University is unlocked after a sim reaches College Senior Professor  (lvl 8) in the Education career. The University can be created in hood with mods or as a sub-hood. Sims can only go so far after a career is unlocked without a University degree. This district cannot be Maxis made!

To coincide with my 4 day seasons I use a 2 day semester mod. So “Freshman Year” will only last 1 season, etc. The total time a sim will stay in University will last 16 days or 1 sim year.

University costs §500 per semester (§1000/school year; §4000 total for 4 school years) payable to the Treasurer. If you drop out you lose your tuition. Families can take loans out to send their kids to University if needed or students can acquire scholarships.

Acceptance Requirements
Potential students must meet the following requirements in order to be accepted into University: earn a C or better from the Secondary School; and must have at least 15 total skill points in any skill.

I use some of the Maxis Match Majors by Charleeheart (designated by * below) so degrees can coincide with the career wanted. Available majors depend on if the corresponding careers have been unlocked (i.e. there cannot be an Oceanography major if no sim has opened that career). Some majors have prerequisites such as skills, GPA, hobby enthusiasm, etc. If a sim does not have the required GPA to enter their major they can remain undeclared until they reach the required GPA. If they reach their Junior year and still do not have the required GPA they need to find another major that they can handle, like Drama or something. Each major is called “The School of (major name)” and those schools are named after the sim that unlocked that career (i.e. The Biltmore School of Architecture).

Adventurer* – not used

Architecture* – prerequisite: unlocking the Architecture career.

Art (using Artist*) – prerequisite: maxed Arts & Crafts enthusiasm.

Athletics* – prerequisite: maxed Sports enthusiasm.

Biology – not used.

Business Management* – prerequisite: unlocking the Business career.

Criminal* – not used. Do you really have to go to University to learn how to become a crook?

Culinary* – available to sims with a 6+ Cooking skill once the Culinary career is unlocked.

Dance* – prerequisite: maxed Music & Dance enthusiasm.

Drama (Show Business*, Entertainment*) – Save it for your llama. Always available.

Economics – always available.

Education* – prerequisite: unlocking the Primary School.

Entertainment* – not used. See Drama.

Fashion Design (custom major) – prerequisite: silver badge in Sewing.

Gamer* – prerequisite: maxed Games enthusiasm.

History – always available.

Intelligence* – not used. The Intelligence Agency is supposed to be secret. Shhhhh.

Interior Design (custom major) – prerequisite: bronze badge in Sewing.

Journalism* – prerequisite: unlocking the Journalism career.

Law* – prerequisite: unlocking the Law career. Must have a 3.0+ to have this major.

Law Enforcement* – not used.

Literature – always available.

Mathematics – always available.

Medicine* (Biology) – prerequisite: unlocking the Medicine career. Must have a 3.0+ to have this major.

Military* – not used.

Music* – prerequisite: maxed Music & Dance enthusiasm.

Natural Scientist* – prerequisite: gold Gardening badges and maxed Nature enthusiasm. Must have a 3.0+ to have this major.

Oceanography* – prerequisite: gold Fishing badge.

Paranormal* – not used.

Philosophy – is the talk on the cereal box. Always available.

Physics – not used. See Science.

Politics* (Political Science) – prerequisite: unlocking the Politics career. Must have a 3.0+ to have this major.

Psychology – You so crazy! Prerequisite: unlocking the Therapist career. Must have a 3.0+ to have this major.

Science* (Physics) – prerequisite: unlocking the Science career and maxed Science enthusiasm. Must have a 3.0+ to have this major.

Show Business* – not used, see Drama.

Slacker* – not used. Please. Can I get a degree in this?

Uni students are required to have an internship during their Senior Year. Internships must be in their designated field of study. Internships could be actual career tracks or working in an equivalent owned business (example: Culinary student has an internship at an owned restaurant).

University community lots are unlocked similar to the Business District. However there are some specialty lots open for the University only.

All Freshman YAs must live in the Dorms during their Freshman year. Once their Sophomore year begins they can move to on-campus residences if they can afford them or their Greek House (if they are a member and there is room). If there is an emergency such as a pregnancy (if you have a mod that allows that) a sim can move into a residence in their Freshman year.

Greek Houses (Sororities and Fraternities: same sex only)
Greek Houses are unlocked when a Sophomore or higher YA sim has at least 5 same-sex YA friends. That sim and two same-sex friends can move into an empty house (any style you choose) and start a Sorority or Fraternity. The closest friend of the opposite sex can do the same and create a Fraternity or Sorority. You can have multiple Greek Houses in your University District however a Sorority must have a corresponding Fraternity and vice versa. Greek Houses must have at least one Toga Party per rotation. Only 8 YAs are allowed to live in the Greek House at a time. (Credit to the TV series Greek).

Secret Society
A Secret Society can be created when at least 5 sims have reached the top level of their career. Those 5 create the Secret Society and recruit only the best and brightest to join (or their own descendents of course). Unless the students are “Legacies” of the Founding Five they will need to have a 4.0 GPA going into their Senior year of Uni to join the Secret Society. Graduates that are part of the Secret Society will enter their respective career at level 9 (unless another sim currently holds that position and it is a “there can only be one” position. In that case they receive the next highest position that isn’t level 10 that is available.). A limit of 5 students are recruited each Senior year to the Secret Society.

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