Bossanova — Spring 01

- Oceanside Sims, Update

Bossanova-Spring-Year1“Blame It On The Bossanovas”

Warnings: Woohoo (seriously, when isn’t there woohoo?), naked bums, excessive ballet, Mean Girls, Brodie Mason, and the longest update ever.

Day One

Bossanova 034Please meet the splash-happy twins Selena and Diego Bossanova. Selena joined the Oceanside Project in order to teach the children of the new land. As soon as the first of the founding families’ children transitions to childhood, Selena will start the Education career and will have an elementary school built for her. Diego loves to dance and wants to eventually open his own dance studio as soon as he learns how to instruct in dance.

Selena’s traits: Nurturing, Friendly, Hot-Headed, Over-Emotional, Proper.
Diego’s traits: Flirty, Friendly, Hates Reading, Party Animal, Natural Born Performer.

Bossanova 041*sigh* Hi Brodie Mason, Oceanside’s postal carrier.
Brodie: Ah, let me stretch my long legs while getting soaking wet from all of this rain! (Is Diego watching me?)

Bossanova 043Apparently he was. Diego introduces himself to the delight of Brodie.

Bossanova 051Selena heads inside to make comfort soup for everyone. They need to warm their bones after all of that time playing in the rain.

Bossanova 057Diego finishes his scintillating conversation with Brodie…

Bossanova 059and comes inside lighting a fire to warm the place up.

Bossanova 061Bossanova 067Since the law career opened up Diego confides in his sister that he thinks he should take the job until he’s ready to own his dance studio.

Bossanova 069Selena doesn’t agree. Being a lawyer is a lot of responsibility and hard work that Diego just isn’t ready to do yet. She thinks he is much better suited for the journalism career*. All he has to do is go around town looking for news and writing about what he finds. Plus the newspaper currently has nothing but ads for Malcolm Landgraab‘s campaign and reminders from Vivian Moneywell that everyone has to pay taxes anyways. It would be nice to have real news in it.
*I told you I was counting all of those fires!

Bossanova 081Diego agrees and decides that he will become the town’s reporter… tomorrow.

Bossanova 082Because today he wants to have fun and relax so he invites his own welcome wagon over.

Bossanova 085Bossanova 086Selena’s fiance Connor Firestone and Diego’s main squeeze Matisse Troubadour hurry over. Connor is Oceanside’s mechanic and Matisse is the resident artist, photographer and, apparently, everyone’s BFF.

Bossanova 091Hmmm, Selena must be giving Connor a tour of the house…

Bossanova 092WHAT ARE YOU DOING? That’s Diego’s room. He’s going to kill you if he finds out!

Bossanova 099WHAT THE HELL!!!!1 What is this some kind of pregnancy pact or something? Why are all of my girls trying for baby?

Bossanova 100Luckily Diego is none the wiser that his bed has been “christened” as he woos his lady love in his tights and toe shoes.

Bossanova 101Bossanova 102All of that wooing seems to have worked. Diego convinces Matisse to a “house tour” of his own.

Bossanova 105Diego: Hey sis, I’m going to give Matisse a ‘house tour.’ *wink wink*
Very subtle Selena.

Bossanova 118Matisse’s house tour ended in the same place Connor’s did. Luckily no one became pregnant during this one!

Bossanova 151Bossanova 152Tisk, tisk Mister! As soon as he woohoos Matisse he wants to make-out with three sims!

Bossanova 160It seems that Connor was behind the try-for-baby plan. He and Selena spend most of the night in the hot tub discussing which toys their new arrival should have.

Bossanova 166Bossanova 167Bossanova 170Time for their guests to leave…

Bossanova 172and Selena to get some shut-eye.

Bossanova 175However Diego wakes up abruptly…

Bossanova 178when he senses his lady love about to be mauled by a wild creature outside!

Bossanova 183Matisse: My hero!
Ugh, weren’t you just here like an hour ago?

Bossanova 204I see, that’s why you came back over. You’re not slick Matisse Troubadour!

Bossanova 215*sigh* Romance sims!

Bossanova 219Day Two

Bossanova 001Bossanova 004After Matisse leaves Diego practices his ballet. His dream in life is to become a world class ballerina.

Bossanova 011Bossanova 012Bossanova 019Bossanova 020Bossanova 027Selena wakes up in a good mood hoping that she and Connor will be parents soon. I guess this means we need to move up the wedding date *grumble grumble*

Bossanova 029A quick trip to the bathroom confirms Selena’s wishes.

Bossanova 035Selena wanted to try crafting pottery. This will be a great skill to teach the children in art class once her school opens.

Bossanova 032Bossanova 033Bossanova 040Looking good!

Bossanova 043Bossanova 046Oh. Well maybe you can use it as an example of how not to make a plate to your students?

Bossanova 047Diego Bossanova becomes Oceanside’s first journalist. His first task will be to head the town’s yearbook chronicling their first year in Oceanside. Surely he can get the help of Matisse to put it all together.

Bossanova 053Selena starts another project…

Bossanova 054while Diego takes a nap.

