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OC-Biltmore-Summer-Y1“Babies, Babies, BABIES!”

Warnings: excessive heart-farting, men in heels, a remodel, an adoption, and BAYBIES!

Previously on The Oceanside Project Biltmore and Winchester

Saturday, Day Six

BiltmoreBiltmore 003In the wee hours of Saturday morning Fitz Biltmore, Oceanside’s builder, starts the day taking care of the little fishies.

Biltmore 005And his lovely wife Sadie Biltmore, Oceanside’s Bad-ass Fire Fighter, takes care of the baby Yeti, Heath.

Biltmore 011Fitz really wants to be a great Dad so he finds every book he has on how to be a better parent and starts reading.

Biltmore 013Sadie, currently expecting the couple’s second child, is having another rough pregnancy.

Biltmore 015Biltmore 021After a quick breakfast…

Biltmore 026Sadie spends some much needed time in the hot tub to relax.

Biltmore 031Biltmore 033Biltmore 036Parenting is SRS BIZNSS yo!

Biltmore 040Fitz is super busy today. He needs to build a day care for the town’s new Nanny Angie Killeen.

Biltmore 042No matter what Sadie does she can’t keep her food down. With this pregnancy she is having usual cramping and pain. Sadie’s worried she might lose the baby but she’s too stubborn to ask for help from the town doctor, and her rival, Minka Yomoshoto.

Biltmore 046You know what won’t settle your stomach? ESPRESSO!

Biltmore 051Sadie: I feel so jittery!

Biltmore 053The summer heat, hot tub heat, and espresso heat hit Sadie all at once and she almost passes out… again.

Biltmore 0055Fitz finally finished building Sadie’s Fire Station and she’s ready to claim it!

Biltmore 057Biltmore 059Poor Sadie!

Biltmore 065You know what else won’t settle your stomach? SURFING!

Biltmore 070Baby Heath is awake and stinky. Luckily Sadie can hear his cries all the way outside in the ocean.

Biltmore 076Sadie: Who’s a good wittle Wetty Yeti? Heath’s a good wittle Wetty Yeti!
Heath: *Laughs hysterically*

Biltmore 080As soon as she puts Heath down for his nap…

Biltmore 081Sadie has now defiled every toilet in the house.

Biltmore 083Diego Bossanova, dancing Journalist and Sadie’s bestie, stops by to hang out for a bit.
Diego: Whoa Sadie! Your breath is so bad I don’t know if I should give you gum or toilet paper!

Biltmore 089Diego challenges Sadie to a shoot out but I’m not sure if he wants to play soccer or break into a dance montage.

Biltmore 091Sadie ignores Diego in favor of a nice, hot bubble bath…

Biltmore 095and a nap.

Biltmore 101Biltmore 102Woot! Fitz is promoted to Foreman!

Biltmore 103You should be proud Fitz!

Biltmore 105Fitz has an espresso…

Biltmore 108and resumes reading about Parenting.

Biltmore 111Yes! Baby-whisperer Fitz Biltmore, everyone.

Biltmore 116Sadie’s baby sense is tingling as well. Time to feed Heath.

Biltmore 121Biltmore 123*pop*

Biltmore 124Yeah, she’s already on maternity leave, but thanks.

Biltmore 127Biltmore 130Heath and Fitz are all tucked in.

Biltmore 136While Sadie learns Fire Safety.
Sadie: “Fires can happen in a few different situations: An outdoor object is struck by lightning in heavy rains.” Boy, do I know that!
Boy, do we all know that!

Sunday, Day Seven

BiltmoreBiltmore 004A wolf sighting! I decided that the island needed some strays in case someone wanted to adopt a pet. Meet Wolfenstein! (I know, I’m a genius when it comes to names, thank you.)

Biltmore 011Sadie, having her fill of Fire Science for the night, grabs another bite to eat and heads to bed.

Biltmore 012Biltmore 014Biltmore 019Fitz needs to be more logical on the job if he wants to get ahead. Surveying the island will give him better insight on where new buildings should be built.

Biltmore 024Before he can go from surveying the land to surveying what his neighbors are doing, Heath wakes up and demands Daddy’s attention.

Biltmore 027After giving Heath love…

Biltmore 034It’s back to the telescope.

