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Warnings: selfsims, kitty supervillians, culinary rage, the coolest strays ever, and more frakkin twins!

Previously on The Oceanside Project: Lambswool

Saturday, Day Six

Lambswool 009General Zod: You are traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead—your next stop, the Oceanside Project!  doo dee doo!

Lambswool 010General Zod: Her name is Dawn Lambswool. She is 73 days old.

Lambswool 011Zod continues: A wanna-be seamstress that only seems able to produce potholders and whinging brats.

Lambswool 012Zod continues: For the next few days her life will change more often than her hairstyles. Only the Gods can save her for what lies ahead…

Lambswool 018Dawn: Bad kitty! No monologuing!
Zod: But I am burdened with glorious purpose!

Lambswool 013Dawn Lambswool the aspiring seamstress of Oceanside begins the day scolding her cat General Zod Ravenclaw and stuffing her face with left-over hot dogs.

Lambswool 019Lambswool 020Then she literally stuffs her face with left-over hot dogs.

Lambswool 029Since Dawn is fast asleep a very hungry kitty nibbles at the remaining hot dogs.
Zod: Finally food worthy of a ruler such as General Zod! No more Meow Chow for Zod!

Lambswool 031George, Dawn’s husband and Oceanside’s chef in the making, awakens soon after.
George: I’ll get you some food Zod. *thinks* Dawn is always stuffing her face!

Lambswool 034Dawn: …BLOOD ORANGE IS NOT RED!… W-where am I?
Maybe it’s time to go to bed Coco Chanel.

Lambswool 036Since the Lambswools are flat broke George took a temporary job working with Sadie Biltmore at the Oceanside Fire Station as a firefighter. His first day will be on Monday.

Lambswool 043Dawn finally gets some sleep in an actual bed…

Lambswool 046while George continues studying cooking. As soon as he maxes his Culinary enthusiasm he can become a chef and open Oceanside’s first restaurant.

Lambswool 047Zod: Kneel before Zod Feather Dangle! In the end, you will always kneel!
Stop trying to rule over inanimate objects kitty!

Lambswool 048We forgot all about you little Antonio! He’s still alive and is as cranky as ever.

Lambswool 053Lambswool 059After spending quality time with his son George brings Antonio downstairs to play in the bouncy thingy.

Lambswool 061Brodie Mason, Oceanside’s mail lady, stops by and is greeted by a nosy George.
George: So how exactly did you get pregnant Brodie? Everyone knows that Kendrick Troubadour is very strict with the soda in the woohoo method. He must have used it with you too.

Lambswool 062Brodie is not trying to hear that.
George: I’m just saying it seems pretty shady…
Maybe you should just mind your own business George Lambswool!
(those white buildings behind them are Nanny Angie Killeen’s house/day care and the Primary and Secondary Schools ^.^)

Lambswool 064All of the fussing and fighting has made Antonio stinky and even more cranky!

Lambswool 068After a quick change he’s back to sleep. Someone put the baby in the crib! He’s going to break his neck!

Lambswool 069It’s breakfast time and Chef George tries a new recipe: pancakes.

Lambswool 074Lambswool 077masterchef-4Lambswool 078He burns them of course, but a little bit of maple syrup will hide the burn taste. No one will ever know.

Lambswool 083The smell of burnt sugary batter wakes up Dawn. Brodie wisely decides to keep watching TV instead of eating breakfast with the Lambswools.

Lambswool 088Dawn is still the belching queen.

Lambswool 090Meanwhile in the front yard…
Zod: Kneel before me you dull creature!
Zod continues to terrorize the neighborhood walk-bys for no reason.

Lambswool 092However when doctor Minka Yomoshoto stops by…
Zod: It’s the pretty human that likes to toss me in the air. You, pretty human, toss your God. Do it now!
Minka: I can’t really play right now kitty. I don’t want to get cat hair all over my sweatshirt.
Zod: Inferior species…

Lambswool 099Back in the house, Dawn nurses the baby…

Lambswool 101lays him down for a nap…

Lambswool 102Then heads to her sewing room to work on earning her gold sewing badge.

Lambswool 106Lambswool 107Voila!

Lambswool 111Then it’s nap time again.

