Maxis Taste Dare #028: Fandom, Anyone?

- Maxis Taste

So Maxis Taste‘s dare this time around is Fandom and how could I not jump at the chance to combine my two fav things: The Sims and Buffy the Vampire Slayer! So here’s my feeble attempt. Please don’t laugh too much at the horrid posing or that the images were all taken at the same place, tee hee. I’m lazy! Cue the theme music!

Emma Langsford as Buffy Summers
Emma Langsford is a teen in Castaway Stories and one of my favorite characters. Hopefully it’s ok that I used her in this challenge. She’s basically Face 1 but she has a spunky style that I thought would fit well with Sim!Buffy.

Dustin Broke as Angel/Angelus
Dustin’s hair was changed and Vamp!Angel has different eye color, vamp skin and furrowed brows.

Angela Pleasant as Willow Rosenberg, Vidcund Curious as Rupert Giles, Violet Jocque as Cordelia Chase, and Rick Contrary as Xander Harris.

Tybalt Capp as Daniel “Oz” Osbourne, Juliet Capp as Harmony Kendall, Stella Roth as Joyce Summers, Hermia Capp as Anya Jenkins, and Ripp Grunt as Riley Finn.
Juliet and Hermia both dyed their hair blonde.

Gvaudoin Tricou as Drusilla and Fricorith Tricou as Spike
Shown in their vampy and normal states. Again vamp versions have furrowed brow, vamp skintone and yellow eyes.

I forgot to take a photo of her alone so here’s Ginger Newson as Faith Lehane with Dustin and Emma.

Juliet Capp as Vamp!Harmony, Lilith Pleasant as Vamp!Willow, and Tybalt Capp as Wolf!Oz.
Because I am that much of a nerd, I had to make the creature version of everybody too. I just didn’t make demon Anya… cause I forgot.

And these I just made as extras because I HAD TO! May I introduce to you… the Gentlemen!

(I took a lot of creative license with these guys, ahem) The Gentlemen were actually demons but I made them into vampires for this photo shoot. They come from an episode during Season 4 called “Hush.” I think it was the only Buffy episode nominated for an Emmy. The Gentlemen scared the bejesus out of me so I threw them in here. The Gentlemen are:
Loki Beaker

Malcolm Landgraab

Kent Capp

and Armand DeBateau.

And one last villain? kind of? Since I made Vamp!Willow I also really wanted to do Dark Willow (or Wicked Willow as some like to call her):

Here’s Lilith again as Dark Willow. Thanks for reading!

Notes: (Start nerdy Buffy fandom rant) I mainly concentrated on Season 3 because it was my favorite of all time with a sprinkle of Season 4. This was the season where the Scoobies were Seniors in high school, we met Faith, Willow and Oz were still together, Xander and Cordelia were dating, Spike was still a bad ass, we meet Anya and the coolest villain ever was made: Vampire Willow! And by the end of the season, Angel’s whiny ass was gone to his own show! So yeah, I got a little carried away, but I had so much fun doing this. I especially loved doing the vampy/wolfy versions of all the characters.

Credits: Filmed entirely on location at Gothier Green Lawns by Miss Adia. Vamp skintones were made by Dracine at Synaptic Sims (you may have to become a member to see post). Dracine also made the veins on Dark Willow (sorry I can’t find the direct link). Vamp eye color was recolored by me (my first time!) and it’s a recolor of my default replacement eyes originally by Bruno.

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