Robbins — Spring 02

- Oceanside Sims, Update

“The Raiders of The Last Tomb”

Warnings: bare naked ladies, archaic thinking, volcano juice drinking, tomb raiding

Thursday, Day 18

“Amaryllis Robbins and The Lost Children of the Enpeecee”

Garden Club Enforcer Amaryllis Robbins was lucky enough to gain approval from the Welcome Wagon to become one of the eight new residents this Spring. Her new abode is one of the new bungalows built by the Biltmore Construction Company.

The small two bedroom, two bath bungalow is located at 16E Oceanside Blvd. With the small size comes a reduced rent — ยง50 per Day — with no chance of ownership. The properties are owned by the newly appointed Oceanside Group — consisting of Politician Malcolm Landgraab, Treasurer Vivian Landgraab, and Architect Fitz Biltmore — which controls the development of homes and businesses in Oceanside. Like most rented homes residents are not allowed to paint the exterior or interior, nor can they change the flooring or the layout.

*begin lot tour spam*

The front entrance opens up to the dining area…

and a winding staircase.

The wall leading to the first floor bathroom includes playful niches that holds Amaryllis’ treasures.

Amaryllis’ kitchen may be small but there is plenty of room to cook a feast for friends.

By the fireplace, Amaryllis squeezed in enough room to sit down and enjoy television.

The second floor landing houses photos from Amaryllis’ adventures.

The master bath is accessible from the master bedroom as well as the hallway.

The master bedroom is Amaryllis’ sanctuary.

She has a lovely view of Founder’s Field!

Amaryllis chose to turn her second bedroom into an office.

Here she can map out her latest adventure!


Amaryllis Robbins, our fearless Garden Club Enforcer, bank teller, and girlfriend stealer, is a 4-10-4-4-3 Popularity/Fortune type of a Leo who dreams of becoming a Visionary. Her interests center around the environment and the paranormal and she has no hobby to speak of. She likes girls in their chonies rocking wild hair colors, but could do without a face full of freckles. She’s logical and charismatic and earned herself a gold badge in gardening and a bronze cashiering badge. Her traits are Adventurous, Flirty, Grumpy, Ambitious, and Loves The Outdoors.

Malcolm Landgraab expressed an interest in hiring Amaryllis for a special job. Hating her current job as a teller at Oceanside Bank & Loan, Amaryllis quits her job without even knowing what Malcolm wants her to do!

After saying sayonara to the bank she heads down to the Oceanside Town Hall to get the deets of her new job.

Amaryllis finds Malcolm Landgraab, X in the meeting room where he lays down the specifics of the job. Malcolm wants to explore the nearby hidden island for treasures and resources which can be used to fund the Business District. The job isn’t without it’s dangers. He doesn’t know what they might find on the mysterious island. He needs a fearless adventurer to investigate. He hopes she is up for the job.

Amaryllis enthusiastically accepts. Action! Adventure! Exotic locales! She’s all in!

Amaryllis: Are there any sims on the island? If so, how should I handle them?

Malcolm: As far as we know all of the NPCs left the island. But if there happen to be any sims there, make friends with them. See if they will allow us to trade with them. If there’s a leader I would like to meet with them. I’m sure we could come to some sort of agreement.

Amaryllis doesn’t know how she’s supposed to make friends with the natives. She can barely make friends with the other Oceansidians! She makes no promises, but she’ll do what she can.

Amaryllis heads to the Employment Office to fill out the paperwork for her new position. There she finds scientist Achilles Brook

and seamstress Dawn Lambswool.

Dawn immediately takes Amaryllis’ measurements for all of her Adventurer career uniforms.

Achilles is super excited that Malcolm found somesim to explore the Native island. He was hoping Malcolm would take him seriously. There are so many things on the island that could help with his research!

Achilles: You have to be very careful, Amaryllis. There is a dangerous fog that surrounds the island. Many sims have wrecked there, never to be seen from again.

Amaryllis: Do you think the fog is poisonous?!

Achilles: *chuckles* No, of course not. If so there wouldn’t be any live vegetation.
*lowers voice* There is something that I would like you to find for me…

After speaking with Achilles…

Amaryllis becomes Oceanside’s first Adventurer!

She heads home to pack her gear. She leaves for the island right away!

As she returns home, Amaryllis finds her buddy, ex-Garden Clubber and current Landgraab Nanny, Heaven Gallo stopping by to say hello.

Amaryllis tells Heaven about her new career and how she’s leaving for the island soon. Heaven is so excited for her! She always wanted to go on a ride on the ferry boat.

Heaven: But I heard there’s nothing but ghosts on the island. Aren’t you scared they’re going to hurt you?!

Amaryllis: I’m not worried about ghosts. I’m more afraid of evil Witch Doctors that will put a whammy on me!

Heaven: Well if you find any unusual artifacts make sure you give them to Yasmin Onnen — that natural scientist lady. She can use that kind of stuff to fill her museum!

Amaryllis didn’t think about that. Maybe, if she brought back something really interesting, Yasmin wouldn’t be so mad at her anymore. Amaryllis hated the idea of being on her bad side. She understood, now, that her one night stand was a one-time thing and that she should move on, but Yaz was so cute — how could she give her up?