Lambswool 113Another stray! Apparently there are mini llamas running wild on the island. This here is Lana the llama. Luckily Zod is asleep or this might be the last time we see Lana the llama.

Lambswool 119Lambswool 118It’s almost Antonio’s transition day!

Lambswool 125George’s BFF Vivian Landgraab stops by to see how he’s doing. Gotta watch these two. Not only are they BFFs but they are also triple bolters.

Lambswool 127For dinner Chef George tries another new recipe, Grandma’s Comfort Soup.

Lambswool 126Time to make a trip to Goodacre’s Grocery Store!

Lambswool 133tumblr_mzm0g8nUWj1t9emolo3_500I just don’t understand why my sims cannot make SOUP!

Lambswool 136Dawn awakens to the smell of burning soup.
Dawn: Did he just burn soup too? What the hell is the matter with him? He’s never going to be a chef!

Lambswool 139Lambswool 142George serves the burnt Comfort Soup to the ladies while Dawn changes Antonio and puts him down for a nap. Brodie does her best to not throw up.

Lambswool 146Lambswool 149I know, I know. He will get better, I promise.

Lambswool 152Soon it’s bed time so Dawn tells the girls to kindly GTFO…

Lambswool 154Then heads to bed.

Sunday, Day Seven

Lambswool 004Lambswool 005Early in the morning Dawn receives pop #2.

Lambswool 009Zod: I see, puny creature, that you have been banished to the Phantom Zone. Those that you thought loved you have betrayed you. Join with me and you shall be a god among sims. Kneel before your one true master!
Antonio: *snores*

Lambswool 014Lambswool 019George starts the day vowing not to burn another meal. Here is pancake attempt #2.
*crosses fingers*

Lambswool 021Perfectly golden, mouth-watering pancakes for breakfast!

Lambswool 022Zod seems to run out of food really fast. Maybe I need to watch his bowl to make sure the strays aren’t eating it all?

Lambswool 030Daddy feeds Antonio and changes his diaper. Today Antonio will grow up to a toddler!

Lambswool 031Nanny Angie Killeen stops by to meet little Antonio and to attend his birthday party. Angie’s going to make so much money off of the parents in Oceanside!

Lambswool 037It’s time to go to Goodacre’s for groceries for Antonio’s party.

Lambswool 041Owen would rather kill butterflies than ring up his customers.

Lambswool 045Lambswool 049Back at home Angie gets acquainted with Antonio.

Lambswool 052Dawn dresses and cleans-up…

Lambswool 055and brings out the nectar for the party guests!

Lambswool 062The Lambswools invite their friends, Dr. Minka (to check Antonio to make sure he grows up ok) and the town’s toddlers and their parents.

Lambswool 066Lambswool 067Lambswool 070For the party George tries another new recipe (oh dear God!), Grilled Chicken!

Lambswool 073Oh Minka! In her true anti-social socialite fashion Minka sneaks away upstairs to give love to Antonio’s teddy bear. I know it seems like you’ve been pregnant for a million years Minka. You’ll have your baby soon!

Lambswool 074Lambswool 075Lambswool 078Lambswool 083The party guests mingle…

Lambswool 080and George doesn’t burn the meal!

Lambswool 081Little Eve Goodacre has a ball playing in the sand.

Lambswool 085It’s cake time!

Lambswool 093Lambswool 094Lambswool 096Lambswool 100Lambswool 106Lambswool 111Awwww. Mommy loves you even though you grew into an unfortunate outfit.

Lambswool 113Lambswool 115Lambswool 116Time-out for a dancing toddler montage! Eve, why did you bring all of the sand into the house?!

Lambswool 117Lambswool 118Lambswool 126While everyone eats George sneaks Antonio away and makes him look more presentable.

Lambswool 131Toddler! Antonio! Antonio is a 2-10-2-10-10 Libra with a high interest in sports and animals. He’s broody like his mom and a heavy sleeper like his dad and he enjoys nature.

Lambswool 136His birthday present was this cool creativity table that his mother insisted he have. She would love to have another artist in the family.

Lambswool 137The other toddler guests fight over Zod’s yummy Meow Chow. Heath Biltmore seems to be the victor!

Lambswool 142Much to the dismay of Gwyneth Landgraab.

Lambswool 144Dawn heads to bed early. All this partying has her pooped.

