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- Oceanside Sims, Update


“The Slaughterhouse Rules”

Warnings: livestock slaughtering, gardening, meat-eating, multiplying chickens, flour sack babies, new NPCs, and pink overload.

Previously on The Goodacres’

Wednesday, Day 10
“The Silence of The Pigs”

GoodacreF01 001

GoodacreF01 002

All is calm in the wee hours of the morning on the Goodacres’ Farm.

GoodacreF01 003

Becca: Yoohoo!

GoodacreF01 004

*pop #1*
Dang, I forgot you were pregnant.

GoodacreF01 006

The Goodacres have entirely too many animals on their farm. Time to weed out the old and make way for the new. So long, Sir Oinksalot.

GoodacreF01 010

Thanks for the pork chops!

GoodacreF01 014

The Goodacre Girls, baby Faith

GoodacreF01 016

and toddler Eve, are already awake and raring to go.

GoodacreF01 017

Loveable farmer Owen Goodacre begins his day with the fruit of the first slaughter. Ham steak for breakfast? Why not!

GoodacreF01 022

Owen is out in the garden before dawn. Now that he has a silver gardening badge he can plant a larger variety of crops. Owen is a “frugal” sim and would really like a discount on the new seeds he has to buy. Maybe he should call his buddy Rocky Kotsomiti about joining that Garden Club he’s always talking about.

GoodacreF01 023

Eve still hasn’t got the knack of using the potty, but Becca is hopeful that she will be the first toddler in Oceanside to use the potty all by herself.

GoodacreF01 028

GoodacreF01 033

As Owen toils away more chicks are being born. Guess he needs to get on the ball and gather up those eggs.

GoodacreF01 034

GoodacreF01 037

After feeding Faith…

GoodacreF01 040

Becca resumes reading “The Word of The Watcher.” After defying death last season Becca has decided to become a Peteran priest and spread the Watcher’s love. First she has to read the good book of lifelong happiness. It’s proving to be a very long read.

GoodacreF01 045

GoodacreF01 047

GoodacreF01 049

GoodacreF01 051

Eve will probably need braces since she loves to suck on her thumb so much.
*How cute is it that toddlers suck their thumbs!*

GoodacreF01 052

Owen takes a minute from gardening to clean out the barn. With so many chicks being born some of the older chickens are ready to be dinner.

GoodacreF01 054

GoodacreF01 058

After a quick blessing, Becca tears into the ham steak.

GoodacreF01 059

GoodacreF01 061

Eve occupies herself with the singing of the nursery rhyme taught to her by her pre-school teacher, Angie Killeen.

GoodacreF01 068

GoodacreF01 071

Becca finally cleans out the fish that died last season 🙁

GoodacreF01 072

GoodacreF01 074

The barnyard is really crowded…

GoodacreF01 079

By mid-day Owen is tuckered out. Luckily he has the yummy coffee bean tree to help raise his energy.

GoodacreF01 082

GoodacreF01 089


GoodacreF01 094

GoodacreF01 097

GoodacreF01 098

GoodacreF01 104

The ham spoiled since there is no way to refrigerate the dang thing (BOOOOO!). So Becca tries to master spaghetti again for dinner.

GoodacreF01 107

GoodacreF01 108


GoodacreF01 118

GoodacreF01 119

Back upstairs to feed and change Faith.

GoodacreF01 121

GoodacreF01 123

GoodacreF01 124

And back to bed for Becca.

GoodacreF01 120


GoodacreF01 128

He finally collects those eggs. No more chicks, Mister. We have enough animals on this farm!

GoodacreF01 132

Don’t give me those cute eyes Baby Chick! I mean business!

GoodacreF01 137

GoodacreF01 138

GoodacreF01 143

GoodacreF01 135

Thursday, Day 11
“Another One Bites The Dust”

GoodacreF01 012

One last huggle before chores.

GoodacreF01 018

Then it’s double baby duty.

GoodacreF01 023

Another day, another pig gone. Dead Pig Walking!

GoodacreF01 024

GoodacreF01 027

*pop #2*

GoodacreF01 029

GoodacreF01 031

It’s saying something that Becca’s only friend outside of her immediate family is a toddler…

GoodacreF01 034

Becca is woefully behind on her housework. I think something might of died in that toilet.

GoodacreF01 038

Since Owen now has the gift of talking to the plants, he has the undivided attention of the trees to try out his new comedy material.

GoodacreF01 047

Becca steals a moment while the kids are sleeping to read more about the glorious Watcher.

GoodacreF01 062

Those must have been some excellent jokes! Owen now has mouth-watering oranges!

GoodacreF01 072

More potty-training for Evie.

GoodacreF01 074

GoodacreF01 077

Becca sneaks out to eat some of the energizing coffee plant.