Amaryllis runs inside, changes into her adventurer gear…

and makes a quick lunch for herself and Heaven before she has to go.

Amaryllis calls for her cab…

says good-bye to her friend…

and heads off on her first big adventure!

Not awkward at all, spending the whole ride over with the girlfriend of the girl you had a one night stand with… ๐Ÿ˜’

As the ferry drew closer Amaryllis could make out the beautiful lost island hidden in the fog. It was bigger than she thought it would be. There was instantly a sense of familiarity — like a feeling that this was home.

*Volcano Island hood tour here*

Luckily, Noelee Andrew‘s expert steering of the ferry boat lead them to dock safely on the jagged coast. Noelee told Amaryllis that this island is called Volcano Island and was inhabited by the Enpeecee tribe.

Noelee drove her directly to the Chief of the tribe’s hut. Amaryllis thought she had better meet with him first before trying to explore the island on her own and getting killed for it.

The Chief must have known I was coming, thinks Amaryllis. He hired mainlander Addison Lambert to work as a bellhop on the island!

Amaryllis wonders what the heck is going on?! They have phones and bellhops in this little, uncivilized land?

Addison explains that the Chief wants a record of all visitors to the island.

Addison: Wherever you stay, you must sign in to the Book of Outsiders.

Amaryllis: I didn’t even know the Enpeecees could read!

Addison: *rolls eyes*

After checking in housekeeper Aiffe Wainwright shows up to greet Amaryllis.

As Amaryllis rounds the corner she spies a regal-looking man in a tall headdress. This must be the Chief!

Chief Moerani Kahukiwa eyes the newcomer evenly. He knew it was a matter of time before the Oceansidians would attempt to visit Volcano Island. Their Chief was smart to send an NPC instead of one of the Founders, thinks Moerani.

Amaryllis introduces herself to the Chief and begins talking nervously. His intense gaze is very intimidating! What if they’re cannibals, thinks Amaryllis?!

Amaryllis: Boy, I barely made it through that thick fog. Isn’t it dangerous?

Chief Moerani: The fog protects us from enemies. It is the single reason why we have been able to keep our way of life secret from those who would want to defile it.

Chief Moerani: The fog and the volcanoes are a major part of the island’s ecosystem. Because of this there are many plants and rock formations that are not found anywhere else. These rare items are considered valuable to outsiders. Many outsiders have tried to conquer the Enpeecee. All have failed.

Amaryllis explains that she has no intention of destroying the delicate ecosystem of the island. However, she has scientist friends that would love to study the plants and rocks. She hopes the Chief would give her a tour of the island so she could see where she could bring back samples without damaging the environment.

After much discussion, Chief Moerani agrees to take her on a helicopter tour of the island. He still doesn’t fully trust Amaryllis, but he’s willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

The Chief introduces Amaryllis to Tour Guide Brock Gilmore who will narrate the tour.

Amaryllis is surprised the Enpeecees have such current technology!

Upon opening the doors…

Amaryllis finds Noelee driving the chopper! Is there anything she can’t do?

Amaryllis can’t wait to see the island from above!

Since it’s her favorite color, Amaryllis chooses red.

After touching down at the Chief’s hut…

Amaryllis finds the rest of the royal family waiting to meet her.

The Chief introduces Amaryllis to his wife, Queen Tauakina Kahukiwa

and his lovely daughter, Princess Atamari Kahukiwa.

Princess Atamari: I know you do not remember this, Amiria, but we have met before.

Amaryllis: We have? Wait, what did you just call me?

Princess Atamari: Amiria. It is your birth name. Your Enpeecee name. We were friends once. We used to watch Angela beat up Lilith on the television together.

Amaryllis couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her real name is Amiria? She used to be besties with a Princess? They have television on the island?

Atamari told Amaryllis the story of how the evil Chief Jumbok IV called for the death of every child on Volcano Island to appease the Volcano God. Many were sacrificed before the wise Shaman had his apprentice take the children to the northern isle to freedom. After the rebellion of Moerani Kahukiwa — which brought the death of the Mad Chief — the Enpeecees could not make contact with the Lost Children and feared they had all perished. Atamari was so glad this was not true and that her friend had returned!

This was a lot to take in. Amaryllis knew that she and the other NPCs were not like the Founders, but she never truly guessed that they were once part of the Enpeecee people or this island! They had lives once, and culture. All of that was taken away from them when the Founders landed and zapped their memories.

Amaryllis walked over to the swing to introduce herself to the Chief’s only son and heir to the throne, Prince Amanaki Kahukiwa.

Amaryllis: Hi. Do you remember me?

Prince Amanaki: *grins broadly* Of course I remember you, pipsqueak! You used to chase me around the Warrior Training Ground threatening my life!

Amaryllis: *thinks* That totally sounds like me!

After a long chat, Amaryllis asks Amanaki if fortune teller Calista Beeching is the Shaman’s Apprentice that saved their lives.

Prince Amanaki: We do not speak of that Witch! There are some that believed she had more sinister plans for the Lost Children. I believe this to be true!

Amaryllis is tired and confused. This was too much for one day: learning about her true origin and finding out that Calista was the one that “saved” them. She always thought something was off with that “fortune teller.” She had wondered what her deal was giving out old tarnished lamps to sims. The fact that she’s only given them out to the NPCs — or the Lost Children — she was supposed to protect makes it even more suspect in Amaryllis’ opinion.

