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Welcome back to The Oceanside Project! Sorry to be away for so long 🙁

oc-moneywell-year1-springOn Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Warnings: bridezillas, mean girls, fire, nudity, pregnant drinking, disgruntled postal workers, and a stripper.

Day One

Moneywell022Moneywell012Meet Vivian Moneywell, town banker, resident hottie. Viv currently has nothing better to do than sit around and look pretty while she waits for Fitz Biltmore to build her bank.

Traits: Materialistic, Diva, Hopeless Romantic, Neat, Snob
Social Group: Socialite

Moneywell019The only thing on Vivian’s mind right now is her upcoming nuptials to Malcolm Landgraab, X, Oceanside’s only politician and mayoral hopeful. This will be the wedding of the century not to mention the first wedding for Oceanside so Vivian wants to make sure everything is perfect.

Moneywell032Viv has decided that her friend, artist Matisse Troubadour, will be her bridesmaid and seamstress Dawn Lambswool will make her dream gown and the rest of the party’s outfits. Wanting to get a head start Viv calls up both girls for some wedding planning.

Moneywell033…uh…OK…but you’re on the phone now…

Moneywell034Oh, yeah, you can come over. Don’t you have a newborn or something to take care of?

Moneywell035Oh hey Brodie Mason, town postal worker. Whatcha doing?
Brodie: I can help with the wedding planning. I’m very organized.
Nah we don’t really need you, but thanks though.
Brodie: *mumbles and walks away*

Moneywell040Dawn must be wearing Spanx or something because that 2nd phase of pregnancy isn’t showing at all.

Moneywell054Vivian is anxious to go over all of the details for her big day.
Vivian: I want my dress to look like it’s made of whipped cream!
Dawn: Whipped cream. Sugary, fattening, and unsatisfying. Got it.
Glad to see you’re both on the same page.

All is going well until…

Moneywell058Another porch fire!

Moneywell066Vivian valiantly tries to put it out…

Moneywell063while Dawn bones out.
Dawn: Good luck with that!
Some help you are! You could at least jump around and scream like other sims do.

Moneywell069Thank goodness Vivian can put out a fire by herself!

Moneywell070The Welcome wagon still doesn’t come even with all of my download re-organization and re-downloading.

Moneywell077Fire extinguishing makes you stinky so Viv uses her outdoor shower.

Moneywell087Oceanside’s Next Top Model is…

Moneywell091After the sudden departure of Dawn, Viv calls Matisse to see if she’s available now to go over more wedding details.

Moneywell095You’re a pain in the ass Matisse Troubadour.

Moneywell098Again!? I’ve never had two lightning fires in the same day!

Moneywell105Once again Vivian saves the day!

Moneywell111Ah, a bubble bath. You deserve it our little fire slayer!

Moneywell115Famished, Vivian begins preparing the infamous lunch meat sandwich…lunch.

Moneywell120OK… REALLY?!
Luckily this one washes out on it’s own before Vivian can make it out there.

Moneywell134Control freak Vivian is worried that nothing is going right today. She just wants the perfect wedding! I know what will cheer you up!

Moneywell137Yeah buddy!

Moneywell140OH COME THE FUCK ON!

Moneywell149Good thing Malcolm shows up just as the fire washes itself out again. Vivian is thrilled to see her boo boo, to say the least.

Moneywell153Vivian then installs the first lightning rod in Oceanside’s history. Hopefully this will put an end to all this fiery porch from hell business.

Moneywell174Malcolm and Vivian flirt, kiss, and suck face on the porch all the way into dusk without another lightning incident. Thank plumbob.

Moneywell187Oh no! Here comes crazy Calista, get inside now!

Moneywell180Moneywell183Moneywell193While Malcolm settles in for an episode of Mime vs. Cat, Vivian cooks mac and cheese for their dinner.

Moneywell198Moneywell205Even though she loves him, Vivian is still grossed out by Malcolm’s eating habits.

Moneywell213Matisse calls (finally) and the girls catch up on all of the wedding plans. Matisse is anxious to help and can’t wait to share her ideas. She even enlisted the help of Selena Bossanova and Minka Yomoshoto. Viv feels a bit a relief now that she’s not the only one working on the wedding.

Moneywell238Now she can concentrate on other matters…

Moneywell248Day Two

Moneywell007Moneywell002Vivian wakes up alone. Malcolm snuck out in the middle of the night.

