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Calista Beeching

Moneywell — Spring 01

- Oceanside Sims, Update

Welcome back to The Oceanside Project! Sorry to be away for so long 🙁

oc-moneywell-year1-springOn Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Warnings: bridezillas, mean girls, fire, nudity, pregnant drinking, disgruntled postal workers, and a stripper.

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Biltmore — Spring 01

- Oceanside Sims, Update

After a week at Comic-Con, my parents visiting from out of state, my son’s 8th birthday, and upgrading my computer to Windows 7, The Oceanside Project is back: now with more sims in their chonies!

Somebody Loves Fitz

Warnings: woohoo, peeping, fury, Sadie Winchester. Read More