Moneywell/Landgraab: The Royal Wedding

- Oceanside Sims, Wedding Special

OC-Royal-WeddingSuY1You are cordially invited to the wedding of
Mr. Malcolm Landgraab, X
Miss Vivian Moneywell

Summer, Sunday Day Seven at 12pm
Our Gray Lady of Plumbobs Peteran Church
40 Church Street, Oceanside

Landgraab 069Landgraab 086Formal attire is required.

Landgraab 088Landgraab 085Landgraab 091Landgraab 095Landgraab 096Landgraab 102Landgraab 106Landgraab 110Landgraab 123Landgraab 126Landgraab 127Landgraab 131Landgraab 133Landgraab 135Landgraab 136Immediately following the ceremony will be a piano solo performed by Mr. Landgraab of “Mary Had A Little Lamb.”

Landgraab 140The wedding party will then pose for professional portraits.

Landgraab 003Landgraab 004Landgraab 007Landgraab 010Landgraab 012Landgraab 015Landgraab 019Landgraab 016Landgraab 148Followed by a champagne reception.

Landgraab 155Landgraab 159Landgraab 143And a lobster dinner catered by renowned chef George Lambswool.

Landgraab 166Landgraab 168Landgraab 169Landgraab 173For dessert the couple will serve a buttercream cake with whipped cream frosting.

Landgraab 185Landgraab 188Landgraab 189Landgraab 193Landgraab 199Landgraab 200Landgraab 202There will be time allotted for extra-curricular activities.

Landgraab 204Landgraab 209Landgraab 210Landgraab 211Landgraab 216Landgraab 221Landgraab 223Landgraab 224The wedding party will leave promptly at 7pm.

Landgraab 225When a final toast will be given to the newlyweds.

Landgraab 232Thank you for your attendance.


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