Unlike other BACCs electricity, plumbing, and phones are already unlocked. These are modern times, right? Who would move to a new place without these things? (Unless you are playing non-modern times or apocalypse type style).
No community lots until unlocked. Community lots cannot be built until after the first rotation (1st season).
No delivery or services (Garden Club is OK)
No Townies
No hobby lots until unlocked.
No University, Vacation or Business sub-hoods until unlocked.
No owned cars until unlocked. Service cars are the exception.
No wishes from the Genie.
No Grilled Cheese sims.

Various Locked Items
Some items are not available until an event happens to unlock for all. These are listed below.

Burglar Alarms – unlocked after a Police Station is created that sells alarms.

Cars – locked until a sim is able to fully restore a car and sells them at a Car Dealership. The exception to this is Service automobiles: Fire Truck, Police Car, Architect’s Truck, Grocer’s Truck.

Cell Phones (LAN lines are ok) – locked until a sim with maxed Tinkering enthusiasm places the Cellphone Kiosk at their business (any business type is fine but only a sim with maxed Tinkering can sell Cellphones).

Computers – locked until the Internet Cafe is created.

Fire Alarms – unlocked after a Fire Station is created that sells alarms.

Groceries – locked until a Grocery Store is created. Delivery service is always locked.

Magazines – locked until Magazine Editor (Journalism lvl 9) is filled.

Medicine and Birth Control – locked until Hospital is built.

Hobby Lots
Hobby Lots unlock after a Business District is added. It is OK to use the Maxis made lots, I will create my own lots once they are unlocked. This applies to Witch lots as well.

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