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Warnings: gifs, woohoo, adult/teen woohoo, cheating, excessive PDAs, and furry men.

Previously on The Oceanside Project: NPC-palooza Special

Wednesday, Day 10

OnnenF01 001

Welcome back to 1 Oceanside Blvd., owned by architect Fitz Biltmore and previously occupied by mail lady Brodie Mason.

OnnenF01 022

Allow me to introduce the current resident of 1 Oceanside Blvd. Yasmin Onnen. Yasmin, previously the Nature hobby enthusiast, was voted in by the Welcome Wagon to become a full-time resident of Oceanside. She is a 5-8-6-3-3 Popularity/Romance Aries nature freak that’s really interested in sports. She’s fond of plus-size charismatic ladies that can’t cook. Her traits are eco-friendly, angler, loves the outdoors, good sense of humor, and lucky. Yasmin is also the host of this season’s NPC-palooza!

OnnenF01 026

Before we get started, Yasmin earns a job in the Natural Science career. Being the nature hobbyist Yasmin already has gold badges in gardening and fishing. She also has a 10 cleaning skill!

OnnenF01 028

On with the party! All of the NPCs — past and present — are invited over to Yasmin’s new house for a day of fun and free hot dogs.
*Note: the newsies and mailman were teleported after 11am to make sure another NPC wasn’t created and take their job.


OnnenF01 033

Driver Noelee Andrews makes a bee-line for former Arts & Crafts guy (and Matisse Troubadour‘s current boy toy) Kent Healey.

OnnenF01 039

Achilles Brook, Science Guy ™ and current roommate with benefits of Minka Yomoshoto has been trying to get his mitts on Yasmin since day one. Achilles creeps Yasmin out. She doesn’t want him anywhere near her!

OnnenF01 041

Nanny Angie Killeen and cashier Cindy Lou Larsen head straight for the hot tub for some alone time.

OnnenF01 043

Frankie Cloak — newsie and teenage heart-farting queen arrives. Keep an eye on this girl…

OnnenF01 044

Edwina Goodard, music and dance hobbyist, refuses to talk to anyone until her man Lars shows up.

OnnenF01 045

Hey Brodie, why aren’t you mingling with the others?
Brodie: Why am I even here? I’ve been a main character for, like, three seasons now!
Sorry Brodie. It’s past and present NPCs. You will always be invited to NPC-palooza.
Brodie: *grumbles* But I’m on the header and everything…

OnnenF01 049

*Woohoo #1*

OnnenF01 050

Tinkerer Abbot Moulden and his teenage love newsie Calvin O’Gill twirl around the front yard.

OnnenF01 053

Frankie has her first kiss with… Achilles!!? Not only is he taken, missy, but he’s also about to be a dad!


On BOTH of you!

OnnenF01 060

Malcolm Landgraab X, town politician, always shows up when there’s a party he’s not invited to!
Malcolm: Maybe if I stand here casually no one will notice I’m not invited…

OnnenF01 061

OnnenF01 063

OnnenF01 068

Mailman Lars Shadow finally shows up and the first thing he does is caress his lady-love Edwina.
(I can’t wait to move them into the neighborhood. They’re so cute!)

OnnenF01 071

OnnenF01 073

Now that the hot tub is no longer occupied, Calvin and Abbot soak and cuddle.

OnnenF01 076


OnnenF01 077

Brodie: How is that NOT illegal?

OnnenF01 079

OnnenF01 083

*Woohoo #2*

OnnenF01 085

Yasmin finally wrestles Noelee away from Kent. Yaz has been thinking about Noelee a lot since they met at Angie’s house. She thinks Noelee is pretty hot!

OnnenF01 090

Lars: H-H-Hi Boss!
Brodie: *narrows eyes* Shouldn’t you be working right now?

OnnenF01 093

Just. Stop.

OnnenF01 094

OnnenF01 095

Angie is appalled at all of the adult/teen relationships going on at this party. She agrees that the adults should be held accountable for their actions. This is another law she will have to talk to Malcolm Landgraab about!

OnnenF01 097

Love is in the air! After talking to Noelee for, like, two minutes, Yaz and Noelee are making out all over the front lawn.