Hey Viv, why don’t you go clean up the mess you and Malcolm left in the kitchen?

Moneywell008Vivian: Yes!
Really neat sims get on my nerves…

Moneywell010Moneywell011Vivian happily cleans the kitchen…

Moneywell021recycles the paper…

Moneywell026and makes herself fruit parfait for breakfast.

Moneywell038Matisse calls to go over her thoughts for The Wedding of The Century.

Moneywell057After going through the limited amount of places where they could have it, Matisse and Vivian come up with the idea to have Fitz build a courthouse/city hall just for Viv’s wedding. Vivian loves the idea. She thinks she can trick Malcolm into funding it by convincing him that he needs his own workplace to govern the town as well as a place to hold the ceremony.

Moneywell061Why so grumpy Brodie?
Brodie: If she would’ve let me help her I could’ve found a fabulous place for her wedding at no extra cost. I know all of the great hidden places around here. But noooo, no one cares about my ideas!
Right… because you’re just an extra.

Moneywell063Brodie: I’ll show her who’s just an extra!
Maybe we better watch out for the angry mail lady…

Moneywell072Vivian wants to make sure she is in tip top shape in her frothy gown so she spends a few hours on the treadmill.

Moneywell069Moneywell076She did really well and didn’t start to suck until the end.


Moneywell085But not even the joy of working out can stop her from worrying that something was going to go wrong.

Moneywell095This is when I realized I forgot to use her aspiration benefits to invest Oceanside’s money. This is your only job Vivian – DO IT!

Moneywell098Vivian decides to throw a party for her homegirls as a thank you for all of their help.

Moneywell096Becca Goodacre wasn’t invited because Vivian barely knows her and Sadie Winchester wasn’t invited because, well, she’s Sadie Winchester.

Moneywell099Who’s not showing up?

Moneywell104Moneywell103Minka! Even though she didn’t accept the party invitation she happened to walked by so Vivian nabbed her. Stop trying to be anti-social, Minka!

Moneywell102Viv breaks out the good nectar…

Moneywell113and grills hot dogs for her guests.

Moneywell117Dawn: …and then she said she wanted pink slip-on heels to go with it!
Minka: I told you she was crazy.

Moneywell121Moneywell129Hot dogs are served!

Moneywell133Selena: *BURP*

Moneywell141Matisse: *Belch*

Moneywell147Dawn: *chews loudly*

Moneywell151Sorry Viv. Unfortunately you are not dealing with the classiest group of girls.

Moneywell169After the belching contest, Vivian lights a fire on the beach and invites the girls over for dessert.

Moneywell179S’mores for all!

Moneywell202Soon it starts to rain and the ladies go off to do other things. Minka and Vivian have a chuckle on how gross the other girls’ eating habits are.

Moneywell204Yes Matisse and Selena, it’s always a good idea to go hot tubbing in the rain…

Moneywell206Minka: I hope you don’t mind that I just raided your fridge for some chips?
No Minka, it’s NOT OK.

Moneywell216Minka: I give no fucks.

Moneywell218Oh sure Dawn, you can just go right ahead and take a bath in Vivian’s tub. What kind of heathens are these?

Moneywell220HA! Well, at least it wasn’t the porch this time.

Moneywell222Even after being shocked, hungry, and stinky, a good time was had by all.

Moneywell224I’m sure that will wash off Selena *tee hee*.

Moneywell2251WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON! (censored for your sanity)

Moneywell231Vivian: This was the best. party. eva!
Yeah cause nothing says cool party like a naked pregnant lady.

Moneywell234Day Three

Moneywell005Another day another wedding planning meeting.
Vivian: Yes!
Yes, the world revolves around you. Glad you’re happy.

Moneywell025Vivian summons all of the essential people for her wedding planning pow-wow: Dawn the clothing designer, Malcolm the groom, Matisse the bridesmaid, Owen Goodacre the best man, George Lambswool the caterer, Kendrick Troubadour the DJ, and Fitz the builder.

Moneywell026Good idea Vivian. Get them all nectared up so they’ll be willing to do anything you suggest. Brilliant.
Vivian: Nothing’s better than Fuzzy Llamas to smooth things over during negotiations.

Moneywell035Fitz tries to explain that he really has no time to build a City Hall. But his cries fall on deaf ears. Whatever Vivian wants, Vivian gets.

Moneywell036Moneywell045Glad you decided to put clothes on again, Dawn!
Everyone is having a good time and bouncing ideas off each other, but where is our host?

