BACC Rules: The Oceanside Project


The Oceanside Project BACC Rules
*Re-vamped for easier access*

Rules! Everyone loves rules, right? Well, I’m horrible at following rules so for my BACC I decided to take the rules I liked from everyone else and tweak them to my liking. The rules are basically combinations from The OG rules, Redmond Flats, Nepheris, Maranatah, Mswn, and Olliepop. I do not use sim multipliers or anything like that because I don’t want to have to do a lot of math while trying to play a game.

I have all EPs and SPs so some of this might not pertain to you if you do not have all as well. The EPs that are mandatory for this play style are University, Open For Business, Seasons, Free Time, and Apartment Life. This is a WIP and could change at any moment! I use Almighty Hat’s Aging Mod and a Seasons Last 4 Days mod as well as ACR 2.0 and a faster University Mod. I will start using ROS after the first year and I use a modified version of the Trait system.

These rules are totally flexible. If you think it’s too easy tweak them to your liking. If you think they’re too hard make it easier for you. BACCs are fun to do but if it feels like a chore you’re not going to want to continue so customize the challenge to suit you. If you do follow these rules please let me know. I’d love to follow your story! Play how you like!

Starting Out
How to set up your BACC hood.

Otherwise known as: Nope, you can’t use that!

Loans, taxes, and the banking system.

How to unlock stuff.

Community & Business Lots
Build it and they will come.

Districts (aka Sub-hoods)
How to unlock and what you can stick in there.

Toga! Toga! Toga!

How I play: genetics, traits, ROS, holidays, social societies, aspiration determiner.

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