Landgraab — Spring 01

- Oceanside Sims, Update

“How To Win Friends and Influence Sims”

Warnings: Woohoo, scantily clad sims, gossip, parties, and dancing angry.

Day One:

Malcolm Landgraab, X knows that it is very important to know his soon-to-be constituents. His sole purpose this spring is to become friends with three sims in order to enter into the politics career and run for office. He already has a friend in banker Vivian Moneywell (and by friend I mean make-out partner) so two more should be a snap for the loveable Malcolm.

Note: In my amendment to the BACC rules I originally wanted Malcolm to become friends with eight sims (the majority of the founders) before entering the politics career, but that would have taken too long and I don’t have the patience for it. Everything else takes three times (burglaries, fires, sickness, etc) three friends should do it.

The first neighbor to stop by is Owen Goodacre, one part of the farming duo the Goodacres and the owner of the soon to be built Goodacre’s Grocery Store on Main Street.

Malcolm has been wanting to get to know Owen better and hopes that they could be good friends.

Dawn Lambswool, the town’s fashion designer, walks by as well and Malcolm enthusiastically welcomes her to his home. He kind of has a thing for her, even though she’s a married woman.

Sadie Winchester, soon to be the town’s first police officer, stops by as well. Malcolm has a policy of getting to know everyone in the neighborhood, but Sadie is about the dullest and dumbest person ever. He actually gags when he sees her. But he knows he will definitely need the law on his side. Better butter her up while he can.

Note: For anyone that remembers, Sadie’s last name was originally Maraschino, but since then I decided she needed a name that goes with her profession like everyone else has. So I named her after a gun… not after the Supernatural boys… but they were on my mind as well…

Malcolm serves up a delicious lunch of everyone’s favorite I-don’t-know-how-to-cook-yet meal lunch meat sandwiches.

Dawn: Becca gained how much weight when she was pregnant?

Sadie doesn’t approve of this conversation.

Malcolm thinks it’s ok to wolf whistle at the married chick as long as her man’s not around.

Seriously, let the girl eat in peace.

Minka Yomoshoto, the town’s soon to be doctor, stops by as well.

Malcolm: Look at that can shake. I’d like to pop that top…
Enough already!

Sadie: *judges*

Everyone seems to be having a good time except for Sadie. She just sits there… watching… everyone… Not creepy at all.

Owen’s probably the sweetest person in the world. He goes to talk to Sadie so she won’t be lonely. In fact, Sadie seems to only want to talk to Owen… ever. He’s married too, don’t you know.

Owen catches a break and leaves Sadie to talk to Minka. Since she’s a doctor and all he hopes she can tell him that pissing on himself after being struck by lightning is a completely normal thing.

Thankfully Becca, Owen’s wife, shows up before Owen can divulge any more incontinence issues to Minka or Sadie can corner him in the hot tub.

Just behind Becca is Fitz Biltmore, Oceanside’s architect.

Whom no one finds very interesting. He and Sadie should really hook up.

Malcolm declares this a party and decides everyone should get nectared up.

Minka decides that everyone needs to be admired. Owen is all for it, but Dawn wants nothing of your admiration, Minka. She’s just a hard ass.

Sadie agrees with Dawn.

In case you forgot Owen and Becca are bat shit crazy for each other. Who’s watching baby Eve, by the way?

Malcolm: OMG, Becca Goodacre, you know that chick in the hot tub with Owen?

Malcolm: She totally BURNED HER SPAGHETTI!

Dawn: No. Fucking. Way? *gasps*
Malcolm Landgraab, X. Oceanside’s own Gossip Girl. Oh, and, Friend Number Two!
Fitz: I just wanted to watch Dr. Sexy, MD.

Fitz later tries to mack to Miss Unhappy, but this is the result. She’s a hard ass as well, I see.

Becca comes inside after her aquatic gymnastics with Owen to eat the slightly tainted lunch meat sandwiches. You do realize you’re pregnant, right?

Minka: I should totally tell him that his sandwich has gone bad. But if he gets sick I’m one step closer to opening my own hospital. Hmmm… I’ll just wait and see what happens.
Always the professional, Minka.


All that for a nut.

And we continue with the Everybody Hates Fitz show.

But Minka takes his admiration! Still no bolts for these two, damnit. Sadie judges in the back. I think she secretly has a thing for Fitz. (God I hope so. Someone needs to love him.)

Fitz tries a bit of shy flirting with Sadie, and she doesn’t smack him or anything! *crosses fingers*

Dawn and Minka try to relax a bit in the hot tub… in the rain…
Dawn: I made a friend today!

And then this happens.

Minka: God, you smell like burnt roadkill. Get the hell out of here! You’re turning the water gray!
You have a lovely bedside manner, Minka.

Malcolm serves up some delish fettucine alfredo to his remaining guests for dinner.

Then it’s off to bed. Two friends down… one more to go!