Lambswool 146While their child is stuffing his face with Meow Chow, Sadie and Fitz get cozy in the hot tub. Great parenting.

Lambswool 147Brodie is a dance party all by herself!

Lambswool 149Lambswool 150See what happens when you don’t burn the food!

Lambswool 161Antonio passes out on the floor before George could gather him into the crib. (I had to move the drawing table inside because Antonio was stuck in the corner.)

Lambswool 164And the parents celebrate their boy growing up.

Monday, Day Eight

Lambswool 002Antonio is stinky and cranky again.

Lambswool 008Dawn wakes up to change his diaper and give him a well-deserved bath.

Lambswool 014No sooner does she give Antonio a bottle…

Lambswool 019Dawn goes into labor!

Lambswool 021giphyLambswool 045*Sigh*
1st out is a boy named Henry. Henry has his father’s brown hair, his mother’s dark brown eyes and his brother’s tan skintone.

Lambswool 0462nd out is a girl named Bianca. Bianca has her mother’s black hair, dark brown eyes and medium skintone.


Lambswool 049Anyways, Dawn abandons her three children on the floor in a pile of trash in order to take a bath.

Lambswool 052Luckily George wakes up and helps get the babies off of the floor and into jumpies.

Lambswool 058Lambswool 067Eeep! What are we going to do when George leaves? Dawn needs help!

Lambswool 068Don’t try to soften your absence with yummy pancakes! If I’d known you would have twins I might not have had you get a job!

Lambswool 070Dawn grabs Antonio for a bit of potty training.

Lambswool 074Good job Tonio!

Lambswool 077Then it’s nap time.

Lambswool 079I think it’s hilarious that the car arrives to take George to the fire station THAT IS RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!

Lambswool 081Good luck fire fighting George. Don’t die!

Lambswool 083Dawn eats…

Lambswool 085and pays her taxes.

Lambswool 087Then it’s baby nursing time.

Lambswool 088Eh boy. I think we’re going to need some help!

Lambswool 089Enter The Super Nanny ™!

Lambswool 096Lambswool 097Dawn: Thank the Watcher you’re here! I’m losing my mind with all these kids!
AND YOU WANT SEVEN MORE???!!! Stupid family sims…

Lambswool 099Angie brings out toys for Antonio to play with…

Lambswool 111And starts a rousing game of peek-a-boo!

Lambswool 104While Dawn nurses the girl.

Lambswool 113Meanwhile, down on the beach, Zod spots Fran the Fox.

Lambswool 116Which he chases around but never catches up to.
Zod: You there, ginger minx! Wait… for… your… leader…
She’s just not that into you, Zod.

Lambswool 115Lambswool 119Lambswool 120You ain’t never lied.

Lambswool 125Bianca’s stinky, Henry’s stinky, Antonio needs to potty. Dawn starts to have a mini-breakdown. Being a mom isn’t as fun as she thought it would be!

Lambswool 130Luckily Angie is here and can help out.

Lambswool 137Antonio’s masterpiece is carefully pinned to the bedroom wall as he begins work on another one.

Lambswool 138With the twins asleep and Antonio playing, Angie helps out around the house. Zod supervises.

Lambswool 139Dawn takes a much-needed nap but has nightmares about herself.

Lambswool 145Lambswool 149George returns home. Since he has the “Skilled Negotiator” benefit he actually makes more money than his boss!

Lambswool 153Fire fighting is stinky work. George heads straight to the tub.

Lambswool 154Afterwards he pays Angie, thanks her for all of her hard work, and sends her home.

Lambswool 157Then he settles down to watch his favorite show on the Yummy Channel Ragnarok’s Kitchen!

Lambswool 161What the hell Diego!! Diego just kicked over the Lambswool’s garbage can for no reason! Oh, it’s on!

Lambswool 163Dawn wakes up and steals the TV from George to watch a new episode of Pleasantview. That’s OK, George just continues to learn more recipes in his cook books.
Dawn: Shhh. This is the episode where Angela smacks Lilith!
Isn’t that every episode?

Lambswool 167After Pleasantview was over, Dawn came up with another idea to raise her fun bar. (Thankfully, no chimes.)

Lambswool 180Tuesday, Day Nine

Lambswool 002I’m pretty sure every day starts out with Antonio complaining about being stinky.