Bossanova 058Bossanova 062Brodie is a little bummed that Diego wasn’t awake to talk to her as she stops by to collect the mail. Look, it’s Vivian Moneywell the town’s treasurer strolling by.
Brodie: Hmph. That’s the chick that wouldn’t let me help with her wedding planning. I’m not talking to her!
Can’t we all try to get along?

Bossanova 070After a hot bath Selena becomes ill again. She’s pretty sure that she’s pregnant but will have to wait until she’s checked by soon-to-be doctor Minka Yomoshoto.

Bossanova 078Selena spends the rest of the afternoon building sand piles…

Bossanova 082burning comfort soup…

Bossanova 087and studying Anger Management which will definitely come in handy dealing with unruly school children.

Bossanova 101*inviso-pop*

Bossanova 110Diego awakens from his nap and resumes his barre exercises. He’s getting so much better at it!

Bossanova 117BossanovaBossanova 105Bossanova 122Day Three

Bossanova 003Bossanova 005The pair wake up early. Today is Diego’s first day of gathering news.

Bossanova 009Selena helps out making a nutritious breakfast for Diego’s first day.

Bossanova 008Diego squeezes in some barre time before work.

Bossanova 013Bossanova 019Miss Noeleen, our lovely driver shows up to give Diego a ride around town. Her eyes unfortunately suffered in the crashapolooza of 2012 so I will have to fix that. She’s giving me a Tyra Banks vibe though.

Bossanova 024*Nod to the old school California license plates*

Bossanova 034Connor happens to walk by and is immediately tackled by Selena. (This is when I remembered to fix his tattoos)

Bossanova 041The pregnancy is wearing Selena out. After she makes-out with Connor she is ready to take a nap.

Bossanova 046So Connor decides to try this ballet thing that Diego is always talking about.

Bossanova 049Bossanova 050Bossanova 054Diego: Hey, you weren’t half bad there!

Bossanova 055Connor: *girly giggle* Do you really think so??
You have at least one student already Diego!

Bossanova 058Later Diego makes lunch meat sandwiches…

Bossanova 059and calls all of the ladies over. It’s baby shower time!

Bossanova 061*pop numero dos!*

Bossanova 065Diego invited all of the ladies – and Brodie. He wants to get to know Brodie better but he has to be slick about it with Matisse there.

Bossanova 068Diego gets the party started with his signature move, the Bossanova Booty Pop.

Bossanova 071Sadie: OMW Connor! I can’t believe you’re going to be a dad! How fricken awesome! I want to get pregnant right away too! Like right now! Where’s Fitz?
If she only knew!

Bossanova 074Brodie: I just wanted to thank you all for allowing me to be a part of this baby shower. I feel so honored to be included in something… for once.

Bossanova 075Dawn: Who the fuck are you again?
Brodie: I’m-I’m your mail lady!
Dawn: Who?
Mean girls…

Bossanova 078Selena is having a great time and is so happy all of her friends showed up.

Bossanova 081Minka and Vivian bond with their bellies.

Bossanova 084Becca: Oh hi Minka… M-Minka?.. Oh… OK… I’ll stop talking now.
Becca still can’t make friends with the Mean Girls.

Bossanova 085Matisse was at the baby shower but for some reason she took off. Diego is free to chat with Brodie without consequence.

Bossanova 087Vivian: Do you really think I can go skiing in this condition? Do you even have a brain?

Bossanova 092Minka: I really can’t stand that Becca Goodacre!
Why is everyone being mean to Becca today?

Bossanova 093Sadie: Don’t worry Becca I’ll be your friend. And you, Brodie and I can take all of these heifers DOWN! We can call it The Against The Mean Girls Club!

Bossanova 094Becca: *Friend!*
Wait, I think Vivian is watching your scheming…

Bossanova 095Vivian: Oh, you can try and take us but we’re the gladiators!
OK, OK ladies. No pregnant fighting please!

Bossanova 100Meanwhile, in the same room…
Diego, I really don’t think you should be flirting with the mail lady in a room where almost every woman is BFFs with your girlfriend!

Bossanova 103Sadie: Hiya Diego! Wanna play red hands with me? *lowers voice* What the heck are you doing? All of Matisse’s friends are here. Someone’s bound to tell her! Quit it!

Bossanova 108Diego tries to be a bit more discreet and waits until most of the crowd has left the room before making more moves on Brodie.

Bossanova 115Oh brother.

Bossanova 118Diego and Brodie start their own dance party.

Bossanova 122Becca is so lonely she ventures outside to talk to her favorite companions… plants.
Becca: Ha ha ha ha! You guys are hilarious!!! I just about soiled my pants! Get it?
oh… brother…

Bossanova 128I don’t know how she can do that with a bag full a mail behind her!

Bossanova 133Becca: Hi little baby! We’re so excited to meet you!
Selena: Back up off of me, crazy ass!

Bossanova 134Poor Becca!

