RSOSC Veronaville: Goth Manor

- Uberhood

Goth-Manor-TitleReady to take a tour of Morgana and Mordred‘s humble abode?ScreenShot007An overview of Goth Manor. An ivy-covered semi-castle mansion near the Veronaville canal. It has an unfinished third floor, three bedrooms two of which have secret entrances, four bathrooms, a plasma fruit garden, and lots of artwork featuring the vain Grand Vampiress Morgana Goth.

ScreenShot020ScreenShot016ScreenShot030ScreenShot061Mordred grows plasma fruit for Morgana in order to prevent another Massacre of 1918.

ScreenShot040ScreenShot077Front entry way.

ScreenShot089Living room.

ScreenShot093Genie Midlock‘s resting place.


ScreenShot009Dining Room.

ScreenShot065Mordred’s hidden bedroom behind the secret door.

ScreenShot081ScreenShot004Morgana’s hidden room.


ScreenShot106Upper hallway.

ScreenShot109Upstairs lounge.

ScreenShot114Morgana’s bedroom.

ScreenShot0011Overview: 2nd Floor.

ScreenShot0031Overview: 1st Floor.

I’ll post more photos on my Tumblr. Thanks for stopping by!

Notes: I imagine all of the artwork in the house are created in Morgana’s likeness by her many suitors over the centuries. Mordred is treated like a servant and only has his tiny bedroom on the first floor, but that is all he needs while he plots Morgana’s demise.


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