Lambswool 005Lambswool 011Lambswool 008Lambswool 007Meanwhile Dawn starts sewing more potholders. Cause she doesn’t have enough or anything.

Lambswool 015Lambswool 014Lambswool 016She’s getting much faster at these!

Lambswool 019Ooooh, what meal did we learn?

Lambswool 023Lambswool 025Perfectly made omelets!

Lambswool 026Lambswool 030Dawn and George have a little time before work to eat breakfast together.
George: Hey, you’re wearing make-up now? Looks great!
She changed her make-up FOUR DAYS AGO Goofball!

Lambswool 035Time to save Oceanside one fire at a time.

Lambswool 039After Dawn takes a quick nap, Antonio is up and ready for breakfast.

Lambswool 044Antonio has his first solids! Yay for mushy food!

Lambswool 045It’s never too early for nectar, is it?

Lambswool 046(OK this is where I messed up. I thought these mood boosters by Around The Sims were like coffee and would only boost their energy. This stuff boosts everything! So… I totally cheated and I didn’t mean to. *sad face*)

Lambswool 050With her new-found energy Dawn is ready to tackle being Super Mom today. She doesn’t even need to call Angie Killeen over to help out!

Lambswool 058Another masterpiece for the wall of fame!

Lambswool 059Dawn tries to sneak in more potholder sewing before the twins wake up.

Lambswool 064Bianca is the first to be stinky and hungry.

Lambswool 065Lambswool 066Lambswool 075Then it was Henry’s turn.

Lambswool 069The Lambswools used what little money they had and enclosed the upper patio to make the kids’ room larger. They also replaced their cribs and changing table because Dawn kept getting errors after changing the babies. (The babies would stay stuck to her and she couldn’t put them down. The same thing was happening to Sadie and Fitz at their house with that changing table.)

Lambswool 063Another visitor! Risa the raccoon stops by to check out the yard…

Lambswool 070And her presence doesn’t go unnoticed…
Zod: My name is General Zod Ravenclaw the Destroyer. Come with me if you want to not die!

Lambswool 071Risa: What the hell is he talking about?

Lambswool 073Zod: Listen here Rocket Raccoon…
Risa: My name’s Risa!
Zod: Whatever. Join my army and we will rule over the dim-witted humans and make them our slaves!
Risa: Um, can I eat your food?
Zod: Well, yes, I guess that is acceptable.
Risa: Cool…
Awwww, Zod’s found a minion!

Lambswool 077Lambswool 079Lambswool 081George feeds Zod and goes to bed.

Lambswool 084Lambswool 083Lambswool 085Lambswool 086After sewing yet another potholder, Dawn practices on the piano. She’s always wanted to learn how to play and hopes her children will play it as well.

Lambswool 088Lambswool 090Way to go Antonio!

Lambswool 091Um, let’s try to draw something else now, shall we?

Lambswool 098Lambswool 101Lambswool 105George wakes up and helps out with the twins.

Lambswool 109You guessed it…

Lambswool 012General Zod: Dawn Lambswool. 77 days old. Looking for fame but instead finds herself forever stuck in an infinite loop of potholders and nappies in The Oceanside Project! doo dee doo dee doo dee doo dee.

Notes: I mentioned before that I roll to see if the kids will inherit the “cosmetic” genetics (like freckles, moles, curly hair, etc.) and since both Dawn and George wear glasses their kids have no choice but to wear glasses too. At least with Sadie and Fitz their kids have a 50/50 chance.

I have no idea what’s going on with my game. Why three sets of twins in a row? I’m not using any hacks or mods and I didn’t cheat to get them. What the deuce is going on? If Selena has twins (next update) I’m going to cry.

George ended up with a 4 Cooking skill and an 8 Culinary enthusiasm. Dawn is at a 6 Arts & Crafts enthusiasm and no sewing badge. At this rate I think she’ll be an elder by the time she receives her gold badge!

Credits: The Cool Strays Clubthe llama is by Strange Tomato, the fox is by Skellington and the raccoon is by Robokitty.

I’d like to gives thanks to The Twilight Zone, Project Runway, Thor, The Avengers, The Lego Movie and The Superman movies for the lines I stole for my update ;P

Thank you for reading! ^.^


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