The Biltmore Estate

- Lot Tour, Oceanside Sims

After spending time rubbing noses with the Landgraabs and the Goodacres, Oceanside’s master community planner Fitz Biltmore wanted an upgrade to his family home befitting his new status in high society.

Exterior Front

Receiving a bank loan for §100,000 Fitz bought the land next to the Landgraabs on Landgraab Lake and began building his 4 bedroom, 4½ bath dream home, The Biltmore Estate.

Fitz really wanted to show how much he’s learned since building the original beach condos. His Biltmore Estate will be a showcase for his newfound design abilities to potential home buyers.

Sadie refused to move unless the new house was in her favorite color pink! The couple came to a happy medium with a light peachy-pink tone for the exterior.

The wrap-halfway-around porch has small alcoves on either side for matching porch swings and plants.

The driveway has ample enough room for Sadie’s regulation cruiser and Fitz’s construction truck.

Otto the Water Wiggler made the journey from the condo and graces the front lawn.

First Floor Interior

The welcoming, light-filled foyer connects to the dining room, study, and great room.

Fitz’s study is a book-lover’s dream with its wall of bookcases.

His drafting table is situated in front of the window where he can get inspiration from the outdoors.

The dining room is filled with subtle shades of mint green among the pink flowers.

This tiny room is located next to the dining room and is accessible through the kitchen. The “everything room” — as Sadie likes to call it — holds miscellaneous items and is a place for Sadie to do her scrapbooking. What, you didn’t know Sadie likes to scrapbook?

The two-story great room was planned out extensively by its architect owner. There’s plenty of room for the large family to gather and enjoy each others’ company.

Sadie put her scrapbooking skills to use creating a collage of family memories with a peachy background.

There’s lots of room for the family to place their tchotchkes.

Look, they even have live fishies!

Fish: We’re not quite dead yet…

A big sofa accommodates the family of eight.

Not far from the great room is the state of the art kitchen.

Sadie was super pleased that Fitz found this amazing pink marble for the counter tops!

The Biltmores are the first family in Oceanside to own a double wall oven…

and a refrigerator with a see-thru door! Boy will those Landgraabs be jealous!

Just off of the kitchen is the pantry…

and the family planning center.

This tiny area is where bills are paid and activities are coordinated for this busy family.

The door in the planning center leads to the laundry room.

On the other side of the great room lies the master suite.

Fitz wanted to ensure this room was grand in size but still have a down-to-earth aesthetic.

There’s a closet for him…

and one for her!

Even Flour Sack Baby has a place to rest.

The master bath is large yet cozy.

Fitz even had the tub painted in Sadie pink.

French double doors in the bedroom lead to the back enclosed porch.

Here Sadie holds all of her sports equipment.

Including her favorite punching bag.

Second Floor Interior

Upstairs are the children’s bedrooms.

Twins Aiden and Gavin share the first bedroom.

This door leads to their en suite bathroom.*

*Not showing it because it’s so tiny, but it really is in there 😊

The second bedroom is occupied by the second set of twins, Kenna and Ezra.

They also have an en suite bathroom

Stinky Cat watches you in your sleep…

Lastly, the biggest room belongs to first born Heath and last born Winchester.

The second door leads to their en suite bathroom.

Exterior Back

The back of the house looks just a good as the front. The extended covered deck gives lots of extra room to entertain and protection from the hot Oceansidian sun.

The attached pier is the perfect place to rest Fitz’s prized telescope.

The beach is littered with toys* to encourage the children to go outside and soak up the sun.

*But not the firepit. Firepits are not toys!

There’s also a spot for the adults to relax while watching the munchkins.

Fitz’s boat made the trip as well. Now, what is he going to name her…

*Waves to Yasmin and Noelee*

Cinders has a comfy little spot in the backyard near the house.

Floor Plan

First Floor

Second Floor

Neighborhood View


  • Not at all affiliated with the real Biltmore Estate 😉
  • I wasn’t actually going to move the Biltmores from their condo but when I found this house plan I thought it was perfect for them.
  • And yes, I am totally keeping track of their money this time. Fitz sold his condo at 1 Oceanside Blvd to Achilles Brook for $42,669 . Sadie sold her condo at 7 Oceanside Blvd to Daisy Dalpozzo for $51,458. These prices were how much the condos were worth (Household worth on Neighborhood Screen minus Household Funds of occupants). The total amount the Biltmores received for the sale of their properties was $94,127. The Lakeside Home was worth $107,938 after completion. So the Biltmores got a 10 year mortgage loan for $13,811 with a 5% interest rate ($691) which will inflate their loan payoff to $14,502. They will need to pay $1451/year or $363/season. Total loan amount is due by Spring Year 12. They must pay their per season fee back to the bank each season or risk being foreclosed on. They can not take out any other loans. Look at me being all serious and stuff now.


Look for the Biltmore update soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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