Owen: Holy mother of the Watcher.

Moneywell056Of all people, Fitz comes to Vivian’s rescue!
Fitz: I knew you were a pervert! I saw what you did in that barn…with the chickens no less! Leave Miss Moneywell alone!
Owen: What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t know she was in here butt naked? I was just trying to use the john. And I didn’t do nothing with those chickens! Seems like somebody had too many Fuzzy Llamas!
The poke-fest goes on forever, but Owen is too big of a gentleman to fight Fitz. He knows one punch and Fitz might be in a coma!

Moneywell0661Yes it must have been one too many Fuzzy Llamas. Why else would our proper lady be naked relaxing while she’s supposed to be planning her dream wedding! Malcolm and Vivian finally shoo out the fighting spectators and have some alone time.

Moneywell071Fitz: I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think you’re supposed to be drinking those in your condition.
Dawn: Go woohoo yourself, Fitz! *smile* *smile*

Moneywell081Wait…was that…did you…WAS THAT BABY CHIMES?!
What are you doing?? What about your dream wedding? And your dream dress? You can’t wear that dress if you’re preggo? What are we going to do?

Moneywell089Dawn: Now you know why I’m drinking!

Moneywell097Owen: Did you see the globes on her? No wonder Malcolm’s so crazy for her!
I totally take back my gentleman comment, Owen Goodacre. After all of that poking, Fitz and Owen bond over jokes about Vivian’s breasts. Hopefully this is the first step to mending their mutual hatred of each other.

Moneywell112Vivian: I think I’ll serve everyone lunch meat sandwiches.
Don’t try to pretend you’re the gracious hostess Vivian.
Malcolm: I just got woohoo’d and no one is the wiser!
Uh, everybody knows what you just did Malcolm. You’re not slick. Neither one of you!

Moneywell130Everyone sits down for lunch and the planning commences.

Moneywell133Not everyone is thrilled with the seating arrangements, however.

Moneywell153At least you’re doing something right Vivian.

Moneywell158As the party rages on…
Vivian: Cocktails anyone?

Moneywell167Fitz finds time to relax away from the others.

Moneywell177Viv says goodbye to all of her guests. I don’t think anything was really accomplished…

Moneywell182and heads to bed early. I wonder why you’re so tired? *hmph*

Day Four

Moneywell016Oh gee Vivian, do you have an upset tummy? Heifer.

Moneywell024Moneywell027At least you have something else to clean *bright side*.

Moneywell033Because of all this queasiness, Vivian wonders if she’s pregnant *grrrr* and decides to give Minka a call.

Moneywell039Brodie: *grumbling while getting the mail* She invited all of those people over to plan the wedding and nothing was accomplished. I could’ve had this wedding done two days ago, but noooo! No one cares about Brodie. Brodie the mail lady, all she can do is deliver mail. I want friends too. I’m so lonely…
Uh… ahem… moving on…

Moneywell045Minka confirms that Vivian’s symptoms sound like the first stage of pregnancy. Vivian doesn’t know what to think. They were going to get married on the first day of Summer but that’s the day the baby is due. Will she have to postpone her dream wedding?

Moneywell055Then Vivian remembers something Matisse told her.
Vivian: Matisse told me that if I put soda in my woohoo the baby will disappear. Is that true?
Minka: What the hell are you talking about?

Right after hanging up with Minka…

Moneywell061Vivian: *pop #1*
No amount of soda will get rid of that baby now, Vivian.

Moneywell071Speak of the devil. Matisse arrives to get everything ready for the bachlorette party she’s throwing for Vivian tonight. Looks like it might turn into a baby shower, Matisse.

Moneywell074Moneywell085Matisse tidies up while Vivian takes a long nap.

Moneywell094Dawn waddles in and cooks the hot dogs while Matisse calls all of the other girls for the party.

Moneywell092Well… not all of the girls… only the cool ones.

Moneywell095WHO DIDN’T SHOW UP?!

Moneywell098*grrrrr* MINKA! Stop being anti-social or they’re going to add you to the non-cool girls list with Becca and Sadie!
Minka: No, no I want to be on the cool girls list!

Moneywell100Minka tries to make up for her behavior with mixed drinks. Good girl, Minka!