Day Two:

Me: Go clean up after your guests.
Malcolm: But I’m too pretty to clean.

After cleaning up and recycling, Becca happens to walk by and, according to the Landgraab creed, every walk-by must be greeted!

But Malcolm really wanted to see Viv so he called her and kicked Becca out.

Vivian walks up as Becca leaves the house and Vivian is visibly upset.
Vivian: What is Becca Goodacre doing leaving Malcolm’s house at 10 o’clock in the morning? Is he cheating on me? Why am I even here?

Vivian: Oh yeah, that’s why…
J/K she’s totally crushing on Malcolm but she also loves that he has a lot of money. Oh, you fortune sims!

Malcolm greets his lady love with kisses and hugs. I don’t think Viv has anything to worry about.

Malcolm whips up yummy oatmeal for himself and Viv and at the same time messes up the counter so bad that it goes from concrete to butcher block. (This is my biggest pet peeve–no dirty state! Oh, and I’m a little obsessed about sim meals, if you couldn’t tell. I love watching them cook and looking at their food. I don’t know why.)

Viv really likes Malcolm but she’s deeply disgusted by his eating habits. You would think a man with as much money as Malcolm would have better table manners. Vivian might have to re-think him as husband material.

Vivian rests in the hot tub contemplating her next move.

But then Malcolm joins her and, as usual, he is too much for her to resist.

*Best Friends*

So this happened. Malcolm and Vivian lose their virginity in the hot tub. ~Romantic~

Malcolm leaves the hot tub to fix dinner while Vivian ponders what just happened.
Vivian: Maybe I gave it up too soon? Should I have waited for a ring? Didn’t Becca and Owen do it in this tub last night? Ewwwww….

Malcolm burns the mac & cheese! Now Becca can have her revenge!

Malcolm: Omnomnomnom….
Vivian: I think I’m going to throw up…

Malcolm must have something going on, though. He asks Vivian to spend the night and she says yes!

But you know what really happens when people spend the night…

Day Three:

Vivian didn’t really get much sleep. She got up, drank some espresso on the porch, and then finally crashed some time after dawn.

Malcolm got up silently and made breakfast for his lady. He wants a great start today for today he must make one more friend and become a politician.

Malcolm: Every day should start off with hot oatmeal and a hot chick in her knickers.

Malcolm catches some walk-bys: George Lambswool, Diego Bossanova, and his friend Dawn, and, of course, invites them all in.

He really wants Dawn to meet Vivian. He thinks the girls will be the best of friends since him and Dawn are such good friends. Diego is suspicious.

Everyone loves Malcolm. He’s sure to win whatever office he tries to run for.

Dawn corners Vivian in the bathroom and asks her a million questions. Dawn could tell by the way Malcolm was talking that this girl was “the one.” She just wants to make sure Viv feels the same way. And she’s nosy.

Dawn: So, Malcolm, did you pick out an engagement ring yet?

Diego: Hold up. Just because they woohooed doesn’t mean he has to put a ring on it.
Oh, you romance sims…

Vivian: Oh my goodness, George, that was the funniest joke ever!
Two bolts. Get the hell away from Dawn’s husband you chonies wearing hooker. Maybe Diego’s right and Malcolm shouldn’t put a ring on it.

Fitz stops by again. Hopefully this time he’ll have more fun than last time.

Vivian: Everything you say is so funny and interesting, George!

Dawn: Do I have to cut a bitch?

Malcolm decides that now would be a great time for a party so he calls everyone that isn’t already there over to party down.

Minka doesn’t seem too thrilled to come over but everyone else can’t wait to party at Malcolm’s house!
Note: Malcolm didn’t “know” Matisse and Connor so I had to teleport them in later after I figured out not everyone was there.

Dawn: This heifer…
Fitz: This might be better than an episode of Dr. Sexy!

Wait… What?

Noooooo! This is when I realized Connor wasn’t there. He was teleported very soon after.
Sadie: *looks fearful* (She likes to stalk Kendrick)

Dawn: Should I adopt a baby?
Could you just wait until I play your house, missy. You’ll be knocked up soon enough!

I see you found Diego, Stalkerella.

Ah, there we go.

Unfortunately Minka wants nothing to do with Kendrick today. She’s so finicky.

In a room full of people she is still alone. *tear*

Selena: Didn’t your pink nightie get destroyed during childbirth, Becca?

Hot tub couples party with Diego and Matisse and Malcolm and Vivian.

And then Selena and Connor fell in love. Why is he looking at me?

And then Kendrick decided to dance.

I have no words for the look on his face… but here’s what everyone else thought:

Minka: I can’t believe I once let him put his tongue down my throat.

All and all everyone had a great time.

Cool party, Bro.

Day Four:

Umm, Malcolm, your tree is on fire. You’d better wake up.