GoodacreF01 080

And Owen proceeds to tell more jokes to the strawberry plants.
Owen: What do you call a sheep with no head and no legs? A cloud!
*That joke comes courtesy of my 10 year old.*

GoodacreF01 083

Eve discovers butterflies and chases them around the yard.

GoodacreF01 091

Unfortunately it starts to rain so Becca brings Eve back inside.

GoodacreF01 098

But not before Eve gets a chance to sing her nursery rhyme in the rain.

GoodacreF01 100

Things I didn’t know #499 – Kicking defenseless garden sculptures increases fun like crazy.
G.I. Joooooe!

GoodacreF01 108

*gasp* I can’t wait to see toddler Faith!

GoodacreF01 109

Owen begins the process of packing all of the fruits and vegetables he has harvested into cute little crates for selling in the grocery store.

GoodacreF01 112

Then he pays the bills…

GoodacreF01 116

and tidies up.

GoodacreF01 119

GoodacreF01 121

GoodacreF01 128

It’s a cold and rainy Fall night. Becca whips up a steaming bowl of comfort soup for herself and Owen.

GoodacreF01 135

She attempted to use the bathroom, take a bath, and go to bed, but it looks like sleep got the best of her. Becca falls asleep at the toilet.

GoodacreF01 139

She makes it to bed eventually.

GoodacreF01 142

After quickly potty-training Eve…

GoodacreF01 144

Owen joins Becca in bed.

Friday, Day 12
“Beef, Births, Birthdays, and Breakdowns”

GoodacreF01 002

Don’t fuss Faith, it won’t be long now. Today is Transition Day!

GoodacreF01 006

GoodacreF01 011

With the morning rain comes lighting and fire. The sleeping animals weren’t fazed at all. It washed out on it’s own.

GoodacreF01 015

As Becca is washing the dishes…

GoodacreF01 021

Her contractions start!

GoodacreF01 022

GoodacreF01 026

Another Girl!

GoodacreF01 036

Holly Goodacre has her dad’s aqua eyes and Becca’s tan skin and brown hair. She is immediately shoved into a pink ensemble. Becca would have it no other way!

GoodacreF01 029

She rolls this shit immediately after giving birth to Holly just like she’s done with each of her girls.

GoodacreF01 040

Fine, you know what? I’m going to lock these and MAKE you guys have 10 kids, you jerks!

GoodacreF01 044

Eve’s stuff is moved to the third bedroom — awaiting Eve’s transition to Child next year — so Holly can move into the nursery with Faith.

GoodacreF01 048

While Owen is still asleep, Becca goes to the barnyard to help with replenishing food. She also has an ulterior motive…

GoodacreF01 049

GoodacreF01 052

Bessie has gotten on in years. Her milk is dry and she’s never produced a calf. Time for her to stop taking up space. And besides, we need food for the party.

GoodacreF01 053

Becca: Why, oh why Watcher did you take this cow so soon?
J/K Becca doesn’t give a damn about that cow.

GoodacreF01 056


GoodacreF01 057

Owen: *startled awake* Did something happen to Bessie? I no longer feel her presence!

GoodacreF01 059

GoodacreF01 061

It’s birthday party time!

GoodacreF01 062

GoodacreF01 063

Sadie Biltmore wasn’t invited but since she happened to be passing by Becca invited her in.

GoodacreF01 070

But maybe she shouldn’t have.

GoodacreF01 075

Sadie: You want to go to the party and play with all of the other babies, Flour Sack Baby? Who’s a good Flour Sack Baby? YOU ARE, FLOUR SACK BABY!!!!

Moving on…

GoodacreF01 064

Antonio Lambswool and Aria Mason-Troubadour share the first huggle of the day.

GoodacreF01 066

Cyan Troubadour-Bossanova and Aiden Biltmore check out the fishies.

GoodacreF01 067

Antonio must give good hugs! Here he is with Gavin Biltmore.

GoodacreF01 078

Cake time!

GoodacreF01 086

As she tosses Faith up in the air, Becca is reminded that she only has one little baby now. She’s got to remedy that pronto!

GoodacreF01 087

Another grass skirt toddler!

GoodacreF01 089

GoodacreF01 094

GoodacreF01 097

Faith turns to Kendrick Troubadour and begs for attention. He’s a little too old for you, Missy!

GoodacreF01 099

Kendrick goes against all of his child-hating inclinations and holds little Faith. Dawwwwww!

GoodacreF01 098


GoodacreF01 102

Sadie: Flour, do you want to meet a real-live sheep? Meet Mr. Sheep. Mr. Sheep, this is Flour. I know, he’s kind of shy. *giggles*
You know three of your kids are on the property right now Sadie Biltmore. GO HOLD THEM OR SOMETHING!