Biltmore 038Angie the Nanny walks by and Fitz invites her in. It’s time for her to meet her soon-to-be student at the soon-to-be Day Care.

Biltmore 045Since Heath is asleep, Angie heads down to the beach to play soccer.

Biltmore 051She then heads back inside when Fruit Parfait is served for breakfast.

Biltmore 052Sadie is a very hands-on parent and doesn’t want to leave her child with a Nanny but she understands that she will have to, eventually, since both she and Fitz work.

Biltmore 054That doesn’t stop her from drilling Angie with all kinds of scenarios.
Sadie: What will you do if an emergency happens? Like what if wild dogs come into the Day Care and drag Heath out by his collar and make him leader of their Wild Dog Gang? Huh? HUH?
I really don’t think that’s very likely Sadie… even in this game.

Biltmore 060Fitz returns to spying on the neighbors.

Biltmore 066Biltmore 068He then tries to learn the more mechanical aspects of his occupation.

Biltmore 069BAM! It’s like he doesn’t even have to try.

Biltmore 071Since Fitz is home today and Nanny Angie is nearby, Sadie heads off to the Fire Station.

Biltmore 072The Oceanside Fire Station is separated into two buildings: the Fire Chief’s office and retail area and the garage and bunker.

Biltmore 080Biltmore 079The garage holds the fire truck and the fire fighters’ equipment.

Biltmore 074Biltmore 075Biltmore 076Biltmore 077The bunker over the garage has a place for the fire fighters to hang out while on duty.

Biltmore 083Biltmore 082The retail area of the office has much-needed fire alarms for sale as well as fire related paraphernalia *cough*forthearsonistsinthecommunity*cough*

Biltmore 089The fire station’s first customer, as always, is the snappy dressed, flowy haired Garden Club founder, Rocky Kotsomiti. Do you really need a fire alarm in that cave you live in on the other side of the island?

Biltmore 091Selena Firestone, educator, also makes an appearance. Sadie tries her best to ignore her.

Biltmore 094The next customer is mail lady Brodie Mason who seems to be really interested in the toy fire trucks for her daughter Aria.

Biltmore 095Selena nabs some fireworks.

Biltmore 097Rocky re-affirms the hotness of Brodie Mason.

Biltmore 099While her customers are struggling for help Sadie sits in her office reading about Fire Safety. She doesn’t need to sell, these things sell themselves, right?

Biltmore 100Selena also grabs a toy fire truck for her son Nico!

Biltmore 102Sadie is so lost on the cash register. She’s mortified that she looks like an idiot in front of one of her mortal enemies.

Biltmore 107And Selena’s not having any of it.

Biltmore 111Biltmore 113Go Sadie Go!

Biltmore 116Sadie figures out that she’s going to need to do more than sit around if she wants a fire alarm in every house so she tries to charm her customers.

Biltmore 117Too bad she doesn’t have any charm.

Biltmore 119Brodie is one of the few sims in town that actually likes Sadie. Her attempt at sales goes over well.
*spoiler alert, Brodie buys nothing*

Biltmore 121Rocky wants nothing to do with Sadie’s new found sales technique. Gee, I remember Rocky not liking Vivian’s sales technique either, but Owen was OK for him. Maybe he doesn’t like pushy broads.

Biltmore 123Malcolm Landgraab, wannabe Mayor, wanders in and is at a complete loss to where he is.
Malcolm: This is a Fire House? I thought this was strip club. I saw a pole! Where are the strippers?!

Biltmore 124Sadie: Hiya Malcolm! Is there anything I can help you with?

Biltmore 125Malcolm: Nu-uh. Sorry. I don’t want a lap dance from a pregnant stripper. Nice costume though.

Biltmore 127Instead of busting Malcolm in the jaw, Sadie restocks the items sold to Selena…

Biltmore 128and goes back to Fire Safety.
Sadie: “Fire in the room causes a Sim’s needs to drop quickly, and Sims will panic, stopping all actions to run towards the fire and complain, becoming completely useless.” Stupid sims.

Biltmore 129Woot! Good job learning Fire Safety!
*cough* Eventhoughyoushouldhavelearneditbeforeyoubecameafirefighter *cough*

Biltmore 136Sadie is ready to call it a night.

Biltmore 140Sadie: It’s time to get the hell out!