Malcolm: Don’t we have a service or something to handle that?
Not yet, idgit. GO PUT OUT THE FIRE!

Finally Malcolm gets his ass outside and extinguishes the fire but he bitched the whole time. Lazy ass.

Malcolm spends the morning cleaning up after his party guests and transforming the counter from wood to concrete. (grrrrrr)

Ugh. Who’s going to fix that. You know it won’t be Malcolm.

Oh looky there. We still need one more friend and maybe we can convince him to fix our pipes, too.

Malcolm: Hey Owen, I had my very first woohoo!

Malcolm: With Vivian. Moneywell!!!

Owen: Gratz! I loved my first woohoo! It was awesome!

Owen: Did she leave make-up on your pillow? That chick wears a lot of fucking make-up.

Malcolm: Hmmm… By the time we got to the bedroom I think most of it washed off in the hot tub the FIRST TIME WE DID IT!

After bonding over woohoo, sports, and Kendrick’s awful dance moves, Owen and Malcolm are now officially friends!

Oceanside’s first official job holder, Malcolm Landgraab, X!

Malcolm: Hey new bestie, would you like to fix my broken bathtub?
Owen: I’ll have a look at it!

Hey Malcolm, Sadie’s outside. Do you want to go out there and greet her?

Malcolm: Do I have to?

Malcolm: Dude, I HATE Sadie Winchester!
Whatever, cry moar.

Malcolm: (fake smile) Oh hi, Sadie!

Sadie: I’m so glad you’re finally a politician, Malcolm. I can’t wait until my job opens up. I really want to fight some crime. And catch burglars. Not that there’s any burglars here in Oceanside. Has anyone been robbed yet? Wow, who would want to rob us? Everyone is doing such a great job on there own. And it’s not like there’s anything really to steal, right? We all have pretty much the same stuff. And we all live in the same beach condos. Except for the Goodacres. Their farm is kind of crazy. Animals scare me. They have beady little eyes. You never know what they’re thinking. And have you seen those ones with the glowy eyes. They look like hell hounds or something. You had better stay away from those. I hear the radio playing. I love dancing. I think I’ll go inside and dance.

I guess when you finally get her talking she won’t shut up.

At least something is going right. Owen fixes the faulty bathtub.

And they made fun of Kendrick…

Day Five:
Note: This is when I changed lighting mods because my computer kept crashing at dawn and dusk. Just in case you could tell the difference.

Malcolm starts his first day as Campaign Manager bright and early with yummy oatmeal.

Woefully, he burns it. Is this an omen?

The carpool comes because I forgot that Malcolm has a car and he needs to take ownership of it. It’s ok, because this pretty lady was created.

After the car mix-up is settled, Malcolm is off for his first day as a Campaign Manager.
Malcolm: Like a Landgraab would ever ride in a hoopty. *scoffs*

Malcolm: Of course I can answer the questions myself. I know everything!

Ah, well, damn.

Malcolm: I can’t believe I lost my job. On my first day! What will everyone think of me? What will I do? Where will I go?
Easy there, Scarlett O’Hara. You’ll get your job back tomorrow.

But look who’s lurking outside of Malcolm’s place. Vivian must have came by to see how Malcolm’s first day went. (Wow, levitating animals at the farm…)

Malcolm pretty much attacks Viv as soon as he sees her. He had such a horrible day and who should be there but the love of his life to cheer him up!

After they go inside, Malcolm asks Vivian on a date. Of course, they have nowhere to go, but maybe they could have a great time here in the condo.

Malcolm looks into Viv’s eyes and knows that she’s definitely the one.

He tries to impress her with his finest lunch dish: submarine sandwiches.

They relax a bit in the hot tub…

She impresses him with a rousing game of football.
Note: My computer died right before this and when I came back to Malcolm’s house Viv was gone, so I teleported her back in and Malcolm asked her out again. If you’re wondering why he’s in his bathing suit and she’s not.

Slow dancing leads to ass-grabbery.

Which lead to this.

Sheesh. Apparently they both really needed it.

Malcolm decides that now is the time to make an honest woman out of Vivian. After being together for five days, Malcolm Landgraab, X asks Vivian Moneywell to marry him.

And she says yes! *tears*

I know this was entirely too long, but thank you for sticking it out ’til the end. Thank you for reading!

Notes: At this point Malcolm has more money than the rest of the founders. I have been using cheats to get the founders into the houses I made and to furnish them and then taking away their money and leaving them with $2000. Malcolm is the only exception. I let him keep his left-over money which gives him currently around $15,000. I figure that since he is the one funding most of the town he should be richer than most. I didn’t want them to get engaged until they both wanted it. Malcolm never rolled a want to get engaged until they went on a date. Viv already had the “Get Married to Malcolm” want when they first started the date. The beach condos are really hard to get pictures of with the walls up because all of the rooms are so small. Sorry if the pictures/angles look kind of crummy.



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