GoodacreF01 105

Sadie: And there’s chickens too. Do you want to see the chickens Flour? *cough* They’ll be so happy to see you! *cough* There’s so much flour! *cough*
We need a therapist in this hood, stat!

GoodacreF01 111

Owen wakes up in time to give Faith her make-over.

GoodacreF01 114

GoodacreF01 117

Becca: You know, “The Word of The Watcher” says that it is perfectly fine for women to wear make-up. In fact The Watcher wants us to always put our best face forward and look pretty and presentable at all times! The Watcher doesn’t want us to wear too much make-up, though. You know, like that Vivian Landgraab. I’ll have to talk to her about what “The Word of the Watcher” says!
Sadie: This. bitch. right. here….

GoodacreF01 121

Here she is all cleaned up and dressed! Faith is an 8-8-7-2-9 Pisces with high interests in entertainment, Sci-Fi, and the paranormal (presumably because she was dead for a while). She shares the religious trait with her Mom and the good sense of humor trait with her Dad. She also inherited her Mom’s freckles and wavy hair.

GoodacreF01 124

Owen starts potty training Faith immediately. He’s already sick of dirty diapers.

GoodacreF01 131

The other toddlers seem to clamor around the fish tank. I hope they know that they can’t eat the fishies!

GoodacreF01 137

The other party guests are contaminating the water…

GoodacreF01 138

petting and riding the animals…

GoodacreF01 154

or playing with their bags of flour.
Sadie: Heeeere’s the chickies, Flour. Aren’t they cute? Can you say, “Bok-bok-bok-BOK!” Good boy, Flour! Good boy.

GoodacreF01 150

I honestly can’t show you all of the different times the toddlers hugged Antonio. That’s all they did!

GoodacreF01 158

Faith meets a new friend ^.^

GoodacreF01 161

Even though the party is still going on the tomatoes won’t harvest themselves. Owen still has a lot of chores to do.

GoodacreF01 162

And Becca would rather read the paper than tend to her guests.

GoodacreF01 165

GoodacreF01 173

The water tank is now full of dirty sims!

GoodacreF01 174

Don’t trample the baby Brodie Mason!

GoodacreF01 175

Faith and Aiden share the freckle gene!

GoodacreF01 177

GoodacreF01 179

GoodacreF01 180

GoodacreF01 183

After the party both Faith and Becca take a nap.

GoodacreF01 185

GoodacreF01 188

Owen works into the night.

GoodacreF01 192

GoodacreF01 194

GoodacreF01 200

And Becca takes care of the girls.

GoodacreF01 202

KENT! What the hell are you still doing here?
Kent: *shrugs* I never got a piece of cake.

GoodacreF01 215

After the chores are done for the day Owen and Becca sneak in some alone time.

GoodacreF01 233

I’m going to go ahead and predict ANOTHER GIRL!

Saturday, Day 13
“The Inspection”

GoodacreF01 002

Faith rocks out early in the morning.

GoodacreF01 020

Owen wakes up and takes care of Holly.

GoodacreF01 024

And Becca makes breakfast.

GoodacreF01 028

GoodacreF01 037

Then the pair clean up the best they can.

GoodacreF01 042

Because the Garden Club is coming!

GoodacreF01 046

Hey, you’re not Rocky! This is Bruce Jelleff who apparently must be taking Rocky’s place while he gets his hair did. That luscious mane doesn’t get that way by itself!

GoodacreF01 048

GoodacreF01 049

Here we go!

GoodacreF01 055

Bruce calls his minions over to start the inspection. If the Garden Club likes what they see Owen will get that discount on seeds and fertilizer he wants!

GoodacreF01 057

GoodacreF01 059

Two ladies in identical outfits show up to help inspect the garden. First is Tiara Hough, named after a crown because she thinks she’s a ~princess~.

GoodacreF01 060

Next is Heaven Gallo. I swear these are the names that the game gave me. *tee hee*

GoodacreF01 061

Owen tries to pull weeds at the last minute before the GC starts the inspection.

GoodacreF01 062

Brodie: You mean this Garden Club shit is real? I thought Rocky was just bullshitting me this whole time!
The first rule of Garden Club is you do not talk about Garden Club!

GoodacreF01 068

The GC frantically begin their inspection of the plants taking meticulous notes.

GoodacreF01 065


GoodacreF01 073

They move around to every plant in the yard.

GoodacreF01 075

Vivian: Oh HI!!! You must be one of those secret Garden Club members! I can’t wait to join your club, I hear it’s fabulous!
Vivian has no idea what Garden Club is. She just wants to be a member of every club in Oceanside.

GoodacreF01 076


GoodacreF01 082

Wait, you’re judging the plants in the pond too? Shesh!