Biltmore 141Back at the house…

Biltmore 144Fitz prepares for Sunday Dinner and invites Sadie’s friends Diego and Connor Firestone, and his friends Kendrick Troubadour and Minka. Wait, MINKA AND KENDRICK!? Minka just caught Kendrick cheating on her and smacked the crap out of him! And Diego is in love with Minka! How can this be a good thing?!

Biltmore 148Biltmore 147And they have the nerve to walk over together. Hmph!

Biltmore 150The heart-farting commences.
Kendrick: Minka’s so hot. But she smacked me in the face! *anger*
Minka: Diego’s dreamy!! Look at me Kendrick, I’m totally fawning over DIEGO!
Diego: Maybe I can escape into the ocean.

Biltmore 154You know what won’t make this evening any better? BURNT HOT DOGS!

Biltmore 160Biltmore 162Dinner seems to go smoothly as long as Kendrick and Minka stay away from each other.

Biltmore 163Almost time for Heath to grow up!

Biltmore 168Yes Fitz, we know you think Angie is hot. Thank goodness she’s not a live-in nanny.

Biltmore 171Yes, yes, Minka is the hottest thing on the planet. WE GET IT!!!

Biltmore 179Later Fitz and Minka get cozy on the couch watching Dr. Sexy, MD.

Biltmore 180and Diego and Kendrick get cozy in the hot tub.
Diego: Man, it’s criminal the way Minka smacked you in front of everysim! I would NOT try and get back together with her, no matter how hot she is!
Don’t listen to Diego, Kendrick. He has an ulterior motive!

Biltmore 185Minka heart-farts over her baby-daddy. I have a bad feeling that Minka is looking to hurt Kendrick anyway she can with whomever she can.

Biltmore 186Minka fawns all over Diego… again in the presence of Kendrick.

Biltmore 189Fitz remembers he’s on baby duty and grabs a bottle for Heath.

Biltmore 192Oh no! Diego is the only one being a good boy at this party and he’s the one to get electrified!

Biltmore 196Nanny Angie has a careful eye on Fitz as he takes care of Heath.

Biltmore 198The evening wouldn’t be complete without A FIRE!

Biltmore 200Here’s a scenario you didn’t think of Sadie. What does Angie do when a fire breaks out? She gets the hell out of Dodge and leaves your baby to burn!

Fitz: I hope my flowers aren’t going to burn…
It’s ironic that a fire breaks out while your fire fighter wife is away at the station… Luckily it was still raining so the fire washed out on it’s own.

Biltmore 204Luckily baby Heath slept through the whole thing.

Biltmore 205Diego decides to call it a night since he’s burnt and stinky.

Biltmore 206Minka and Connor, oblivious to the fire outside, have a riveting conversation in the dirty bathroom.

Biltmore 207Fitz: I’ll just pretend I’m showering and try to read their lips…

Biltmore 208lulz….

Biltmore 210Unfortunately Sadie missed her friends and all of the drama.

Biltmore 218But look what she brought home with her! Sadie found this little guy wandering around the street on her walk and she just had to bring him home. Look at those spots! They’re stars! Sadie named the puppy Cinders.

Biltmore 003Along with Cinders Sadie brought home an extra fire extinguisher. This extinguisher will also notify the fire house if someone needs to use it. (i.e. it’s a fire alarm.)

Biltmore 212Biltmore 213It’s just like the photo in the fire station! Sadie puts Heath to bed…

Biltmore 223Feeds Cinders…

Biltmore 228and heads to bed with Fitz.

Monday, Day Eight

Biltmore 007Biltmore 010Wakey, wakey Mom and Dad. Heath needs attention!

Biltmore 012Biltmore 013Biltmore 014Today is Heath’s last day as a baby! His parents are planning a nice little birthday party for him later this afternoon.

Biltmore 017Cinders has discovered the water-wiggler. He wonders why every time he tries to go near it the thing spits at him!

Biltmore 023Even though they are both very busy, Sadie and Fitz try to have breakfast together each morning.

Biltmore 028Soon it’s time for Fitz the Foreman to head into work. Now that Angie’s day care is finished it’s time for Fitz’s next project. Even though all of the island’s children are small, Malcolm wants Fitz to start construction on the new Primary and Secondary Schools!

Biltmore 042Cinders and mailman Lars Shadow become friendly.