Bossanova 146Oh no…

Bossanova 148Sadie Winchester to the rescue!
Sadie: Hey guys! Whatcha doing, hot tubbing? Cool I love being in the hot tub. It’s so much fun! All the water and bubbles and the steam! It’s so relaxing! *whispers in Diego’s ear* I’m trying to save you. You’re welcome!

Bossanova 153Selena corners Dawn and lets her in on her master plan.
Selena: Connor and I want to get married on Friday after the baby is born.
Vivian: Wait… *turns off the TV* what did she just say?
Selena: So do you think you can bring over all of the stuff that you have ready for Vivian’s wedding and have outfits made by then? U.U

Bossanova 158Dawn: Do you really think that I have time to make new outfits for you and your wedding party? And redo all of Viv’s decorations? And take care of a newborn and be pregnant? Are you insane?

Bossanova 159Nonetheless Dawn measures up Selena so she can start working on her wedding dress.

Bossanova 156The Against The Mean Girls Club convenes for their first meeting in Diego’s hot tub.
Brodie: …and I hear she’s only marrying Malcolm for his money. She wants to control everyone’s money! I don’t trust her with mine. I’m going to refuse to pay the taxes! What can she do?
Well that’s when we will build a jail and imprison your ass, Brodie.

Bossanova 162Thank the Watcher it’s over!

Bossanova 166Bossanova 167Day Four

Bossanova 001Today’s the day!

Bossanova 003Selena cleans up the mess from last night’s baby shower.

Bossanova 009During breakfast Selena has a talk with her brother about the Brodie situation.
Diego: I really like Matisse but can I help it if I want to meet someone new? It’s not like we’re in love or anything. We’re both just messing around.

Bossanova 011Selena understands but she thinks they both like each other a lot more than they let on.

Bossanova 012Diego’s off to find news that’s fit to print!

Bossanova 018Minka stops by to deliver Selena’s baby. This will be her third delivery which will open up the Medical career for her.

Bossanova 020I can feel the mutual hatred.

Bossanova 022Selena: Minka! I’m so glad you’re here! I’m so nervous to have this baby!

Bossanova 024Brodie: You’re all going down. Then I will have Diego all to myself. Muhahahahaha!!!
Shit just got real yo.

Bossanova 032Vivian stops by and Selena invites her in as well. Both girls are super scared to deliver their first child. Maybe they can soothe each other.

Bossanova 034Selena’s baby shower gifts were the “throw me on the floor and walk away” thingy…

Bossanova 035and the “not really a crib” thingy which Selena sticks in the dance studio. With Selena, Diego, the baby and Connor moving in after the wedding, it’s going to be pretty tight in the condo.

Bossanova 038Like Diego would ever pass up an opportunity to join a dance party!

Bossanova 039You know it!

Bossanova 040You’re getting so close Diego!

Bossanova 047Connor and Matisse stop by as well and Selena makes comfort soup for all of her guests. Connor is truly excited and nervous about his new baby!

Bossanova 058So he works the barre to work off his stress. He’s so cute.

Bossanova 062Matisse busts a move hoping to relieve all the stress everyone seems to have regarding the delivery, with mixed results.
Minka: Now we know where Kendrick got his moves from.

Bossanova 063Matisse: Did you guys say something?
Vivian & Minka: No, no, nothing at all. We don’t think you’re crazy dancing at all. *giggle snort*

Bossanova 066However Minka is still worrying. Cheer up Minka. You’ve done this two times before. You can do it again, easy peasy!

Bossanova 070Bossanova 071Woot! Now he can sleep in!

Bossanova 072Selena tries to get in a quick nap before the baby’s arrival.

Bossanova 078After a long day, Diego relaxes in the hot tub where Matisse, of course, finds him.

Bossanova 084Selena was right. Matisse does have stronger feelings for Diego than she’s been letting on.

Bossanova 087And after hot tub woohoo, Diego falls in love as well.

Bossanova 103Bossanova 108Bossanova 114Soon, it’s time!

Bossanova 150It’s a boy!!! Selena names him Nico. He has black hair, dark brown eyes and medium skin.

Bossanova 154Oh, don’t stop on Selena’s account Connor. Keep on Don’t come and meet your baby or check on your fiance or anything.

Bossanova 155Diego cautiously enters the room. Nico is so little, Diego is afraid to hold him!

Bossanova 161Selena is over the moon with her new little man!

Bossanova 166Minka: My work here is done. Now I can open my medical clinic!
Yeah and you didn’t need to get yourself pregnant just like I said! *grumble grumble*

Bossanova 170What would an Oceanside Project update be without a fire?

Bossanova 181Or an electrocution?

Bossanova 176Stay tuned for Day Five: The Wedding Special! Thank you for reading!!

Notes: I set Selena’s ideal family to six kids because of her lifetime want to marry off six kids. I have to remember to set up ideal kids after the wedding, I guess. I took over 300 photos of the wedding so I figured I need to make that it’s own entry.

Credits: The Against The Mean Girls Club is a parody of the book The Against Taffy Sinclair Club which I loved as a little girl. The idea of Sadie and Brodie making their own club to go up against the Mean Girls came from the wonderful Simlili ^.^


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