Starting Out

Hood Creation
Set up your new hood with clean templates, no townie re-gen, anti-redundancy. Use any kind of terrain you like whether downloaded from other creators, make one yourself or use a Maxis template (not an already made Maxis neighborhood!). Play how you like!

Founding Families
The only sims allowed in your hood are your founding families and NPCs that have to generate such as the Postal Carrier. No service NPCs are allowed to be used (Gardener, Maid, Food Delivery, etc.). All sims created (CAS sims) must be Adults. Create how ever many sims that you want to initially populate your new hood. You are required to play each of these houses for 1 season each round (typically 5 days unless you have a mod). You cannot play more days on one house or play out of rotation. Do not add skills or badges to these sims. They are a blank slate. They can be supernatural or not. They can have whatever gender preference you want to give them. They can be created by you or downloaded from other creators. It’s your game! Sim what you like! Amongst the founders must be a Treasurer and an Architect (see Career section).

Homes for the founders can be whatever you want. Build how you like! Please note that if you make an extravagant house with a lot of clutter this will increase the sims’ net worth and they will have to pay yearly (1 year = 4 seasons) property tax from that amount. The founders do not have to pay for their homes. Money cheats are used to get them into the homes but once they are furnished and what-not they are left with §2000.

Meet & Greet
After sims are made and placed in their lots they should have a Meet & Greet where they can mingle amongst themselves. This is a quick and easy way to find out who is compatible with each other and how the different sim personalities mesh. If you’ve created a bunch of sims with low nice points you might unlock the Law career before you even get started!


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