Yomoshoto — Spring 01

- Oceanside Sims, Update

oc-yomoshoto-year1-spring“I Did It For Science!”

Warnings: Sim guts, Woohooing for Science, Disgruntled NPCs, gifs, Sadie Winchester.

Day One

Yomoshoto013Yomoshoto003Allow me to introduce Minka Yomoshoto, doctor and scientist. Minka cannot enter the medical profession until either three sims become sick or she delivers three babies (she’s already delivered two!). In order to open her medical clinic, Minka must learn Physiology and become an intern.

Traits: Animal Lover – Genius – Frugal – Loner – Unflirty

Yomoshoto010Minka: See, there is nothing in this book about putting soda in your woohoo to prevent pregnancy!
I told you Matisse was crazy.

Yomoshoto016What’s wrong Frankie Cloak, newsie?
Frankie: There are no boys and/or girls on this island my age to smush with. Am I destined to forever be alone? I want romance… *tear*
Frankie: *runs away crying*

Seriously, I might have to do a NPC-polooza episode so these townies can have some air time.

Yomoshoto022Brodie: Did someone say NPC-polooza? I am totes there!
Gee… I can’t wait…

*Ahem* back to the main character…

Yomoshoto031Good girl Minka! We’ve learned Physiology. Now we just need to deliver one more baby.

Yomoshoto033Minka: I’ve been thinking about that.
Minka: And I think I should get pregnant and deliver my own baby. Then I won’t have to wait around for my friends to deliver. Brilliant plan right?
Minka: It’s for the benefit of the community.
But you don’t even want a baby!
Minka: I’m doing it for science. You wouldn’t understand.

stunned-silence-gif-3Yomoshoto047Minka sees her extremely pregnant best buddy Vivian Moneywell outside and invites her in for a gab-fest.

Yomoshoto051Calista Beeching: You give me 1000 simloleons I will tell you the sex of your baby!
Vivian: *quickly passes by* That’s ok I want to be surprised.
Calista: Oh… you will be…
Run away as fast as you can Vivian before she puts roots you!

Yomoshoto062What is the healthiest lunch a doctor can serve to an expecting mother, lunch meat sandwiches!

Yomoshoto065Hiya Matisse Troubadour! Come on in for lunch meat sandwiches.
Matisse: I’m not going anywhere near that crazy old lady. I think she just cursed Vivian’s baby!
Maybe Minka can navigate you through without being hexed.

Yomoshoto072There you go. I swear Matisse is friends with everyone on the island. Maybe she should’ve been the politician.

Yomoshoto084The ladies hang-out until the evening. Hey Vivian, when did you change your outfit?

Yomoshoto090Minka: Why is she still here?
Watcher only knows.

Yomoshoto097Dawn Lambswool waddles by and Minka invites her in as well.

Yomoshoto100What is this? Everyone changes clothes when they walk into the house?
Look at them Minka. Right there in front of you is the reason you do not need to have a baby of your own. Vivian and Dawn are due on Sunday. You’ll start your medical career in no time!

Yomoshoto088Minka: IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH! I want to be a doctor this week!

Yomoshoto128Later the non-pregnants have fun in the hot tub…

Yomoshoto136…while the pregnants hang out in the kitchen.
Dawn: You’re still really pale. You should get out in the sun more.

Yomoshoto147Minka thanks everyone for stopping by…

Yomoshoto152…and hits the hay.

Day Two

Yomoshoto002Yomoshoto010Yomoshoto011Minka gets a bug up her butt to comb the beach for treasure.
Minka: It’s for science. You wouldn’t understand.
Ooooo….Kkkkkkkk… If you want to play in the sand just say so. Sheesh.

Yomoshoto017Being an animal lover, Minka puts out a bowl of food for any of the stray animals that might come by. She hasn’t seen them herself but knows that there are a couple of wolves on the island. Minka hopes they aren’t starving.

Yomoshoto021Then she’s off to practice her surgeon skills. Hopefully all this training will keep her mind off of conceiving a child.

Yomoshoto020Yomoshoto023WHAT THE HELL IS IN THERE? Is that blue sim guts? Are sim’s guts blue? Bleh!

Yomoshoto029I guess they are.
Minka: Oh my Watcher what am I going to do? I took out it’s heart! All the alarms are blaring!
Quick stick it back in Minka!

Yomoshoto031Yomoshoto033Minka: What do I do? It’s dying!
Give it mouth to mouth! Hurry!

Yomoshoto035Yomoshoto037Minka: Don’t you dare die on me!