Biltmore 048Um, let me see you met Fitz, fell in love, had your first woohoo, got engaged and married, had Heath, got a job, your own business, and a dog. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? BLOOD?

Biltmore 053Fitz is home from work…

Biltmore 054tumblr_m13z9jd7xB1r6zob3o1_400Woot Woot!
*runs off to build Fitz his Construction Company :D*

Biltmore 056Sadie and Heath become besties while nursing.

Biltmore 057Biltmore 059It’s tax day! Fitz sends off the family’s 10% to Treasurer Vivian Landgraab.

Biltmore 058Along with the promotion, Fitz brought home a birthday cheesecake. You know what that means…

Biltmore 060PARTY TIME!! Fitz invited the same friends as last time, along with their significant others. Sadie insisted they invite the other two toddlers in town, Eve Goodacre and Gwyneth Landgraab as well as their parents.

Biltmore 063Biltmore 064Biltmore 065Everyone that’s invited shows up except Matisse Troubadour. She walks by but doesn’t come in 🙁

Biltmore 069Fitz serves hot dogs for the guests while Sadie wastes no time bringing Heath to the cake.
*I’m not going to miss it this time*

Biltmore 072Biltmore 073Biltmore 076Biltmore 080Sadie blows out the candle for Heath!

Biltmore 096And Heath magically becomes a Toddler!!

Biltmore 102Biltmore 104Some people just don’t know how to act at a baby’s birthday party!

Biltmore 109Kendrick sits down next to Minka to try to discuss their relationship. It doesn’t look like it’s going very well.

Biltmore 111Fitz: Woooo!!! Yeah Heath!!!!
You are so incredibly late Fitz Biltmore.

Biltmore 112Gwyneth finds the Clown-in-a-box upstairs and enjoys every minute of it.

Biltmore 115And Eve finds the Imaginary Friend doll and attempts to destroy it.

Biltmore 113After examining Heath to make sure he grew-up OK Minka has some news for Fitz.
Minka: Heath has terrible eyesight and will have to wear glasses.
Fitz: Wow, I’m so honored Heath shares my bad vision.
Minka: What?! *secretly hopes her kid doesn’t “share his bad vision.”*

Biltmore 118Fitz steals away from the party to gussy up Heath. Heath, however,  is a little too drowsy to care about his make-over. Heath is a 6-9-6-3-3 Taurus with a high interest in Travel and Entertainment and loves the music and the dance. He’s excitable which he gets from his mom, and a perfectionist which he gets from his dad.

Biltmore 123Um, I guess we should have found some Pj’s for Heath to wear…

Biltmore 120Stop heart-farting over Connor and take care of your child Mrs. Landgraab!

Biltmore 129Needy Cinders loves having all of these sims in his house. He finally gets some attention.

Biltmore 133Kendrick: I don’t’ know why Minka has to be so drama all of the time. Brodie is so chill about everything. It’s so hard to choose!
I don’t think the choice is yours Kendrick. Minka has written you off for good.

Biltmore 135Biltmore 139Cinders makes a friend!

Biltmore 141Sadie excuses herself from the party to take a nap. She still has a baby to deliver tonight!

Biltmore 142Biltmore 143Biltmore 146Gwynie gives love to Cinders!

Biltmore 148Heck yeah it did!

Biltmore 149As Fitz begins to clean up…

Biltmore 152Sadie goes into labor!

Biltmore 155HAHAHAHAHA…… ha…. ha…. h…..a……

Biltmore 165Hey Fitz! Stop making the bed, will you, and take your child. Another one’s coming!

Biltmore 168Biltmore 170It’s TWO boys!!!

Biltmore 177First born is Aiden! Aiden has light skin and red hair like his daddy, and gray eyes like his mommy.

Biltmore 176Second born is Gavin! Gavin has blonde hair and gray eyes like his mommy and light skin like his daddy! The condo is entirely too small for three babies! What will the Biltmore’s do?

Tuesday, Day Nine

Fitz worked tirelessly throughout the night redesigning and remodeling the Biltmore’s condo to accommodate the new additions. I’ll give you a house tour once the sun comes up.

Biltmore 001Sadie is back to her pre-babies sexy weight.

Biltmore 004Heath finally wears some decent pajamas.

Biltmore 006Biltmore 007Gavin and Aiden now have cribs of their own in their own room.