After freshening up in the Chief’s quarters, Amaryllis heads out to explore. Atamari spoke of a public bath where the locals go to clean themselves and relax. That sounds like her cup of tea!

Amaryllis: *thinks* I still can’t believe that I was friends with a princess!

The beauty of the Village Baths is unbelievable.

Amaryllis found a nice spot where the piping hot water flowed out of the cracks of the volcano…

and took a shower.

Chef Felix Xu wandered into the baths at exactly the right time to be mortified by Amaryllis’ exhibitionism.

This is a public bath, right? Sims are supposed to be naked, ya prude!

Fire Dancer Kea Tehea, clueless to the fact of Amaryllis bathing freely, dips his toe into the hot spring.

That was the best shower she’s ever had! Amazing!

Felix is so completely traumatized by the naked lady…

that he joins Kea in the hot springs to de-stress.

Amaryllis joins the two locals hoping to learn more about the Enpeecee way of life.

Kea: *hastily jumps out of the water* A woman dares to enter the male-only hot spring! I am disgusted!

Felix: *jumps out soon after* Her female parts are polluting the water!

Although she’s bummed she missed out on getting to know more of the locals, Amaryllis’ sadness melts away in the warm, bubbling waters.

Amaryllis: Ahhhhhh!

It’s nightfall by the time she emerges from the spa.

Princess Atamari stops by to scold Amaryllis.

Princess Atamari: Kea and Felix say you bathed in the hot spring with them! This is not done on Volcano Island! You have to follow our rules if you want to stay, Amiria!

Amaryllis apologizes saying she didn’t realize the Enpeecee had such antiquated customs. She didn’t want to anger the Chief. Afterwards she tries to get information from Atamari about the Shaman’s Apprentice.

Amaryllis: I believe I know who this Apprentice might be. Do you know why she gives out these weird, antique lamps?

Atamari: Some say the lamp contains the soul of an old god. Only those worthy of it’s presence can free it. The deity inside is yours to control, however, every wish has a price.

Amaryllis: Wow Atamari, you are so wise. How do you know so much about this stuff?

Atamari: Because I READ Amiria. You should too! There is much for you to learn about this island — about your heritage!

Atamari invites Amaryllis to the Luau for dinner. Amaryllis realizes that she hasn’t eaten anything since this morning and enthusiastically accepts.

On the way, Amaryllis passes hula instructor Miri Moeata.

All of these pretty girls are sure to get Amaryllis’ mind off of Yasmin!

Amaryllis heads straight for the lavish spread at Aroccahoola Luau. Atamari explained that the feast is free of charge to anysim who wants it ensuring no sim ever goes hungry on Volcano Island.

Amaryllis is totes down with that philosophy.

Kea shows off his sweet fire stick moves.

Amaryllis catches up to Kea the Fire Dancer and convinces him to teach her some fire dance moves. She knows the only way to be accepted by the tribe is to learn their ways.

Amaryllis completely fails on her first try…

much to the anger of Kea.

She’s starting to get the hang of it!

I spoke too soon.

Finally some approval from the master.

Local Timoti Anuata stops by to cheer Amaryllis on.

Queen Tauakina notices Amaryllis learning the fire dance.

Queen Tauakina: *thinks* Maybe she is ready to take the trials to become a member of the tribe…

Kea has a newfound respect for the naked outsider.

As the night wears on…

a very tired Amaryllis keeps making mistakes. Maybe they should resume their fire dance class another time.

Amaryllis heads back to the Chief’s hut.

What a phenomenal first day, thinks Amaryllis. She can’t wait to visit the other places on the island!

She feels super strange sleeping in the Chief’s bed, but he insisted.

Tomorrow she will see if there is another hut she can stay in that doesn’t put the Chief out.

Although, I don’t think he minds one bit.

Friday, Day 19

“Amaryllis Robbins and The Ghostly Pirate”

Amaryllis awoke from the most refreshing sleep she has ever had.

But today she must give the Chief and Queen back their oh so comfy bed.

Downstairs she asks the ever present bellhop if there is another hut she can crash in. Addison tells her that the women of the tribe all stay in the Women’s Huts. He’s sure they would make room for her there.

Amaryllis agrees to head over and check out the hut. But not before she signs out of the Book of Outsiders.

She doesn’t understand why she needs to call for a shuttle to pick her up when she could just walk over to the hut, but bellhop Addison said she must leave in this manner, and Amaryllis doesn’t want to offend the Chief.

It couldn’t hurt to snag a few bananas on her way out, thinks Amaryllis. Who knows what kind of snacks they have at the Women’s Hut?

The Women’s Hut consists of three separate “rooms,” two bathing huts, a small kitchen area, and a common area. Amaryllis loved it immediately.

How did that little bugger get here so fast!

Amaryllis: You again? I thought only the women of the village were allowed here.

Addison: I go wherever I’m needed, Ma’am.

Amaryllis tries to mask how annoyed she is by the Enpeecee’s antiquated customs. For one, why does she have to sign the Book of Outsiders again? And another, while she understands that the Enpeecee might be backwards in their beliefs, making all the women stay in a hut together until they’re married seems a bit barbaric. And don’t get her started on not being able to get into a hot tub with a male!