Yomoshoto040Minka: Whyyyyyy! It was so young!
There, there Minka. You know it’s not really alive don’t you?

Yomoshoto047Good because you know how much she loves to talk about science.

Yomoshoto058Uh huh…


Yomoshoto066Woot! There’s my girl! Now Minka, let’s do more sciencey stuff. There’s a microscope over here somewhere…

Yomoshoto067Wait… who are you calling?

Yomoshoto070Kendrick Troubadour!? Stop Minka! You do not need to have a baby in order enter the Medical career! Just be patient, please!

Yomoshoto073There he is. Sexy man-meat Kendrick Troubadour, Minka’s main love interest and, apparently, soon-to-be-baby-daddy.

Yomoshoto075Minka: The Joy of Woohoo says the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And extra mustard can be used as an aphrodisiac.
I don’t think that’s correct at all.
Minka: Shhhh! I’m the scientist, remember.

Yomoshoto078Minka: I shall greet him with the obligatory make-out ritual in order to get his blood flowing.

Yomoshoto080Hi Becca Goodacre!
Becca: Oh, Hi guys, I didn’t see you there. I was just jogging by. Oh, I see you’re too busy making out to notice me. I’ll just leave quietly.
I totally hear Fluttershy’s voice in my head when Becca speaks.

Yomoshoto099Once inside the wooing commences.


Yomoshoto109Minka! I thought you were only doing this for science? You weren’t supposed to fall in love with him!
Minka: Maybe he won’t notice I’m in love with him if I play with my logic ball.
You know, I don’t think you really needed to do all that Minka. He’s a romance sim. I’m sure if you just go relax on the bed he will get the message.

Yomoshoto115Maybe I should keep my mouth shut.

Yomoshoto131Fortunately no chimes were had. At least it was fun trying!

Yomoshoto136Later on Minka ponders why her science experiment didn’t work.
Minka: Maybe our body temperatures were too low. I wonder if I can figure out a way to raise our body temperature before we woohoo?
Oh boy.

Yomoshoto160After numerous and I mean numerous times trying for baby in the hot tub, still no chimes.

Yomoshoto174Minka goes to bed unfulfilled.
Minka: I will have to recalculate my variables and try again tomorrow.

Day Three

Yomoshoto002So are you ready to give up this crazy idea of delivering your own baby?
Minka: I think I know what the problem is.
Minka: I fell in love with him but he didn’t fall in love with me. You can’t make a baby without love!
Actually you totally can.

Yomoshoto006Minka makes a fruit parfait for breakfast. She hopes the passion fruit she put in it makes her more fertile.

Yomoshoto016Let’s make babies!!!!!

Yomoshoto021And look who happens to be walking by outside, Sadie Winchester, resident law enforcer and official crazy stalker chick.
Sadie: Hey Kendrick, how’s it going? So you’re just stopping by Minka Yomoshoto’s house huh? I heard you guys were going at it all night long! I’m sure Fitz and I can beat you though. He’s the greatest Woohooer in Oceanside. We can do it all day and all night. We’re just awesome like that.

Yomoshoto020Kendrick: …

Yomoshoto025Luckily Kendrick is rescued from Sadie’s crazy talk to the arms of his true crush.

Yomoshoto027Sadie: Good. They are definitely an item now. I have to make sure she stays away from my Fitz. If she touches him there will be hell to pay!
Thank goodness Minka. I don’t think you want to be on the bad side of Sadie Winchester!

Yomoshoto029I don’t think you have anything to worry about Sadie. Kendrick is as besotted as Minka is.

Yomoshoto034Yomoshoto039Minka: There! He’s in love. I will definitely get pregnant now!

Yomoshoto048Here we go.

Yomoshoto056Yomoshoto064Still no chimes. Minka is devastated. What could they possibly be doing wrong. She’s read every book on the subject and it seems like they are doing everything right. What is the deal?

Yomoshoto066Later on…
Minka: Kendrick, are you putting soda in my woohoo before we woohoo?
Kendrick: Oh yeah. My sister says that’s the best way to prevent pregnancies. I am so not ready to be a father!
Minka: For Watcher’s sake that does not work! Please stop doing that!
Kendrick: It seems to be working so far…
He is right, you know…

Yomoshoto076Yomoshoto083After a, uh, lovely dinner of mac and cheese, Minka decides that they should try for baby again… this time without the use of soda. Minka, maybe you should discuss this whole having a baby for science thing with Kendrick. He doesn’t seem to really want a baby right now.

Yomoshoto093Let’s try this again!