OnnenF01 100

OnnenF01 103

Foodie Paragon Barrett, after just over-hearing Angie talking about changing the laws between teen and adult sim relations, decides he needs to make his move on Frankie now before he can be sent to jail.

OnnenF01 109

Wait…what!? With lightning speed Yaz and Noelee make it to the make-out hot tub for cuddles.

OnnenF01 111

OnnenF01 115

Abbot has a thing for blondes, but Calvin quickly reminds him that he’s the only blonde Abbot should be thinking of.

OnnenF01 117

Ah, Beckett Graham, the forgotten about, unlikable reviewer. At least he’s having a good time whistling to himself.

OnnenF01 118

Angie and Cindy Lou are getting closer and closer. I smell a wedding coming up!
Wait… what’s up with Kent’s face?

OnnenF01 119


OnnenF01 120

OnnenF01 122

OnnenF01 123

*Woohoo #3*

OnnenF01 124

Edwina: Beckett is HOT!
Beckett: Wait-what did she say?

OnnenF01 135

Not hot enough to keep her away from Lars however. Sorry Beckett!

OnnenF01 137

Edwina: I’m totally going to marry Lars Shadow!
Rocky: The Garden Club will be happy to help plan the wedding! *smile* *smile*
(How is this the first time I’ve mentioned Rocky Kotsomiti this update?!)

OnnenF01 140

Frankie corners Achilles yet again to the horror of Noelee Andrews! Maybe Paragon can break this up.

OnnenF01 142

Achilles: *creepily watches Paragon make-out with Frankie*
There’s something wrong with Achilles…

OnnenF01 144



OnnenF01 145

Next up for the nastiest hot tub in Oceanside: Lars and Edwina!

OnnenF01 147

After woohooing the party’s host, Noelee tries to pick up where she left off with Kent.

OnnenF01 148

Oh dear…

OnnenF01 151

Luckily Yasmin missed all of that because she was outside grilling hot dogs for everyone.
Noelee: I wasn’t doing anything… Just waiting patiently for my hot dog *bats eyes at Yasmin*


OnnenF01 158

I know Cindy Lou, I’m as disgusted with Frankie as you are.

OnnenF01 159

Noelee: You made-out with Paragon and turned right around and made-out with Achilles too?!

OnnenF01 160

*Woohoo #4*

OnnenF01 169

While Yasmin angrily farts…

OnnenF01 177

Her girl is making moves on Kent Healey… again!

OnnenF01 182

Yaz returns to claim what’s hers!

OnnenF01 183

Nope… No… Uh-uh!

OnnenF01 187

OnnenF01 188

OnnenF01 191

DANG GIRL! Yasmin walks away for a second…

OnnenF01 193

OnnenF01 194

Don’t know if it’s good thing, but Yasmin now has a crush on Noelee.

OnnenF01 198

Meanwhile Beckett, caught up in all of the romance in the air, attempts to make his feelings known to one Brodie Mason.

OnnenF01 199

Brodie: If you touch me again I will rip off your fingers and feed them to the sharks!
Wow Beckett, you had to try to make moves on Brodie of all people? You must have a death wish!

OnnenF01 206

And with a big huff, Brodie leaves NPC-palooza.

OnnenF01 210

OnnenF01 211

*Woohoo #5*

OnnenF01 213

With that, a tired Yasmin says goodbye to Noelee and her other guests.

OnnenF01 214

OnnenF01 216

After a quick clean-up…

OnnenF01 221

Yasmin is off to bed.

Stay tuned for more Yasmin Onnen on the next update!

My goodness! These were the horniest group of sims I’ve ever had. I’ve never had parties where so much making-out and woohoo happened — ever! It never ended! I must say that most of these sims were popularity sims — not a romance sim in sight — and no triple bolters (I don’t know if the teens are actually triple bolters because the game doesn’t show adult/teen attraction). They’ve been locked away in the cave for too long I guess!

Notes: I mentioned this previously but just wanted to say again that there are some NPCs that are ok to add to your hood and some that are not (i.e. they will corrupt your hood). Here is a list of NPCs that are safe and not safe. Noelee Andrews is a clone and not the actual driver that takes sims places. DO NOT ADD TO YOUR HOOD OR HAVE RELATIONS WITH THE ACTUAL DRIVER.

Thank you for reading! ^.^



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