Addison’s mindless blathering about a ghost and a wreckage brings Amaryllis out of her thoughts. She noticed the old ship during the helicopter tour. Maybe this was the place Achilles was talking about. He said there was something special that might be found in a wreckage on the island…

After freshening up, Amaryllis heads down to Buccaneer Bay to investigate.

Upon arriving, Amaryllis is stunned by what she sees…

there are actual, friggin’ PIRATES here!

She cautiously approaches them. She doesn’t know if they they’re armed…

but the lady pirate is so cute! There’s no way she would try hurt me, thinks Amaryllis.

Amaryllis finds out that the lovely lady pirate is named Terrence D’Aarby. She and her brother Trent are from Aarbyville. Their ship crashed on the jagged rocks and all of their crew, save the two of them, went to Davy Jones’ Locker. Amaryllis doesn’t know where Aarbyville or Davy Jones’ Locker is, but she completely understands about the crash. The fog almost did her in as well.

Terrence admitted that they would have died if the Enpeecees hadn’t taught them how to live off of the land. She was used to the sea, not being a landlubber! Her and her brother were forever grateful to the Enpeecee, but they hope to go back to the lives they once had.

After much conversation, Amaryllis remembers why she came.

Amaryllis: You haven’t seen any strange-looking crystals, have you? I was told there might be some around the wreckage.

Terrence: Those crystals can be found all over the island, if you know where to look. But I wouldn’t look in the Dishonorable Flounder. There are things on that ship that would curl the hair of a fair maiden such as yourself!

Terrence: Gotta go. It’s my turn to push Trent on the swing!

Trent: I’m flying, Jack!

A cool rain begins to pour from the heavens, surprising warrior Ngaio Manihera.

Wanting to show Terrence that she’s no delicate flower, Amaryllis marches right up to the deck of the pirate ship.

Amaryllis: *grumbles* …curl my hair, huh? She doesn’t know who she’s dealing with! I’m a Garden Club Enforcer, dammit!

As she reaches the very top, Amaryllis can see out into an endless sea. It is so beautiful and massive!

Amaryllis finds the doorway that she hopes lead to the cabins below deck. Maybe she would be able to find the crystals down there.

Amaryllis runs out of the cabin, scared to death!

Could it really be… IT’S A GHOST!

And he’s kind of a dick!

After regaining her composure — and her breath — Amaryllis decides to confront the ghost!

Trent and Terrence haven’t been back on the ship since it crashed, but seeing Amaryllis going back to confront the ghost of their old captain gives them the courage to join her.

As Amaryllis rips into the ghost for scaring the crap out of her, Captain Dregg — the ghost — rips a stinky one. Who knew ghosts could pass gas! Amaryllis is completely grossed out…

and Captain Dregg is utterly amused.

Afterwards, the Captain begins to harasses poor Trent…

and makes him walk the plank!

Trent: Just like old times!

For Amaryllis’ bravery, Terrence invites her to sit in her hot spa.

Even though she fancies Terrence, Amaryllis would like to help her and brother return home. Terrence admits that they have tried leaving the island several times but have always, strangely, returned to Buccaneer Bay. Maybe if they got a hold of one of those magical lamps, they could return home. Terrence hears there’s a magical creature inside it that is compelled to do your bidding.

Amaryllis: I know where I can find one of those, but it may take many moons before I can get it for you.

Terrence: We’ve waited this long, what’s a few more moons. Thank you, Amaryllis!

Tukete Talani and Ngaio share a tender moment. ๐Ÿ˜

One of Prince Amanaki’s duties is to scan the horizon looking for foes.

As the conversation turns back to the location of the crystals, Terrence is struck by lightning!…

and leaves. Pirates are very superstitious. They might think this is a bad omen. Amaryllis will have to figure out another way to find them.

Amaryllis heads out to the luau. She’s sure to figure out her next move on a full belly!

Amaryllis is joined by local Tahana Hinatea. She sarcastically wonders if she’s allowed to sit with a man during meals. Tahana remembers Amaryllis from their childhood and asks if she is doing well on the mainland? He hopes to convince her, and the other Lost Children, to return to their rightful home.

Maybe it would be a good idea to have a home on the island, thinks Amaryllis. She couldn’t live here full time of course, but she could visit as much as she liked. Everysim was so friendly and kind on Volcano Island. She wondered what she would need to do to get a home of her own here.

Tahana: Well, first you must go through the trials to join the tribe.

Amaryllis inquired about the magic lamps. Were there any to be found on the island.

Tahana told her the story of the Shaman’s Apprentice who took all of the children off of the island, but this time he offered new information. The Apprentice also stole all of the magical lamps hoping to find the one that held a god. Unfortunately she was not worthy of the god’s attention — he would not leave the lamp for her. She needs a worthy sim to free him. If she ever got a hold of the god, who knows what evil she could unleash on this earth!

After her meal, Amaryllis spotts the lovely Miri on the swing. If anything would keep her coming back to Volcano Island it would be pretty girls like her!

Amaryllis tried to charm Miri with the tale of meeting the ghost pirate. Miri is not impressed. She speaks with Captain Dregg daily. He has lots of funny jokes!

Amaryllis still has hopes to woo Miri.