Biltmore 011Biltmore 016Sadie and Fitz only get a moment’s rest before Heath is stinky and yelly.

Biltmore 019Biltmore 024Toddlers do not like baby powder!

Biltmore 026Biltmore 033Biltmore 044After taking care of Heath, Sadie and Fitz take care of the twins.

Biltmore 048And take care of each other.

Biltmore 050Biltmore 055Remember when Fitz told Diego he liked to wear his wife’s heels? Bet you didn’t guess they were thigh-high CFM boots! Apparently he only wears them when it’s CFM time.

Biltmore 060Biltmore 058We’re going to have to make a trip to Goodacre’s Grocery Store pretty soon.

Biltmore 068While Sadie and Fitz talk over breakfast, let’s see the remodeled condo!

Biltmore 071The front elevation changed drastically. They shortened the car port, added a huge double decker front porch, sun rooms, and an observation tower for Fitz to spy on his neighbors better.

Biltmore 073Biltmore 074Biltmore 082The kitchen and dining room are at the back of the house and lead to the longer deck in the back.

Biltmore 075The living room is in the front. There is a bathroom against the stairs to the right. The french doors lead to the 1st floor sun room.

Biltmore 077Biltmore 076Biltmore 078The master bedroom and bath are upstairs and lead to the 2nd floor sun room.

Biltmore 079Also upstairs is Heath’s bedroom…

Biltmore 080and the twins’ bedroom.

Biltmore 081Both of which share a bathroom.

Biltmore 086It’s time for Fitz’s first day as the Head of the Construction Company. Look at the snazzy suit he gets to wear to work now!

Biltmore 088Biltmore 090Sadie, still on maternity leave, has her hands full with the twins but she’s doing well!

Biltmore 092Heath has found his joy of coloring with this nifty activity table he received for his transition day!

Biltmore 097Another stray! This is Risa the Raccoon.
*IRL I hate raccoons. We had them living under our shed for a while. They were as big as dobermans!*

Biltmore 105With the twins asleep and Heath coloring a masterpiece, Sadie tries to get a little fun and body points surfing.

Biltmore 107A skyscraper doesn’t fit in with Oceanside’s aesthetic. Better stick with the local government.

Biltmore 108NOOOOOOO! And I just built you a little Construction Company *sadface.gif*

Biltmore 109So what do you do when you’ve just been demoted and you’re feeling blue…

Biltmore 117Yep, you guessed it.

Biltmore 119Poor Heath really needs to use the potty.

Biltmore 123Mom and Dad don’t give a damn Heath. Potty train yourself!

Biltmore 126Biltmore 127That’s what happens when you rather woohoo than take care of your baby!
Oh, btw… *CHIMES!!!!!!!*

Biltmore 132Fitz takes care of Heath’s stinkiness and even dresses him.

Biltmore 135Biltmore 141Then Fitz is off to the grocery store to fill the fridge.

Biltmore 143Biltmore 149Owen Goodacre, owner of Goodacre’s Grocery Store and enemy of Fitz Biltmore, makes Fitz wait for a while before coming to ring him up. Just because he can.

Biltmore 154Back at home…

Biltmore 158Biltmore 159Biltmore 160Heath likes to sleep in the room with his brothers. Maybe I should have had all of them in the same room.

Biltmore 163Biltmore 164Fitz tries his hand at comfort soup for dinner.

Biltmore 169It turned out pretty good!

Biltmore 173Cinders loves toddlers. Thank goodness because it looks like there will be plenty around this house!

Biltmore 175Biltmore 176They’re just so frakkin happy. I can’t stand it!

Biltmore 178There we go. There’s the pain and misery!

Thank you for reading!!

Notes: With the children I roll randoms genetic traits from each parent; like if they have freckles or not, wavy hair or straight hair, etc. Heath rolled that he would have the bad eyesight trait that he inherited from Fitz so he has to wear glasses and he got wavy hair from Sadie. I already rolled the twins’ traits as well but you will have to wait and see what they are when they age up to Toddler 🙂

Credits: The Fire Safety quotes are from The Sims Wiki. Fitz’s sexy thigh high boots are by Giantsquid2000 here on MTS. I’m looking for a more Maxis-Match heel and underwear for males so if you see one let me know ^.^

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