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I’m quite proud of my little lab so prepare for a ridiculous amount of picture spam after the cut!

OC-ScienceLab 001

Located at 1000 Science Square in Port Oceanside and owned by scientist Achilles Brook, Oceanside Laboratories is a state of the art facility for brilliant minds.

OC-Science-Lab 002

OC-Science-Lab 097

OC-Science-Lab 098

The exterior is wrapped in corrugated metal siding to withstand the elements.

OC-Science-Lab 031

The building’s electricity is powered by solar panels located on the 1st floor roof…

OC-Science-Lab 096

and wind mills on the ground.

OC-Science-Lab 095

An elaborate construction of staircases leads to the building’s highest floors.

The Waiting Room
At the front entry is the Receptionist’s Desk and the Waiting Room. Oceanside Laboratories is for Lab employees only. Regular folk need visitor’s passes beyond this point. Of course, since there is no receptionist, any sim can walk freely through the lab.

OC-Science-Lab 059

OC-Science-Lab 063

OC-Science-Lab 062

OC-Science-Lab 061

The Tech Station

OC-Science-Lab 060

The Waiting Room looks into the Tech Station where medicine is created and stored.

OC-Science-Lab 058

OC-Science-Lab 055

OC-Science-Lab 056

OC-Science-Lab 057

The Research Lounge

OC-Science-Lab 064

OC-Science-Lab 066

OC-Science-Lab 068

OC-Science-Lab 067

The Research Lounge is where the scientists can do research, lounge, or play a game of chess on their breaks. Stairs lead up to the 2nd floor while a passageway leads down to Achilles’ lab.

The Hallway

OC-Science-Lab 015

A fancy sculpture greets visitors at the side employee entrance and hallway.

OC-Science-Lab 070

OC-Science-Lab 072

The trophy case houses the awards Oceanside Laboratories has won for their advancements in Science.

OC-Science-Lab 074

OC-Science-Lab 071

Test Lab

OC-Science-Lab 045

OC-Science-Lab 039

OC-Science-Lab 040

OC-Science-Lab 042

The Test Lab has inventions that are not yet ready to be unveiled to the public. These inventions are still being worked on and tinkered with. There’s also plenty of microscopes to look through and note pads to jot down findings.

Think Tank

OC-Science-Lab 047

OC-Science-Lab 049

OC-Science-Lab 046

OC-Science-Lab 048

The Think Tank is where Achilles’ ideas are flushed out using whatever materials he can find during the preliminary stages. His energizing machine is currently running on potato power (just like my kid’s science project this year).

The Conference Room
The Conference Room is where Achilles shows the world his latest inventions and scientific break-throughs. His current completed invention being showcased is the Weather Machine™.

OC-Science-Lab 034

OC-Science-Lab 036

OC-Science-Lab 033

OC-Science-Lab 035

OC-Science-Lab 032

The completed Weather Machine is located on the 2nd floor deck right off of the conference room awaiting a demonstration for the press.

The Cafeteria

OC-Science-Lab 020

The 3rd floor houses the Lab’s eatery, break room, and outdoor dining area.

OC-Science-Lab 022

OC-Science-Lab 021

OC-Science-Lab 023

OC-Science-Lab 029

OC-Science-Lab 024

OC-Science-Lab 025

OC-Science-Lab 026

OC-Science-Lab 027

Scientifically modified meals are served free of charge.
Like anyone would really want to eat that mush…

The Inventions Cubes

OC-Science-Lab 018

On the 4th and 5th floors completed inventions are on display. Test subjects are not allowed to use these items unless supervised by a level 3 Field Researcher.

The Observation Deck

OC-Science-Lab 016

OC-Science-Lab 017

On the Observation Deck sims can search the skies for stars, constellations, planets, or other “intelligent” life.

Secret Lab

OC-Science-Lab 075

In the basement is a lab accessible only to Achilles…

OC-Science-Lab 077

OC-Science-Lab 099

OC-Science-Lab 078

Achilles’ Desk Area

OC-Science-Lab 080

OC-Science-Lab 081

Achilles’ obsession with what he considers the perfect woman, vintage icon Bella Goth, has lead to some… interesting experiments.

OC-Science-Lab 082

OC-Science-Lab 083

Atop Achilles’ desk is s framed photo of his son Hiro.

OC-Science-Lab 084

OC-Science-Lab 085

Achilles uses his drafting table to sketch out his many invention ideas.

Medical Bay

OC-Science-Lab 086

On the way to inventing the next super serum you sometimes hit bumps in the road. The Medical Bay is here just in case the test subjects need to be brought back to life.

OC-Science-Lab 088

OC-Science-Lab 089

The Cloning Chamber

OC-Science-Lab 076

OC-Science-Lab 090

OC-Science-Lab 100

OC-Science-Lab 092

Here lies Achilles’ greatest achievement — and his biggest secret — a living, breathing clone! I wonder whose DNA Achilles used for this…

Exterior Front


Exterior Side

OC-Science-Lab 009

OC-Science-Lab 014

Exterior Back

OC-Science-Lab 013

Overhead View

OC-Science-Lab 108

Observation Deck

OC-Science-Lab 107

5th Floor

OC-Science-Lab 106

4th Floor

OC-Science-Lab 105

3rd Floor: Cafeteria

OC-Science-Lab 104

2nd Floor: Conference Room, Test Lab, Think Tank, Bathroom, and Deck

OC-Science-Lab 103

1st Floor: Waiting Room, Research Lounge, Tech Station, Hallways, and Bathrooms

OC-Science-Lab 102

Basement: Cloning Lab, Achilles’ Office, Medical Bay and Bathroom

Neighborhood View

OC-Science-Lab 001


The only two buildings in Port Oceanside so far — the Lab and the Natural Science Museum.


Notes: I know nothing about science or what should go into a science lab so I stuck whatever I thought should go in there? Hopefully it looks logical. 

Once the Business District is unlocked Achilles will visit the Lab during his rotation. After that, once the Hospital is unlocked, artificial insemination can unlock… dun dun DUN!

I was quite proud that I did my own recolors of stuff. ^.^ I recolored Psychosims Wall Ads with a converted billboard of Mistyfluff’s. I used part of that logo for the wall posters (I messed up and flipped the image but it’s corrected now :P). And I recolored the deco baby with my default skins. Yay! Science!

Oceanside Labs is my remake of SofijaDosen’s makeover of the Curious Brothers’ house. I rebuilt it on a smaller, flat lot, and gave it a foundation so I could place the secret lab.

Nanashi’s Laboratory Set

SynapticSim’s Plasma Generator, Cloning Tube and Containment Tube

Crisps&Kerosene’s Spirit Jar

Links to more items used might be on my Science Lab Pinterest.

Special shout-out to Budgie2Budgie whose tumblr gave me a lot of inspiration to clutter more!

Thanks for stopping by! ^.^


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