Amaryllis: So, what does a girl gotta do to go out with an Enpeecee *wink**wink*

Miri: You have to prove your worth by walking over hot coals and drinking volcano juice. If you survive, then you will get to date whomever you wish. If they accept, that is.

Oh, Tahana…

That seems like an awful lot to go through just for some woohoo, thinks Amaryllis. It was so much easier to hook up back home. Darn these Enpeecees and their rituals!

However, she is up for the challenge. She attempts to light the fire to the volcano cauldron…

but it just won’t ignite in the rain!

Amaryllis: Damn you, volcano juice!

Amaryllis doesn’t give up. She’s going to get a date with the hula dancer come hell or high water!


Amaryllis glances over and notices her “bestie” Princess Atamari, getting cozy with Timoti. Did he have to drink volcano juice and walk over hot coals to make out with the Princess?!


An angry and sexually frustrated Amaryllis decides to wait until the rain stops to try again.

*I wonder if the Chief knows about this…*

The rain isn’t letting up so Amaryllis tries her hand at walking over the fiery coals.

Amaryllis: *thinks* Am I really this hard up for a date?

Amaryllis: *thinks* Hey, this isn’t so bad…


Amaryllis can’t believe she can’t do it. What kind of fearless adventurer is she if she can’t handle a little fire?!

On her way to the hot tub to baby her poor toes, Amaryllis runs into Brock the tour guide. Since her hopes of falling in love with Miri seem to have gone up in flames, Amaryllis asks Brock if there are any cool plants that are only found on Volcano Island. She still hopes on bringing something back to get on Yasmin’s good side. Brock says that in the Valley of The Chiefs there are many plants and rocks that are only found there. However, only Enpeecee tribe members are allowed on that part of the island. He suggests talking with the Chief. Maybe they can make some kind of deal.

Amaryllis decides to check in with the Chief tomorrow. Maybe the Valley of The Chiefs is where she’ll find the crystals as well!

Amaryllis: *thinks* I’m going to try this one more friggin’ time!


Carefully she mixes the volatile contents…

and takes a sip.

Amaryllis: Mmmm, spicy.

Suddenly she feels as though her insides are on fire.

She starts to feel light-headed…

and almost passes out. Luckily she catches herself in time.

Amaryllis: What the plumbob is in that stuff?!

Needing to cool down quickly, Amaryllis heads to the sea.

With Miri nowhere in sight, Amaryllis heads back to her hut… alone.

Tomorrow is her last full day and night on Volcano Island.

She’s got to convince the Chief to let her go to the Valley of The Chiefs. She can’t go home empty-handed.

Saturday, Day 20

“Amaryllis Robbins and The Amulet of Jumbok”

Upon awakening Amaryllis is delighted to find the Chief visiting the huts. Now she doesn’t have to hunt him down. But what was he doing here so early in the morning…

Chief Moerani invites Amaryllis to sit down for a chat. She thinks it’s totally weird to have a conversation in the over-grown grass, but she doesn’t want to offend the Chief. He asks her if she’s met the young Enpeecees. She says she’s met quite a few and surprisingly they remember her from their childhood.

Chief Moerani is pleased that Amaryllis has learned her origin story. He cautions her that if there is an Enpeecee that she fancies, she must first go through the trials to become a member of the tribe before she can date or marry them. Blushing, she tells the Chief that she’s learned this as well, but hasn’t been too successful with the trials.

Amaryllis confesses that she knows she is not a member of the tribe yet, but she would like his blessing to venture to the Valley of the Chiefs. She promises that she is not after gold or jewels. She just needs samples of rocks and plants for the scientists.

Chief Moerani: You can travel to The Valley of The Chiefs if you can do a favor for me. We do not enter the Tomb of The Mad Chief for fear of immediate, painful death. There is something of great importance to my people inside the tomb. If you can retrieve this item, you can take whatever you need, Amiria. Here is what you must do before going into the Tomb…

After receiving all of the instructions from the Chief…

Amaryllis signs out of the Women’s Huts…

and moves into the Sacrificial Hut, as is customary for sims who about to lose their lives.

Amaryllis thinks nothing of the peril she might face in the Tomb of The Mad Chief. She’s excited she gets to finally visit the Valley of The Chiefs! The helicopter tour wouldn’t even take her over to that side of the island so she has no idea what awaits her.

Yeah, yeah. We know the drill.

Amaryllis: Hey Addison! My old buddy, my old friend! I haven’t seen you in YEARS! *snickers*

Amaryllis spies masseuse Grady Shenanigan and wishes she had the time to get a massage. That would be amazing right now…

Instead she heads to the Mines. The only forms of payment the Enpeecee use are jewels, ore, or bartering. Since she has no jewels or ore, and nothing to barter, Amaryllis needs to find some in order to get what she needs to enter the Tomb.

That pool of lava looks hot and dangerous! Amaryllis makes sure to steer clear of that mess.

She picks at the rocks hoping to find something valuable.

Hopefully this will be enough.

With sapphire ore in hand, Amaryllis heads down to the Village Marketplace in search of something special to help in her quest.

Amaryllis makes her way through the bits and baubles displayed on the numerous tables when she finally finds it…

The Amulet of Jumbok!

