Bossanova/Firestone: The Wedding Special

- Oceanside Sims, Wedding Special

Bossanova-WeddingWarnings: woohoo, toasting, crazy dancing, badly posed wedding photos, child neglect.


Bossanova 001Bossanova 008Nico is the first to change into his formal attire.

Bossanova 020Selena and Diego woke up early to set up the wedding decorations down on the beach.

Bossanova 023Brodie calls fairly early in the morning for Diego. I think she’s trying to finagle an invite to the wedding. Sorry Brodie. There’s no way he would have you and Matisse in the same room.

Bossanova 029Because Brodie would rather gab on the phone than do her job, Lars Shadow (awesome name!) had to fill in.

Bossanova 032What’s the matter Lars?
Lars: I-I-I’m deathly afraid of balloons. W-w-what if they pop? I-I-It’s so loud.

Bossanova 033Lars: EEEEEP!
Awww man, there goes our decorations 🙁

Bossanova 036Dawn arrives with the dresses and tuxes for the wedding party and to help with hair and make-up.

Bossanova 038Bossanova 039Diego: Ohhh I don’t feel well… I really can’t come in today *cough* *cough* Ohhhh I think I’m going to dieeeeee!

Bossanova 044Boy you’re lucky I’m not your boss.

Bossanova 056It’s time to get ready! Minka! You look stunning!!
Minka: I’m not used to all this girlie-ness…
Dawn: Don’t slouch when you’re wearing one of my designs!*
(*please see credits below for who actually created these designs!)

Bossanova 058The wedding begins at 12 ‘o’clock sharp!

Bossanova 075All of the founding families were invited (sorry NPCs) to the very first wedding in Oceanside’s history!

Bossanova 094As soon as everyone takes their seats the ceremony can begin.

Bossanova 099Bossanova 103Bossanova 128Before the reception begins, Matisse takes posed photos of the wedding party.

FirestoneWedding 001FirestoneWedding 003FirestoneWedding 007FirestoneWedding 008FirestoneWedding 010FirestoneWedding 006Bossanova 149Toasting time!

Bossanova 152Vivian: I was supposed to have the first wedding in Oceanside. These decorations were supposed to be mine. I should be the one they’re toasting.
Welp, you’re the one that got knocked up and ruined my plans for the perfect sim wedding. Now you got to deal with it, Missy!

Bossanova 156Bossanova 171So much toasting and kissing. Everyone should be nectared up enough for…

Bossanova 179a dance party, YIPEE!

Bossanova 174Bossanova 189Bossanova 194Bossanova 196Bossanova 197Bossanova 203Bossanova 226Cake time!

Bossanova 234Selena thinks the cake made by resident chef George Lambswool is divine!

Bossanova 246Tables are quickly set up for dessert and dinner.

Bossanova 249Bossanova 256Bossanova 255Bossanova 261Bossanova 268Bossanova 271Bossanova 276Bossanova 288Best Wedding Ever!

Bossanova 296After the guests leave the honeymoon begins. And what about baby Nico, you may be asking?

Bossanova 301I don’t know how he stayed alive because no one checked on him the whole time! Luckily Uncle Diego was there after the party to take care of his nephew.

Bossanova 312Bossanova 313ERMAHGERD!

Bossanova 322Bossanova 321While Selena sleeps Connor finally bonds with his son. But it doesn’t last long because…

Bossanova 327Diego is moving out! Once Connor moved in there just wasn’t any room in the tiny condo for all five of them. Connor told Diego he could move into his old condo. Now Diego will have a place of his own!

Bossanova 330Don’t worry, Connor brought Old Bertha with him!

Bossanova 334Good night!

Bossanova 329Sadie: I’d like to make a toast?

Notes: Minka was chosen as bridesmaid because she had the highest relationship with Selena (BFFs 4 L!), Diego was chosen as Connor’s best man because he had the highest relationship. I can’t be bothered to have more than one bridesmaid and best man so all weddings will only have one each.

Credits: The wedding fashions were really created by Trapping (Selena’s gown), Skellington (Minka’s gown), Amaryll (Connor’s and Diego’s tux) and Almighty Hat (Nico’s gown). Posed wedding pictures idea comes from Chickadeelee (I love her wedding pics!).

Thank you for coming!

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