Mason — Summer 01

- Oceanside Sims, Update

OC-Mason-Summer-Y1“Rosemary’s Baby”

Warnings: woohoo, angry gifs, Evil Teen, and belching.

Sunday, Day Seven

Mason 006Mason 003Mason 008The aftermath of NPC-palooza left Brodie’s condo a complete disaster. Luckily she’s one of those freakish sims that loves to clean.

Mason 010Sunday means no mail delivery but Brodie still needs to visit the Oceanside Post Office to make sure everything’s copacetic.

Mason 011Why if it isn’t Evil Teen Calvin O’Gill, the temptress. You stay away from the Adults in this town, mister…
Wait, what’s wrong Brodie?

Mason 013W-Why’d you stop cleaning, Brodie? Why are you waving your arms around?

Mason 014*pop*

tumblr_lxk4gssyyK1ql5yr7o1_400_zps6a38cd33Mason 016tumblr_inline_mity9zDlE01qz4rgpARE YOU KIDDING ME???!! I know she tried to Try For Baby before but there were no chimes. NO CHIMES!!!

Mason 017Evil Teen Calvin: My work here is done. Muhahahahaha!

Mason 022Brodie: Where did this hail come from all of a sudden? Ow it hurts!

Mason 024Brodie narrowly escapes the Watcher’s Wrath and cooks a nutritious omelet breakfast.

Mason 031Brodie: That’s weird how the hail started and stopped so suddenly?
Yes, the final stage of my grief is acceptance, Brodie.

Mason 034After breakfast Brodie changed into more comfortable clothing that could accommodate her new belly.

Mason 036Mason 037It’s now official! Brodie Mason, mail carrier, is now the owner of Oceanside’s first community lot, the Oceanside Post Office!

Mason 042Right across the street from Brodie’s condo, the Oceanside Post Office is where the mail and newspapers are sorted before they are delivered to the residents of Oceanside by the Mail Carriers and Newsies.

Mason 044There’s a postal box where the residents can drop off and receive letters.

Mason 047The PO boxes are mostly for the NPCs to use since they live in caves and all.

Mason 048Sims can buy various newspapers…

Mason 049and post cards!

Mason 051The back counter is where the mail and packages are sorted before going out for delivery. (I wonder who’s getting those bad date letters?!)

Mason 052And this is the tiny breakroom that has a map of the delivery routes.

Mason 054Rocky Kotsomiti, founder of the Garden Club, stops by to use the post box soon after Brodie opens up.

Mason 056As well as George Lambswool, Oceanside’s chef.

Mason 060There’s really not much for Brodie to do today. Everything is already in its place.

Mason 067At least she can get to know her neighbors better. The conversation with Rocky isn’t as bad as it was at her party. He still has potential, according to Brodie.

Mason 071Or maybe not. This guy doesn’t like music or simoleons? What is his problem?

Mason 075Mason 076Ah, I see, he’s crazy. Instead of talking with Brodie, Rocky would rather send prank letters out to people.

Mason 082Brodie moves on to George. The two hit it off well and Brodie hopes they can be friends – just friends.

Mason 087Brodie: Boooo! He sucks!!!!
Now Brodie! Not everyone can be an Adonis like Rocky Kotsomiti…


Mason 094Brodie is soon too tired to work. She shoos away her two customers and heads home.

Mason 098Mason 107Back at home Brodie drinks multiple cups of espresso to keep herself awake… (I’m not sure that’s good for the baby)

Mason 112…because it’s time for Sunday Dinner!

Mason 117Brodie invites her three friends, Diego Bossanova, Kendrick Troubadour (or baby-daddy), and Connor Firestone. Luckily they do not bring their lady-friends with them.

Mason 118Since Sunday Dinner is such a big deal, Brodie tries a new recipe, filet mignon.

Mason 125But it doesn’t go as planned.

Mason 129Don’t worry Brodie, the guys will still eat it!

Mason 137Not before they give you shit for it first, though.

Mason 141Mason 143Kendrick tries to gag quietly so Brodie doesn’t hear.

Mason 150Mason 153Brodie feens over Kendrick…

Mason 154Then immediately does the same for Diego!

Mason 155I agree Connor, quite nauseating!

Mason 157Kendrick finds Brodie’s guitar and can’t resist testing it out.

Mason 163While Diego finds the stereo and busts a move.

Mason 160Connor: He’s such a great dancer! *fanboys*

Mason 173Brodie accompanies her man as it starts to rain. This should be your album cover, guys.

Mason 181Brodie soon tires and leaves the boys to have at it.

Mason 183Monday, Day Eight

Mason 002Rise and shine Miss Brodie!

Mason 004Mason 005Calvin, The Evil Teen: Why does she get the day off? I’m here working my butt off delivering papers and she doesn’t even have to go to work?
She’s on maternity leave you doofus. With a pregnancy that, I might add, wasn’t there until you came into the picture!

Mason 006Monday is tax day. Brodie sends off 10% of the simoleons she has on hand to Vivian Moneywell, Oceanside’s banker, treasurer, and keeper of the gold.

Mason 018Don’t worry Oceanside. Your mail is still being delivered. Lars Shadow is here to fill in where Brodie left off.

Mason 020Malcolm Landgraab X, Oceanside’s politician, stops by and congratulates Brodie on opening the Post Office.

Mason 025To show her gratitude, Brodie offers Malcolm a free make-over. Just a little enhancement, nothing too dramatic.