The Chief warned that she would not be able to retrieve an item from the Tomb without wearing it. How fortunate for her that one of the Enpeecees happened to be selling it!

Trent must be here to man his table of sea-found wares!

Teenager Akira Weatherly’s “register” is filled with jewels and ore! I wonder how he figures out change?

The Amulet is hers!

Off to her next stop!

Another prerequisite for entering the Tomb is to have at least one body skill point. Sadly Amaryllis has none. She travels to the Warrior Training Ground to beef up quickly.

Cracking her back, Amaryllis readies herself for…

the obstacle course!

Getting through this in one piece should help her conquer any snake pits, flying darts, or rolling balls of death she may find in the Tomb!


A silly little fall won’t stop Amaryllis Robbins!

She struggles to make it over the wall…

but she finally makes it!


Queen Tauakina is impressed by what she sees.

Queen Tauakina asks Amaryllis how the other Lost Children are fairing on the mainland. Amaryllis lets her know that they are all doing well. Queen Tauakina is especially concerned about her nephew. As she’s describing him Amaryllis realizes she’s talking about Post Master Lars Shadow! Who knew he had royal blood!

The Queen is relieved to know her nephew is safe and doing well. Maybe she could visit him on the mainland sometime. She would like to see how the mainlanders lived.

Miri becomes one with nature as she does her yoga poses.

*I really have to re-catergorize the CS Native outfits. All of my Enpeecees have to wear the leaf outfit for athletic wear.*

Manewa Hukatere is a mean axe thrower!

Amaryllis heads back home for a quick bath.

It’s hailing! ๐Ÿ˜Š

After a luxurious bath…

Amaryllis is finally ready for…

The Tomb of The Mad Chief!

She makes her way up the treacherous stairway to Jumbok’s monument.

Amaryllis: *thinks* Holy water, that looks hot!

She makes an offering to the monument, as she was told to do by the Chief.

She worries when the water does not turn clear. Is this a premonition of her forthcoming doom?

Carefully she sits on the edge and tests the water…

Yep, it’s hot!

Amaryllis takes photos to show Mr. Landgraab. He’s never going to believe this!

Apprehensively she makes her way down the stairs and into the Tomb.

Amaryllis is greeted by a skeleton chained to the block wall. A tricorn hat lays beside it.

Amaryllis: *thinks* Terrence said all of her crew died at sea. Who could this guy be? Did another pirate ship crash into Volcano Island?

She passes all kinds of treasure, but doesn’t touch it. This isn’t what she’s here for.

This must be the shrine to Jumbok’s monkey wife, thinks Amaryllis. Just the thought of the Chief woohooing an orangutan makes her shudder.

She walks through the final corridor of the maze…

to find Jumbok’s final resting place!

There it was… the Staff of The Watcher! The thing Chief Moerani wanted her to find.

After carefully replacing it with a look-alike…

Amaryllis leaves the Tomb unharmed!

The Chief is waiting outside when Amaryllis resurfaces, accompanied by his former ninja bodyguard/chef, Felix.

Amaryllis: Here you go, My…er… Chief. The Staff of The Watcher is yours.

Chief Moerani: *gasps* Now no sim can question my rule and call me usurper! Thank you, Amiria!

Felix: Well done, Naked Outsider!

Amaryllis: No problem at all! Now where can I find the crystals and the plants?…

After saying her goodbyes…

Amaryllis heads to the area where the Chief said the crystals can be found…

The Flight of The Last Dragon!

At the tail of the behemoth dragon skeleton she begins to dig.

Amaryllis: *thinks* Yasmin would love to study these dragon bones. I wonder if she would come to Volcano Island with me…

After digging a bit Amaryllis finds something…

She wonders where this Hidden Burrow could be. This may be a clue to a new adventure!

Digging near the mouth of the dragon…

she finds the special green, glowing crystals that Achilles asked for.

*It’s hiding in that rock* ๐Ÿ˜

Amaryllis takes a small banana break.

As night sets, Amaryllis stays to watch the light show from the Singing Stones.

The light show lured the great dragon to his ultimate death and freed the terrorized natives. How ingenious the Enpeecees are, thinks Amaryllis.

Tired and hungry, Amaryllis returns to her hut.

Amaryllis thinks it’s more than fitting to eat shrimp gumbo on Volcano Island!

Amaryllis heads to bed. Tomorrow is her last day on the island…

and her last chance to find the perfect thing for Yasmin’s museum.

Sunday, Day 21

“Amaryllis Robbins and The Lonely Little Cowplant”

Last day of adventuring!

Amaryllis: Hmph, you would think housekeeping would have fixed this by now!

Hold your horses. There she is.

Before leaving, Amaryllis chats up Aiffe who seems really interested in her career.

Amaryllis: Yep, it’s my job to travel the globe to uncharted destinations other sims only dream about. It’s dangerous work, but somesim has to do it!

Aiffe: That sounds so exciting!

Aiffe is adorable!

Amaryllis leaves her fan club for her last shot at finding something for Yasmin.

The Forbidden Fields isn’t as big as Amaryllis thought it would be.

Amaryllis: It should be called The Forbidden Lawn. *snickers*


Amaryllis spies a fenced-in garden. Strange things seem to be growing in there…

She walks in to get a closer look.

Baby-faced plants peek out of the soil. This is definitely something unusual!

