Districts are sub-hoods attached to your main BACC hood. Here is where you place the majority of your business lots or start new compounds. The first District to unlock is the Business District. Subsequent Districts cannot be available until the Business District is unlocked.

Business District

The Business District is unlocked once the Architect sim reaches City Planner (lvl 10) and the Treasurer has §500,000 to fund it. Most businesses have to be built in the Business District. The only main-hood businesses allowed are Grocery Store, Church, Primary School, Secondary School, Fire Station, Cemetary, Post Office, Police Station, Private School, and residential businesses like the Daycare Center, Orphanage, Cult Compound, and the Elder Living Community. This district cannot be Maxis made (i.e. don’t add Bluewater Village to your BACC hood!).

Military Base

Once the Politician sim has reached Mayor (lvl 10) and the Science sim has reached Top Secret Researcher (lvl 8) they need a military to help them with their secret projects. After finagling §100,000 out of voters the Mayor unveils the Military Base!

The Military Base is a subhood where all sims in the Military career must live. To start the Base at least 8 Adult sims, whether created in CAS or existing sims, are recruited and the Military career is unlocked to all. Each sim starts as a Recruit (lvl 1) and must live together in the Barracks. If a Recruit marries or becomes pregnant they can move out of the Barracks into on-base housing. Joining the Military is a commitment for life. You cannot change to another job unless you are fired. If a sim is fired they must re-enlist. If the sim is fired 3 times they must leave the Base and return to the main hood. There can only be one Commander (lvl 8) and General (lvl 10). Military sims nor their on-base families DO NOT HAVE TO PAY INCOME AND PROPERTY TAX! (all caps cause that’s important, yo). Once a child of a Military sim ages to Adult and they do not join the Military they have to move back to the main hood and pay Income and Property Taxes. Military sims must conform to short haircuts and wear dog tags and Military garb as Everyday Outfits.

An Airport is built when a sim reaches Flight Officer (lvl 6).
Space Station
is built when a sim reaches Astronaut (lvl 9).
The SCIA Headquarters are built when a sim qualifies for the Intelligence career.
An Observatory will be built when a sim enters the Astrophysics Career.

University District
(see University Section)

Vacation District
Once the Business District and the Adventurer career is unlocked the Vacation sub-hoods are available. You can have as many vacation destinations as you want, however they cannot be Maxis-made!

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