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RSOSC Veronaville: Una

- Uberhood


Baba GaGa Una
Baba GaGa is the greatest crafter of spells in all of SimCity. Many come to Baba Gaga when they need a spell that normal witches can’t or won’t perform. Baba Gaga has no loyalty– she will work for anyone as long as they are able to pay her what she needs. What does she need? Souls. Or at least that’s how the story goes. Read More

RSOSC Veronaville: Goth

- Uberhood

My computer is… decent… now and my cc is in order so it’s simming time! I’ve been working on my SimCity uberhood and will be posting the citizens as soon as I make them. First hood is Veronaville and it’s first ancient, undead family The Goths.

morgana-goth-bio Read More