Mason 026Malcolm was very resistant at first, but Brodie’s irresistible charm won him over.

Mason 031Mason 035Mason 040Brodie removes that douchy landing strip of a goatee Malcolm had and gave him a proper one. She also cleaned up his 5 O’clock shadow. Malcolm absolutely loves it!

Mason 046For lunch Brodie tries another new recipe, Chili Con Carne.

Mason 055Mason 056Malcolm, your table manners are absolutely horrid.

Mason 059The chili must be really good because Malcolm burps up almost every bite.

Mason 063To the complete and utter disgust of Brodie Mason.

Mason 067Anxious to get Malcolm out of her house before the chili starts coming out of the other end, Brodie bids adieu to the politician…

Mason 069and heads to bed for a quick nap.

Mason 073Mason 076Around 9pm Brodie awakens and calls Kendrick for date.

Mason 077Mason 080Mason 079Kendrick has feelings for Brodie but he definitely is not ready to get married. He’s also hoping that the baby Brodie’s carrying isn’t his. What is he going to do with a baby?

Mason 089Mason 090It doesn’t take much for Kendrick to fall in love with Brodie. But love doesn’t mean anything to a Romance sim.

Mason 091Mason 092Mason 098Later, Kendrick takes a peak into Brodie’s closet. Maybe he wants to give her fashion advice?

Mason 099BRODIE!!!!!

Mason 101You should want to wash out your mouth after woohooing in the closet Brodie Mason!!

Tuesday, Day Nine

Mason 102Brodie and Kendrick’s date is still going strong. Brodie makes omelets for breakfast for the both of them.

Mason 112Mason 116Mason 118They’re just so cute together! I’m tempted to have them move in together but both Brodie and Kendrick have wants to woohoo 3 people so I know they are not ready to settle down.


Mason 131Brodie realizes that she is also in love with Kendrick. She’s not afraid to settle down, but she doesn’t see the need to. There’s so many cute guys in Oceanside and who knows what will happen in the future.

Mason 001The date ends as the sun comes up.

Mason 005Kendrick is such a sweetie and brings Brodie roses!

Mason 008Little does Kendrick know his girl is upstairs screaming her ass off.
Wait, what happened to pop #2? WHERE’S POP #2?!!

Mason 035Mason 031It’s a baby and not a demon spawn! Huzzah!

Mason 039Mason 040Meet Aria Mason! Aria is the spitting image of her daddy with dark skin, black hair, and brown eyes.

Mason 049Oh hey Kendrick. It’s a good thing you’re jogging by. Your daughter was just born. Why don’t you come in and meet her?
Kendrick: Can’t stop… Must keep running…

Mason 053No worries. Brodie Mason doesn’t need a man to help her raise her baby!

Mason 058Even though Aria was unexpected she will be loved by her mother more than anything else in this world!

Mason 062After lunch Brodie gives Kendrick a call to let him know she had the baby. There was nothing but silence on Kendrick’s end. Finally she convinces Kendrick to come over and see Aria. Brodie doesn’t expect much, but she would like Aria to meet her daddy.

Mason 065Mason 070Plus, she knows what to do to calm him down so he won’t go running away again.

Mason 074Brodie convinces Kendrick to get a tattoo! Kendrick agrees as long as he can give her one as well.

Mason 081Mason 083Kendrick finally has enough courage to meet his daughter.

Mason 087With just one look Kendrick knew Aria was his child. He still dislikes children but maybe he could have some kind of relationship with this one… maybe.

Mason 091Mason 101Outside Brodie notices Dawn Lambswool, fashion designer, waddling by. Brodie has been dying to get Dawn into her make-over chair!

Mason 110Dawn agrees that it’s time for a new look. She needs something that will make her look more fashion-forward!

Mason 114Mason 117Another successful make-over for Brodie!

Mason 125Mason 130Mason 131Mason 132Mason 133Mason 134Aria’s nursery.

Mason 135Oh hey Fitz Biltmore, Oceanside’s architect, do you like what Brodie has done to your house?
Fitz: Orange? She painted my house orange?
Actually it’s called Poppy, but no matter. We don’t care what you think anyway!

Mason 139A peak at Kendrick’s new tattoos.

Mason 144Dawn tries show Brodie the proper way to change a baby but she can’t stand the smell of dirty diapers.

Mason 146Aria is such a serious baby.

Mason 153For Dawn and Kendrick, Brodie whips up Spaghetti with meatballs for dinner.

Mason 152Uh oh, I guess I need to hurry up and build the grocery store!

Mason 159Mason 163Mason 166Mason 170Beat from a long day, Brodie says good night to Dawn…

Mason 171and heads to bed.

Thanks for reading!! ^.^

Notes: I apologize for all of the gifs. I know I got carried away.

Yeah, so I had no clue Brodie was pregnant, but all is well because we have the beautiful Aria! I was feeling bummed that Kendrick didn’t have offspring when all of the other settlers did anyway 😛 Another problem, both Brodie and Kendrick share the same face (Selzi’s replacement for Face 18). Who knew? We’ll just have to wait and see what Aria looks like when she grows up.

The updates will now be only four days because I have the 4 Day Seasons mod in. Just a reminder 🙂 Also I am doing the Random Occurance Scenario thingy now with all of the families. When I rolled Brodie’s it rolled “Nothing major. Life goes on as normal.”

Credits: The Post Office is inspired by the Post Office in Seaside, Florida. I switched my sky to Ja’s SkyOMG which I like much better than what I used before.


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