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OC-Condo-MainYou get a condo! And you get a condo! And even you get a condo!

Promised a long time ago (thank you for reminding me myhollywoodending) … Here is the generic beach condo that all of my founders live in. It comes empty (no furniture) so you can decorate to your heart’s desire. Please note that it is a 2×5 beach lot so it may not fit on all beach elevations. You may have to play around with the floor elevation cheats to make it look right in your hood.

OceansideCondoCondo Front
Hint: the download has real rose bushes but I replace them with SimBlender, ACR Controller, and Visitor Controller morphed into rose bushes.

OceansideCondo 001Entertaining Side View

OceansideCondo 002Back
Beach Front View

OceansideCondo 003Driveway Side
Hint: stick one of those invisible driveways here (not included).

OceansideCondo 005Top Down View – 1st Floor

OceansideCondo 004Top Down View – 2nd Floor

Notes: Not a lot of cc here but what I did use is included in the package file. The only things missing from the package file are the Castaway Stories trees and shrubs found here , here and maybe here. I have all EPs and SPs. Use Clean Installer to get rid of unwanted objects.

Credits: The founder’s condos layout is originally by Family Home Plans.

[SFS] [Mediafire]

Please let me know if you have any problems with this file. Thank you! ^.^

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