Moneywell102Later Minka tries to school Matisse on her dubious methods of birth control.
Minka: …soda in the woohoo will not prevent pregnancies. Please stop telling people this. It makes you look ignorant.
Matisse: I’ve been using soda in my woohoo my whole life and I’ve never had a problem.
Minka: Please. stop. talking…

Moneywell105The princess emerges from her beauty sleep to see all of her girlfriends. Pregnant or not she’s ready to party her ass off!

Moneywell126Matisse gets the party started with some smustling. Everyone’s having a great time!

Moneywell128Wait… who is that running up to the deck with just his chonies on?

Moneywell134Oh my plumbob it’s Malcolm! Who ordered the sexy smustling stripper?

Moneywell146The smustle keeps going until the sun goes down. Vivian is having the best time. I wonder if Malcolm notices her belly bump?

Moneywell152Matisse, Selena and Vivian all need a cool down after such vigorous dancing. Minka is much more loose after having one of her cocktails. She’s a dancing machine out there with Malcolm!

Moneywell157Viv, I think Malcolm just noticed your situation.
Malcolm: Oh shiiiiiiitttttt!

Moneywell168Viv and Minka finally get a chance to talk about proper prenatal care away from Matisse and her weird advice.


Moneywell173Poor Vivian. Knocked out before her guests even leave!

Day Five

Vivian, how about you clean up the mess from the party last night?

Moneywell005Vivian: c-c-could I?
Ugh, neat sims.

Moneywell006There’s a whole load of fun waiting for you in the kitchen/dining area.

Moneywell019After cleaning everything, Vivian decides to ask Malcolm over so they can talk about what’s going on. For the first time this week Vivian doesn’t want to go over the wedding, she wants to talk about their child.

Moneywell024She waits for Malcolm on the front porch anxious about the conversation. What if he doesn’t want to marry her now? What if he doesn’t want to be a dad? And worse yet, what if he doesn’t want to pay for this child? Yes, above all, Vivian is all about the simoleons.

Moneywell034However, all of her fears are put to rest. Of course Malcolm isn’t going to leave. He brings up the idea of moving into Viv’s house before the wedding so he can be there for his newborn.

Moneywell044Unfortunately this means he’s squashing any idea of building a city hall right now. He suggests they get married here at the house after the baby is born. Vivian doesn’t really like the idea but it makes more sense. She concedes. It could still be her “dream wedding” even if it isn’t the “dream location.”

Moneywell055Malcolm knows Viv has been stressed this week and gives her a much needed back rub.

Moneywell066Then they relax on the beach.

Moneywell068Malcolm: What the hell?

Moneywell072Vivian: *pop #2*
That’s right girl. Time to get into the comfy pjs.

Moneywell080Our returns are getting lower everyday.

Moneywell073Moneywell081Vivian lays down to take a nap and Malcolm tries surfing. He wipes out as soon as he got on the board. Stick to politics Malcolm. Leave the surfing to the professionals.

Moneywell092He rinses off and does this! MALCOLM! Thank goodness Vivian will be ecstatic to mop that up for you later.

Moneywell109Later that night Vivian asks Malcolm to move in.

Moneywell11032355-Dayum-Dayum-DAYUM-Five-Guys-re-iuGNEven I didn’t know Malcolm had that much money!

Moneywell114Malcolm brings some items from his place: a computer, a duck painting, snapdragons, and these lovely tropical photos that Vivian immediately puts in white frames to match her decor.

Moneywell119Malcolm makes his specialty, mac and cheese, for dinner.

Moneywell121Moneywell151Then they have naked sexy time on the loveseat.

Moneywell157Which ends in naked sexy time in the bed.

Moneywell160At the end of this round Vivian took Popularity as her second aspiration (no surprise there). Next time we’ll meet Viv’s and Malcolm’s baby and we will have THE WEDDING OF THE CENTURY! Thank you for reading!

Notes: If you’re wondering why it’s Year 1 instead of Year 0 it’s because I just started using SimTracker and it only starts at “Year 1.”  I know it makes more sense but… bleh.

I use Almighty Hat’s aging mod and I just found a mod that makes seasons only last 4 days which works better with Hat’s mod. So after I finish five days of Spring for all of the remaining residents I will have a 4 day rotation update. Five days is a looooong time to play all in one session and makes a loooong update.

Matisse was picked as the bridesmaid because she was the girl with the highest relationship with Vivian and Owen is the boy with the highest relationship with Malcolm so he became the best man.

Credits: Traits system originally from Sims 3 and adapted by Serisims and Maranatah.


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