The Nectary

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The Lambswool Nectary
26 Landgraab Avenue

Exterior Front

Lambswool_F01 072

The Nectary’s architecture is different compared to the other buildings on the island. George wanted his nectary to look more like the images of buildings he saw in Fitz’s travel books of Monte Vista.

Lambswool_F01 074

Lambswool_F01 076

Exterior Back

Lambswool_F01 077

The back yard houses the nectary’s fermenting equipment.

Lambswool_F01 078

Lambswool_F01 079

Lambswool_F01 080

Lambswool_F01 081

Lambswool_F01 082

Front Entry

Lambswool_F01 083

Living Room

Lambswool_F01 084


Lambswool_F01 085

Dining Room

Lambswool_F01 086

Lambswool_F01 087

Boys’ Room

Lambswool_F01 088

Lambswool_F01 089

Girls’ Room

Lambswool_F01 092

Lambswool_F01 091

Dawn’s Sewing Room

Lambswool_F01 093

Lambswool_F01 094

Lambswool_F01 095

Lambswool_F01 096

Master Bedroom

Lambswool_F01 097

Lambswool_F01 098

Lambswool_F01 099

Master Bath

Lambswool_F01 100




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