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OC-Killeen-Kinder-CareKilleen’s Kinder Care is a place for the toddlers of Oceanside to learn their skills before transitioning to children. Politician Malcolm Landgraab X believes it is very important to start educating the next generation as soon as possible, so he hired arts & crafts hobbyist Angie Killeen to fill the post of Nanny. Angie lives rent and tax free on her home business lot. Have a quick tour.

Front Entrance Waiting Room
Parents are not allowed to walk into the day care room and get their children. All parents must wait outside in the waiting room for Angie to bring their children to them.

Killeen 005The front desk area is where the parents sign in/sign out their children. This is also where they can pay the nanny for the week.

Killeen 004Killeen 002There’s plenty of fun seating in the waiting room that matches the jungle theme of the day care. The stairs lead up to Angie’s apartment.

Killeen 003Parents can look at their children through big windows while waiting in the waiting room. The door is locked so toddlers cannot stroll out on their own nor can visiting adults stroll in.

Day Care Main Room
Here is where the magic happens. Toddlers are surrounded by toys, puzzles, games, art and music to stimulate their growing minds.

Killeen 007The front right hand corner is where Angie stores the extra clothing, toys, diapers, etc, that the parents bring for their children.

Killeen 008Angie only plays classical music from the Freezer Bunny Sound Cube ™ to stimulate the toddlers’ minds. The first door leads to the bathroom and the second door leads to the nap room.

Killeen 009This part of the wall houses a tree dollhouse. Angie cheats a bit by having never-spoiling bottles so the children can feed themselves whenever they feel like it.

Killeen 012The left hand side of the room has an art table for the mini-Matisse’s among them. Some get carried away and draw on the wall as well! Angie doesn’t stifle their creativity.

Killeen 011Here students can play with the Wobbly Wabbit Head, the Shape, Rattle & Roll, and the Xylophone (cut off of the photo) to build their skills.

Killeen 010Having been the arts & crafts aficionado Angie has a gold badge in toy making. One day, when she isn’t so busy, she would like to make lots of toys and test them out on the kids. Maybe one day she will have her own toyshop!

Killeen 013Through the archway lies the small kitchen. Here Angie can mass feed the toddlers cereal or grab some Smart Milk for the children that aren’t learning as fast as they should.

The Nap Room
The Nap Room contains tiny cots for the toddlers when they are all tuckered out.

Killeen 016Killeen 014Killeen 015The Bathroom is made for toddlers in mind. There are no toilets — just potty chairs! There’s a bathtub and a sink just in case the little ones become extremely dirty.

Killeen 017Killeen 018Killeen 019(Crappy shots because the room is so tiny)

Up the stairs to the 2nd floor is Angie’s 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment.

Killeen 034Killeen 033Killeen 032Killeen 036Killeen 037Killeen 027Killeen 029Killeen 028Killeen 024Front:

Killeen 001Back:

Killeen 021Top Down View 1st Floor: (Day Care)

Killeen 039Top Down View 2nd Floor: (Angie’s Place)

Killeen 039 001Credits
Amovitam – Animals Abound window, Forest Bedroom, Clutter, Critter Comfort Set, bathroom items.
HugeLunatic & Shastakiss – Freezer Bunny Sound Cube
HCove, Decat, Keoni – tree dollhouse
BO & Inge – never-spoiling bottles
Phaenoh – sleepy mat
Inge – Meeting Controller (to call all those toddlers to day care)

Coming soon, Angie’s update 🙂




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