GoodacreF01 094

After about a million hours and 50+ more pop-ups about the health of the plants and trees, Owen is accepted into the Garden Club!


GoodacreF01 095

GoodacreF01 097

Owen packs the remaining produce…

GoodacreF01 105

and heads out to Goodacre’s!

GoodacreF01 107

GoodacreF01 108

Owen added more refrigeration units to place his produce in. The canned items are homemade by Becca!

GoodacreF01 109

The non-perishables are now on the other side of the refrigerators.

GoodacreF01 115

First customer of the day is Heaven!

GoodacreF01 118

Then Bruce and Rocky Kotsomiti shop the produce section.
Rocky: Bruce has such great hair!
I know, right!

GoodacreF01 120

Owen uses that country charm on the Garden Club.

GoodacreF01 123

GoodacreF01 128

GoodacreF01 130

Then Tiara shows up!

GoodacreF01 132

GoodacreF01 133

Today is Owen’s lucky day!

GoodacreF01 138

Owen is really good with customers. Hardly anyone fusses at him for trying to sell to them.

GoodacreF01 140

Wow, they’re buying a lot! So the hoity toity Garden Club must live in the luxury cave on the other side of the island. They have all of the money!

GoodacreF01 141

Closing time.

GoodacreF01 142

GoodacreF01 143

Owen just has to ring up the ladies and he can go home.

GoodacreF01 144

Good job Owen!

GoodacreF01 149

Even the juicers are gone!

GoodacreF01 150

After some quick restocking…

GoodacreF01 153

Owen heads home.

Meanwhile… back at home…

GoodacreF01 154

Holly’s screeches wake up Faith.

GoodacreF01 155

Who promptly gets up and crawls to the other bedroom to sleep in peace. I feel a genius in the making in this one.

GoodacreF01 157

Becca is reacquainting herself with the powder room toilet.

GoodacreF01 166

Eve finds Faith’s birthday present and spins and laughs for days.

GoodacreF01 168

GoodacreF01 173

Then it was time for Benny the Bull to meet his Watcher.
*This is when I finally noticed that the barn doors were all messed up and I fixed the arch. They’ve been messed up for two updates! SMH*

GoodacreF01 176

Becca definitely prefers the beef to the pork.

GoodacreF01 179

Eve prefers bear meat.

GoodacreF01 180

The Goodacres did not come to the decision to get rid of the horses lightly. Even though their guests got a kick out of riding them, Owen and Becca wanted the farm to remain livestock based — not a ranch. Since you can’t eat a horse they had to be set free.

GoodacreF01 181

With the horses gone a new cow and bull were added. Hopefully they will have calves. The chicken troughs were moved outside in the horses old eating spot in the hopes that the chicks would actually leave the barn once in a while.

GoodacreF01 190

As night falls Becca takes her frustrations out on the chicken farmer again.

GoodacreF01 187

Vivian: Oh HI NEIGHBOR!!!! I heard you guys got into the Garden Club! I can’t wait for my rotation so I can join too. It’s going to be so AWESOME!
She does know that the only benefit is a discount on seeds and fertilizer, right? Like Vivian Landgraab would ever garden!

GoodacreF01 195

Becca heads upstairs and continues to read “The Word of The Watcher.”

GoodacreF01 196


GoodacreF01 197

Becca is finally a priest!
Becca: *ahem* You can call me Sister Becca.
Yes Ma’am!

GoodacreF01 199

Sister Becca cleans the toxic toilet.

GoodacreF01 211

Sister Becca changes dirty diapers.

GoodacreF01 206

Sister Becca empties the potty chair.

GoodacreF01 208

Becca: OK! You do NOT have to call me Sister Becca!
Thanks 😛

GoodacreF01 213

Owen returns home…

GoodacreF01 216

and is ready for steak tartare.

GoodacreF01 220

GoodacreF01 221

Goodnight from Goodacre’s Farm!

Notes: Now before you go saying “OMG how could you kill all of the animals!!!! I’m calling SimPETA!!!!” I’m sorry, but there were too many of them. And I only killed them for food. And they were already 1 sim year old (16 days in my timeline) so they wouldn’t reproduce anymore. Also each animal is an NPC which adds to the amount of sims on the lot. So when the Goodacres try to throw a party they can only invite 3 sims because there are 17 animal NPCs on their lot! I mostly blame the chickens.

Becca did not go to Our Gray Lady of Plumbobs Peteran Church because she technically did not become a priest until the last day of the update so technically she wasn’t supposed to do sermons and stuff.

Credits: Farm animals by Rebecah found in this list. Coffee bean tree by Pescado. Produce Packing Station by SimWardrobe.

Thank you for reading! ^.^


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