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Baba GaGa Una
Baba GaGa is the greatest crafter of spells in all of SimCity. Many come to Baba Gaga when they need a spell that normal witches can’t or won’t perform. Baba Gaga has no loyalty– she will work for anyone as long as they are able to pay her what she needs. What does she need? Souls. Or at least that’s how the story goes.

Veronaville 052Origin: Baba Gaga wasn’t always the evil old witch living in a hut with chicken legs. When she was younger she worked the carnie circuit with her family reading fortunes and selling love potions to sims desperate for companionship. Always very bright, she received top honors from Llamaspit School of Wizardry and was awarded numerous scholarships to Sim State University. While attending university a horrible cauldron accident left her blind. To this day she believes the hunters of the Landgraab Society tampered with her magic ingredients in the hopes of killing her.

Una014Even though she was blinded during the assassination attempt, Baba Gaga gained the gift of insight. She could “see” the true nature of sims just by touch and could read their thoughts. Unable to shut out the psychic noise from other sims Baba Gaga moved to the Calamity Forest to be alone. Over the years she grew her craft and was able to craft potions and spells that no one else dared to do.

Veronaville 082Word soon spread of her magical prowess as well as nasty rumors about her. Parents began telling their children if they were naughty Baba Gaga would kidnap them and eat them. Some people even said Baba Gaga needed innocent souls in order to stay alive. Baba Gaga never cared about the rumors. As long as she was left in peace, could experiment with her cauldron, and turn a meddlesome sim into a frog every now and then, she was golden.

Una016Current Day: After the birth of the doppelganger was confirmed by Mordred Goth, the Jinn community came to Baba Gaga to help free Genie Midlock from his bottle. And she did. She is currently hiding Genie at her hut where she knows Morgana will never find him. Even the great Morgana Goth is afraid of Baba Gaga!

Veronaville 090Notes: Baba Gaga is a distant relative of Natasha Una. In my Uberhood the Unas are also Jinn/ Travelers that reside in Desiderata Valley.

Credits: Baba Gaga is, of course, loosely based on on Baba Yaga. She was created by me and entered into the GOS March Sim Challenge. She lives at Watervista Palace, aka the Chicken hut.


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