Yomoshoto095Still no chimes. Minka is in a panic. Why isn’t this working.
Minka: I know that I am perfectly healthy so it must not be me… maybe it’s him!
No, Minka. Don’t…

Yomoshoto116Minka: I need a new baby-daddy!

SsvcfhFDay Four

Yomoshoto003Yomoshoto008Being the frugal sim that she is, Minka always puts the remainder of her food away and would rather eat left-overs than cook.

Yomoshoto009Awww too bad. I guess you can’t try for baby with Fitz muhahahaha!

Yomoshoto013Heyyyy! I thought you were at work Fitz Biltmore!
Fitz: Hi Minka! I heard your voice on the answering machine and I rushed right over!

Yomoshoto023This time Minka is very up front with Fitz. She lets him know that she wants to have a baby – for science – and that she needs his help.
Minka: …and Sadie doesn’t even have to know! It will be our little secret.
Um, a secret love child. Do you really think you can keep this from Sadie and Kendrick?

Yomoshoto041It seems that Fitz is on board!

Yomoshoto042Fitz: I’m going to do woohoo with Minka!
Yes, I guess you are…

Yomoshoto045Minka serves up lunch…

Yomoshoto054…then it’s baby-making time.

Yomoshoto060Remember Minka, this is just a science project. There is no love in science!

Yomoshoto067Yomoshoto068alkjdkhdkkfj! You couldn’t get pregnant by Kendrick after woohooing him 200,000 times but you can with Fitz after the first time! (I guess soda in the woohoo does work!)

Yomoshoto071Fitz: My work here is done *woohoo struts back home*

Yomoshoto072Hours later…
Minka: Yes, it worked!
Yeah but it’s too late now. You won’t have your baby until the Summer after Vivian, Dawn and even Becca I think. You could have just waited!
Minka: You know what Negative Nancy, I’m just going to move to Ledesia. At least they will appreciate my thirst for science!
Whatever chick *sigh*

Yomoshoto077Oh shit…
Sadie: Just on patrol, making sure nothing strange is going on… Like my boyfriend knocking up some other girl I don’t even like… Nope nothing like that could possibly be happening!
SHE KNOWS!!!!!! RUN!!!!!!

Yomoshoto095Now that she’s finally conceived, Minka returns to sciencey stuff. Her first project? Making medicine that she can sell in her clinic. This girl is always two steps ahead!

Yomoshoto085Diego Bossanova: Hello I’m here for the position of Baby Daddy. I am a great dancer and have superior genetics. And I won’t stop until I get the job done… if you know what I mean.
Ewwww. Go away. The position has been filled.


Yomoshoto099The first batch of Disease Be Gone is finished! Now we just need some sick sim to try it on.

Yomoshoto104Minka continues to rip out the hearts of sims everywhere!

Yomoshoto105She probably has more hobby points than anyone else in Oceanside.


Yomoshoto110Yomoshoto113After a nice bubble bath Minka up-chucks…

Yomoshoto118And heads to bed.

Day Five

Yomoshoto001Minka wakes up a little sluggish. Pregnancy will do that to you.

Yomoshoto017Just remember you wanted this lady!

Yomoshoto020Bestie Selena Bossanova stops by. It’s a good thing because Minka needs someone to talk to.

Yomoshoto022Oh snap! Here comes Sadie – retreat! RETREAT!

Yomoshoto025Sadie: Well that was suspicious…
Minka: *mutters to herself* Walk quickly away. Try not to draw attention to yourself…

Yomoshoto027Are you trying to wash away the guilt Minka Yomoshoto!

Yomoshoto036It’s mac and cheese time when…

Yomoshoto037Yomoshoto039First baby bump!

Yomoshoto044The baby bump and the nausea isn’t going to stop this lady from getting her 2nd Mechanical point!

Yomoshoto047Yay! I can’t wait for the hobby places to be unlocked.

Yomoshoto054Minka calls it in early. She didn’t get the 2nd Mechanical point, but there’s always tomorrow.

And what happened to Selena?

Yomoshoto056Yomoshoto058Selena: FIIIIIRRREEEEE!!!!!
I’m so glad I have such brave sims. It’s ok. It burned itself out. Thanks for reading!

Notes: I have no idea why Minka couldn’t conceive with Kendrick or why she could with Fitz on the first try. I double checked all of my ACR/Unmarried try for baby settings and everything was ok. Oh well! I guess soda in the woohoo as a contraceptive really does work. Minka might write a book about it.

Credits: Traits system originally from Sims 3 and adapted by Serisims and Maranatah.


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