are married.

Bellhop Addison Lambert, a mainland dweller, will assist you in whichever hut you use for your stay.

The Women’s Hut

Miri Moeata, Manewa Hukatere, Ngaio Manihera, and Tahiata Ngaire

Same as the men of the Village, the single women all live together until marriage.

The Sacrificial Hut

This luxury hut was created to pamper the human sacrifices during their final days before they were devoured by Kilewea.

Now-a-days most Villagers visit the hut for a lesson on hot stone massage.

A sapphire idol will listen to your prayers before your demise.

Village Community Lots

Aroccahoola Luau

Aroccahoola Luau was named after the great Chief Aroccahoola who invented the Enpeecee’s favorite dance, the hula, and was known to throw ragers that would last for weeks. Aroccahoola Luau is the ideal place to eat, have a grand wedding, blow bubbles, or test your man/womanhood.

Another sapphire idol shrine greets revelers. Here you can pray to the Volcano God to ensure a happy marriage.

Most Enpeecees do not eat in their huts. Instead they partake in the generous bounty provided by the Royal Family.

On Volcano Island bubble blowing is a national pastime.

Would-be Warriors and betrothed sims must endure many tests before they are allowed to fight or to woo their loves. Walking across hot coals and drinking volcano juice are just some of the trials they must endure.

All weddings on Volcano Island must be performed at the Arch of Aroccahoola.

The Chief and/or a royal family member must oversee the wedding in order for it to be legal.

After the wedding the couple must consummate the marriage in the marital hut.

Buccaneer Bay

Trent and Terrence D’Aarby

Siblings Terrence and Trent D’Aarby, formerly of their namesake Aarbyville, joined the crew of the Dishonorable Flounder looking for fame, fortune, and booty. Lead by the notorious Captain Dregg the crew had many great adventures. That all changed when Captain Dregg steered the ship into the fog and jagged rocks that surround Volcano Island. With a gaping hole on the side, the ship quickly filled with water causing most of the crew to perish into the sea. Terrence and Trent were the lone survivors. Fearful they would also die in the strange new land, the D’Aarbys joined the Enpeecees who welcomed them with open arms. Chief Moerani still has his doubts about the two, but as long as they stay away from treasure-laden Valley of The Chiefs, he has no problems with them.

Buccaneer Bay is where the D’Aarbys camp and wait for somesim to rescue them.

With the help of the Enpeecees the D’Aarbys were able to salvage the wrecked Dishonorable Flounder. However the pirates are afraid to step foot on the ship for fear of the ghosts of their dead comrades. The Enpeecees don’t pay them any mind and get a kick out of playing pirate.

The Mines

The mines contain many valuable gems found only at the foot of the volcanoes. Enpeecees use these to trade for goods and services.

A pool of lava bubbles by the mines. Here is the only place on the island that you can find lava eels. 😉

Strange crystals can sometimes be found at the foot of the Volcano.

The Village Baths

Bathing is a social activity on Volcano Island. Here the locals get clean and relax in the natural hot springs.

Village Marketplace

Local chefs and siblings Gideon and Felix Xu, found their way to Volcano Island through a cave expedition in their homeland of Shang Simla. Not able to find their way back home, the brothers assimilated to the Enpeecee way of life and have opened up their own food stand at the Marketplace.

The Village Marketplace is where the Enpeecees sell their creations, and buy supplies, food, and clothing.

The clothing stall has all of the latest island fashions.

Mainlander Akira Weatherly travels daily on the ferry to ring up impatient customers.

Have a need to weave? Then here you will find all of your weaving supplies.

The fish monger stall has everything you could possibly need to make a grand feast.

They also sell bits and bobs of items found in the sea. The Enpeecees can’t get enough of this stuff.

Instruments and other odds and ends are sold here.

The butcher stall is one of the most popular.

Piglet: Save me…

The food stand has fast, freshly-made meals for those in a rush.

The fruit stand.

Handmade Baskets

Herbs and spice makers


Jewelry and gems

And, of course, kitschy souvenirs.

Warrior Training Ground

The Warrior Training Ground turns boys to men and girls to women. If you can pass the trials you will be welcomed into the tribe. If you are already a member you will be able to sharpen your skills.

A fighting ring

Practice your punches on the log pile.

Workout mats

Yoga mat

Valley of The Chiefs

The Valley of The Chiefs is the area of the island were only Enpeecee tribe members are allowed — no outsiders. You must prove your worth to the tribe in order to venture to this most sacred area of the island.

Shrine of The Idol

Before a sim is sacrificed to the Volcano God they must first go through judgement at the Shrine of The Idol.

This passageway leads to the mouth of Kilawea.

The Tomb of The Mad Chief

Here lies the burial temple of Jumbok IV, the last Enpeecee chief before the current chief, Moerani Kahukiwa. Jumbok The Mad believed monkeys would speak to him and dismissed all of his advisors and replaced them with orangutans. He did not marry or have children.

Many say the temple is cursed as sims that have entered and tried to pilfer the treasures inside have all perished under suspicious circumstances.

The twisted labyrinth leads to many treasures.

The shrine to Jumbok’s beloved pet — and rumored “wife” — Waiata. The chalice is rumored to contain a youth potion, made from a strange fruit, that kept Jumbok IV alive much longer than the usual 400 day lifespan.

Would-be looters never get far.

The final resting place of Jumbok IV.

The Flight of The Last Dragon

Thousands of years ago a dragon by the name of Burnie the Tyrant tormented the Enpeecees by burning them and their homes. A single arrow from the fiercest warrior found the only unprotected, unscaled part of Burnie’s hide and brought him down. Burnie burned the warrior alive as he fell to his death. Here is Burnie’s final resting place.

The brave archer’s remains.

The four singing stones lured Burnie to the area where he met his demise.

More strange crystals have been unearthed.

A dragon’s egg?!

Forbidden Fields

The Forbidden Fields was once a place of mystery and wonder. The Chiefs of old forbade any Enpeecees from setting foot on the fields for fear of certain death. Many rumors floated around about what could be in the harmless-looking fields. Surely the Chiefs were only trying to hide something of great value? Every sim however that attempted a journey to the fields was never heard from again. Legend has it that green plant-like sims would frolic through the grasses, but no sim ever saw one and lived to tell the tale. Others tell stories of cow-like plants that tempt sims with cake only to devour them whole.

The Great Tree drops strange fruit every once and a while…

Uncharted Territory

Not much is known about this side of the island. Only the great shaman Hahana Tuiahi has ever traveled to the area and lived. Some believe that alien beings live there in secret underground homes. Some believe the shaman should not be trusted and that he is hiding something greater than any sim could imagine.

Shaman’s Hut

Shaman Hahana Tuiahi

If you are lucky enough to dig up a map that leads you to a “mysterious hut,” then you can visit Hahana’s secret lair.

If you visit, be sure to bring some mechanical skill…

he could use the help.


More secrets lie in the Uncharted Territory… Stay tuned.

That’s about it for the tour. Enjoy your stay!


  • Volcano Island is a bit of a Bermuda Triangle. The “Castaways” each come from a different moment in time yet all exist in the same time as the Founders.
  • I’m planning on adding more lots but I was getting burned out and they really weren’t necessary for the first trip. As more sims go on vacation I will build vacation houses for them to purchase, a luxury-type hotel, etc.


Thanks for reading!! ^.^











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