Noelee went on and on on the ride over about how much she wanted to get married to Yasmin and have babies. What a hoot it would be to give her a plant that looked like a baby, thinks Amaryllis! She cracks herself up.

Amaryllis snatches one of the baby plants up and heads to the other side of the field.

Here is the oddest looking thing she has ever seen. A plant with the head of a cow? What mad scientist thought this crap up?!

Beside the plant-cow was a large leg of meat. The Enpeecee must be feeding this thing, thinks Amaryllis, but the meat is untouched.

*Maybe it only likes raw meat, tee-hee*

She looks around to make sure no one is looking and takes the weird plant-cow. It mews like a cat when she picks it up. Yasmin will love this!


Amaryllis had the time of her life. She learned so many new things. She will definitely convince Mr. Landgraab to send her back so she can do more adventuring. Four Days is not enough!

I think you have a groupie…

As she shakes bellhop Addison’s hand for the last time…

Amaryllis: Thanks for everything, Addy. See you at NPC-palooza?

Addison: *excited* Definitely!

she’s reminded of all of the fun times she had on this trip.

She found all of the things she was looking for, except for a special somesim to replace Yasmin in her heart.


Now there were new mysteries to solve. What did Calista the fortune teller want with the deity in the lamp? Would she be able to get a lamp for Terrence and Trent to return home? Did Lars Shadow know that he was Enpeecee royalty? Will the plant-cow eat through her underwear in the suitcase? How do they get a T.V. signal all the way out here?

Amaryllis: So long, Volcano Island. Until we meet again…


The time away made Amaryllis more carefree, productive and industrious!

The minute she gets home, Amaryllis calls Achilles, Yasmin, Noelee, and Malcolm over to share her tales of the mysterious Volcano Island.

*Note: Something messed up and I had to teleport Achilles and Malcolm over.

Achilles is the first sim Amaryllis tells about her adventures on Volcano Island.

Amaryllis: …and they use SEA SHELLS for CELL PHONES! I know, it’s crazy, right!?

She also has a special gift for him.

Amaryllis: I hope this is what you wanted. I literally had to dig it out of the maw of a dragon!

Achilles: I can’t believe you found the soul crystals! This is exactly what I need for my reanimation research! Thank you, Amaryllis!

Amaryllis was happy she could put a smile on his face.

Malcolm arrives and immediately heads upstairs to Amaryllis’ office to read her debrief on the Island.

Amaryllis arrives just in time to see Noelee and Yasmin Onnen pawing all over each other. The sight makes Amaryllis feel that much more alone.

Amaryllis: *sigh* Here we go…

After explaining to the ladies where she was this past season, Amaryllis gives Yasmin the plant-cow thingy.

Yasmin is shocked.

Yasmin: Are you telling me that you found an actual, live Laganaphyllis simnovorii? I’ve been trying to recreate these in my lab! They’ve been extinct for over a thousand years!

Amaryllis: Yeah well, believe me, it’s alive. It ate through most of my underwear in my suitcase!

Yasmin: …t-thank you.

Yaz can’t wait to take it home and study it.

Amaryllis: *turning to Noelee* And I even found something for you. It’s a plant baby!

Noelee: A what?

Amaryllis: It’s… *heh* a plant… I found… sticking out of the ground?… It has the face of a baby?… You like babies… and you like plants… so… uh… yeah…

Noelee: Thanks?

Even though she doesn’t really get the gift, Noelee thinks it’s nice that Amaryllis thought of her. She does like plants.

Cindy Lou Killeen: *barges in uninvited*

Amaryllis: Um, excuse me. Can I help you?

Cindy Lou: Oh hey, I’m Cindy Lou. I blackout and walk into sims’ houses. You’ll get used to it. What’s for dinner?

Yasmin is impressed by Amaryllis’ collection of artifacts on display from her trip. If she can find a prehistoric plant like the Laganaphyllis simnovorii, what other treasures could she find?

As lightning flashes, Amaryllis whips up dinner for her guests, while Cindy Lou — who apparently can’t wait — grabs snacks from the fridge. ๐Ÿ˜ก

Achilles still has a thing for Yasmin.

Amaryllis tries a new recipe that she learned from Chef Felix on Volcano Island, chirashi*!

*Note: So I messed up. She was supposed to cook the Tropical Island dish, lime seared prawns, but I picked the wrong one. ๐Ÿ˜ž

It smells so good!

After spending some time with Amaryllis — during the ride on the ferry and the helicopter flight — and now after her quirky gift, Noelee has gotten a soft spot for her. She doesn’t judge her for being attracted to Yasmin — I mean, look at her — and Noelee can’t help being a little attracted to Amaryllis herself. She’s a hot little adventurer, thinks Noelee.

Achilles catches Malcolm upstairs and tells him about Amaryllis’ finds on Volcano Island. He can’t thank him enough for sending her and he hopes Malcolm will fund more expeditions to the island.

Malcolm: All I want to know is did she find any oil there?

Achilles: *thinks* What is he talking about?

This is so awkward, thinks Yasmin. She’s eternally grateful to Amaryllis for finding the cowplant, but she’s worried about spending too much time with her. In the heat of the moment Yasmin lost herself and cheated on Noelee with Amaryllis. Would she make the same mistake again? Things are so good with Noelee now, but Yasmin doesn’t know if she can trust herself working side by side with Amaryllis…

Yeah, she’s definitely a temptress… ๐Ÿ™„

The phone rings and who should be on the other line? My favorite stalker, Aiffe!

Amaryllis tries to sound important and knowledgeable in front of Yasmin by talking on the phone loudly.

Cindy Lou and Achilles chat about his son, Hiro, who attends her day care. She knows it must be rough for him right now with his son in foster care, but wanted him to know how much she admires him for being there for his son.

A choked-up Achilles tries to hold in his emotions but is unsuccessful. He barely mumbles a “Thank you,” to Cindy Lou before a tear falls from his face.

*sad situation besties*

Malcolm corners Cindy Lou. He’s been needing to have a discussion with her but never found the right time. Now is as good as any.

Malcolm: Cindy Lou, I’m a little alarmed at your recent behavior. Many residents have filed complaints against you for entering their homes uninvited. Some have even expressed concern that they believe you are the Oceanside Cat Burglar. I hate to say this, but you’re under investigation. You should get a good lawyer.

Cindy Lou: What me? The Oceanside Cat Burglar? I’m a mom and a wife? I take care of kids for Watcher’s sake! I know I have a problem, but I am NOT a thief!

Amaryllis walks in at the end of the conversation. It’s always the prim and proper ones, thinks Amaryllis.

Cindy Lou walks a bit away from Malcolm, shaken and scared. Amaryllis takes this time to tell Malcolm about her trip.

Amaryllis: …and they make these special flip flops that you can buy at the marketplace that, when you step in the sand, leaves imprints of words! I have ones made that say, “Amaryllis!” It’s wild!

Although he’s upset she didn’t find any oil, Malcolm likes Amaryllis’ account of life on Volcano Island. He agrees to fund another trip for her to visit and collect more artifacts. But first she needs to build up the time in her career before she can return. Amaryllis enthusiastically accepts. This will give her a little more time to try and get that lamp for Terrence.

Yasmin: Why is a strike a bad thing in baseball but a good thing in bowling?

Achilles: Do I look like I know anything about sports?

Malcolm and Amaryllis return from their “meeting” upstairs.

Amaryllis: *thinks* Yaz is so pretty… and her girlfriend is outside… she’ll never know… just like last time…

Ho don’t do it.

Amaryllis goes in for the kiss…

only to be viciously rebuked by her beloved.

Yasmin: *screeching* Aaaahhhh! Why can’t you get through your tiny pea brain? I. DON’T. WANT. YOU!! Stay away from me or I will have you put in jail so fast your dumb little head will spin!

Oh, OK…

If she didn’t have to get it from that evil match maker, Amaryllis might consider buying a love potion. She really has it bad for Yasmin. Why couldn’t she get over this one girl?

As she cleans up Amaryllis tries not to dwell on the bad.

Soon she will return to Volcano Island and learn more about her people.

She’s no longer stuck in that stifling bank. She’s free to go wherever adventure calls!

And even though Yasmin doesn’t appreciate it, she can keep bringing her artifacts and plants to study. Which means she gets to see Yasmin as much as she wants. And there’s nothing she can do about it!

Amaryllis is ready for her next big adventure!

And her next big love.


  • Amaryllis was picked to open the Adventurer career because of her 10 outgoing points. Outgoing = Adventurous, no? Technically (because the Business District is not open) there shouldn’t be an Adventurer, but because I built the Natural Science Museum already I bent my rule. I do what I want!
  • The Local Chefs (Gideon and Felix Xu), Fire Dancer (Kea Tehea), and Witch Doctor are clones made in CAS of the real ones generated by the game. DO NOT try to add these sims to your neighborhood unless you want to corrupt the hood.
  • Amaryllis liked Miri the hula instructor but they had negative chemistry. She also liked pirate Terrence, I think they have one bolt. Could a pirate be happy living in suburban Oceanside? You know how I like to match-make everyone!
  • Aiffe the housekeeper wouldn’t take an ACR token. From what I can see she appears to be OK to have relations with?
  • Fun Fact: lighting mods do not work on vacation lots. I want my dawn and dusk on Volcano Island!!!
  • Another Fun Fact: the community time mod works on the Vacation lots, but not when you return home. So when Amaryllis was done with her vacation and returned home it was still Thursday and she did not age. I corrected that, but this means I can’t have just one sim go on vacation and the rest of the house stays home like I wanted to. Bummer.
  • I might have found a fix to Cindy Lou barging in all of the time. We’ll see next round if it works! *crosses fingers* I don’t want her to go to jail!
  • Amaryllis will not return to Volcano Island until she builds up four paid vacation days in her career.


  • The Bungalows are based off of Keef1973’s beach houses. I love his houses but they use the floor cheat for the stairwells which makes putting siding on them a bit wonky so I rebuilt them without it.
  • I’m using the Realistic Flights mod by Gummilutt for traveling to Volcano Island. Since I am not referring to them “flying” to the island to get there it is free (or whatever it costs for a ferry ride). I also changed the amount of days vacations last since I do not want them to be on vacation for longer than 4 days.
  • Amaryllis’ cute explorer outfit is by MDP. It’s perfect!

Thank you for reading!!! ^.^























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